What are the Benefits of Having a Window Well Cover?

As you’re out shopping for a few gardening supplies, you may have noticed window well covers at Home Depot or Lowe’s. These window well covers are made to go over your basement window wells.Maybe they’re something you hadn’t considered before, and now you’re left wondering, “what are the benefits of having a window well cover?” Here are just a few… Benefit #1: SafetyOne of the biggest benefits of adding window well covers to your basement window wells is that you are g

Built-in or Attachable Window Well Ladders: Which is Better?

When it comes to using your windowell, you want to make sure it looks nice but you also want to make sure it is functional. As an egress or emergency escape, for family members in the basement of your home, you want to make sure everyone can get out easily and safely.If your window well is a certain size and depth, you may need a window well ladder. If you thought you had plenty of options when it came to your window well liner, or your window well cover, you’ll be pleased to know there a

Can a Foundation Liner Be Installed After a House is Built?

If you’ve just moved into a new home you are probably still figuring out the things that make it unique. Some of those quirks may be positives, and others not so positive.You may find the morning sunlight extra pleasant in one corner or the house. You may also find that you have excess moisture in the basement.The more you find out, the more you may begin wondering about ways to highlight, improve, or fix your home.When it comes to a basement that is prone to moisture or water i

Galvanized Window Wells: Pros and Cons

Adding window wells to your basement is not only a requirement for safety, but it can really do a lot to make your basement space more enjoyable.Egress windows are required in basements to allow you and your family to safely escape in case of a fire or other emergency. But not only that, your window well will allow you to have more natural light in your basement which will be a mood booster and can save you money on your utilities!If you’ve never considered basement window well install

How To Plan To Get Out of Your Basement in the Case of An Emergency

Planning for an emergency can be a daunting task, but it is one that is necessary if you are going to keep your family members safe and prepared should the worst and unexpected happen.If you’re upstairs in your home you likely know whether the front door, the garage, or other doors and windows will be the fastest and safest to use as an escape. But what about your basement? It may be less obvious, and will be even less so during an emergency.That’s why it’s important to develop a s