Window Well Liners – What Are Your Options?

If you’re looking to increase the aesthetics of your basement, a window well liner is a great choice. As you look out the windows, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view. But what kind of liner can you choose? And what about the different colors offered? At Windowell Expressions there are plenty to choose from. Here are your options for window well liners… Complimentary One option when choosing a window well liner is to go with something that compliments your interior design. If you have de

Should You Have Your Window Wells Replaced?

Your window well is an important part of your home, which means making sure it’s working properly is equally as important. What exactly does your window well do for you? When you have windows that are at or below ground level, you’ll need a way to have natural light and have an emergency exit. That’s where window wells come in. They create a damn to keep dirt, debris, and water away from your basement window so that you can enjoy the benefits of windows in your basement. Your window well h

Why Choose Windowell Expressions?

You know the benefits of adding an attractive window well liner, or foundation liner to your house. Besides being beautiful, it also  increases property value and offers protection for your home that could save you huge headaches in the future. Not to mention lots of cash! And if you have a window well that needs a liner, chances are you’re also in need of a window well cover. Having a cover on your window well offers the same benefits as a liner -- added security and increased beauty. You ma

Window Well Safety

Your window well can be a very dangerous part of your yard, but it can also be one of the best safety features of your home. With a little time and a few products, you can keep your family safe while providing some awesome benefits that can only come from a window well. So what are these pros and cons? We’ll tell you, as well as teach you the basics of window well safety. An Open Hole Without proper maintenance or attention, your window well is basically an open hole in your yard. And

5 reasons your home needs a window well cover

It’s a fact that window well covers make a great addition to your home. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons your home needs a window well cover! #1 They Add Beauty Your window well covers add beauty to your home. Many homes are required to have egress window, but that doesn’t mean they have to look ugly! An egress window isn’t very safe without a cover. Any old cover will do the trick but if you choose a clear window well cover, or standard grate cover from Windowell Expressions,