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Window Well Finishing for Your Man Cave

Window Well Finishing for Your Man Cave

Great window well finishing can be the cherry on top of your man cave or diva den.

More than ever, home buyers are looking for fully finished basements that don’t look or feel like basements. One of the best ways to achieve this look is with basement windows — ideally, large ones with window wells. Window well finishing, including the liner and cover (if applicable), can make all the difference in your basement’s appearance.

Window well liners come in a variety of patterns and colors. Remember, if you choose a bright liner, more light will reflect into your finished basement. A light, neutral brick or stone liner can provide more sunlight, making your basement seem bigger, brighter and more like a ground-floor room.

The window well covering also makes a difference. Both grates and clear covers are good choices, but keep in mind that clear covers need to be kept clean of debris in order to maximize light.

Benefits of Basement Light

It might be called a cave or den, but most everyone wants plentiful sunlight in finished basements. Your basement windows might feature blackout shades for movie nights, but being able to roll up the shades and bask in natural light is a must. Natural light gives you an extra jolt of vitamin D, it’s free and it’s also the most flattering light there is.

In some cases, basements can even double as work spaces, and you don’t want to feel like you’re working in a Las Vegas casino with no light.

However, simply having basement windows is only part of the solution. You also need to optimize these windows. In Utah and many other states, window wells are common and can help brighten up basement areas in otherwise impossible situations.

Still, you don’t want a window well that looks like a slab of concrete. Not only is that a little depressing, it also doesn’t reflect light. Window well finishing can turn a ho-hum window well into a room stunner.

Man Cave Must-Haves

A lot of people focus on what’s inside a man cave instead of how it’s created. If you want that billiards table or those theater seats, that’s great, but nobody’s going to want to spend time there if the atmosphere isn’t inviting.

Embrace natural light, and complement it with accent lights and up-angle lights to provide a more intimate environment. Complete the basement just like you would any other part of your home with quality flooring, neutral walls with wainscoting or molding if that’s your style, and higher ceilings if possible.

Just like you wouldn’t buy a home with no windows, don’t build a man cave without windows and window wells, as these are necessary to make you feel right at home. Contact Windowell Expressions for advice about window well finishing and for all your cover and liner needs.

Window Well Liners Increase Home Value

Window Well Liners Increase Home Value

Your window well liners might be part of your curb appeal, or they might be the equivalent of a feature wall if viewable from inside your home. Either way, they’re a boost to your home’s value.

Since they are often seen in common areas, you don’t want a window well with a plain or outdated liner. Choosing a liner that’s high quality but also complements your home while being fashionable can be quite a struggle.

It’s similar to choosing wallpaper or exterior paint for your home. How can you be certain that what looks good as a sample will look just as good installed? More importantly, are you sure that faux rock liner is a good match for your vintage bungalow style or your chic, mid-century modern vibe?

Working with professionals who are skilled at matching liners with architecture and existing design features is key.

The Rules of a Classic

Unlike some other aspects of a home (like the skeleton of the house), window well liners can and should be replaced on a semi-regular basis. This gives you room to play, and considering they’re relatively inexpensive, you can go with a trendy look and replace it down the road with minimal impact.

Some homeowners want a classic, traditional design they can stick with for the long haul. This is a good idea if you plan to sell or rent your property — mass appeal always wins out.

However, if your home is just for you to enjoy, feel free to let your quirky side show. You can go with a bolder design or brighter colors so your window well becomes the focal point of the room, even if the focal point is technically outside!

Others want a bright window well liner to draw attention to the well. Making it more noticeable to kids and animals can help keep them from falling in. Of course, covers are also a great help, but if you go with a grate, there’s still potential for getting hurt if somebody doesn’t notice it.

Liners for All

A great window well liner will complement nearly any home design. It’s why natural looks are revered, such as brick and stone. The colors also come in neutral families, but of course you can seek out bright and unique shades if you wish.

There are no rules with window well liners, just like there are no rules governing how you should paint your home’s interior. It’s all your personal preference, but do keep neutral colors in mind if you’re interested in upping the resell value.

In the end, window well liners are somewhat temporary. You’ll want to replace them due to weathering, wear and tear and simply because they’re facing the elements day after day. Embrace the liner that grabs your attention and run with it with the help of Windowell Expressions.

Window Wells Help Prevent Snow Pack Leaks

Windowell Expressions

Your window well can play an integral role in preventing basement and foundation leaks from snow packs, and it can discourage melting snow from creeping into your home’s lower levels.

Leaks aren’t always sudden, and they’re not always from a hard downpour. They can also appear after snow is left to sit along your home’s foundation, slowly melting over the winter months. Fortunately, quality window well liners and covers can do an incredible job of preventing winter leaks and water damage.

Your window well liners should be expertly installed and properly maintained, particularly in snowy and wet months. Can you recall the last time your liner was inspected? If not, it should top your winter to-do list.

A window well cover can make a huge difference. They come in two primary types — grates and clear — and the best type for your home depends on snowfall, well location and how likely you are to regularly clean them out. Clear covers can provide a veritable seal against snow and sleet, but if they’re not high quality, they can do more harm than good.

Watching Trouble Zones

A home with a basement is at a greater risk of leaking. Basement windows are highly desirable, as they provide natural light to an otherwise dark part of the home. However, windows and window wells come with an inherent risk, particularly at ground level.

To prevent snow and water pooling right against your windows and foundation, make sure the soil is graded down and away from the home. Downspouts from the roof should also steer water toward an area that won’t pool.

If a downspout pours directly into a well, it should be repaired immediately. Insufficiently graded soil near your wells can also cause problems. Your technician may need to collaborate with your roofer and landscaper to make sure excess water and melted snow is directed away from the home.

Homeowner TLC

Depending on where you live, it might also be necessary to regularly sweep snow away from key parts of your home. Regular roof brushings, clearing snow away from window wells and making sure snow isn’t gathering in gutters are all part of routine winter maintenance. This is especially true for homeowners with grated covers on window wells. Along with snow, debris such as fallen leaves can gather and lead to leaks and even mold, come spring.

Window well liners and covers are your best defense against window well and lower window leak threats. Re-lining wells is a great spring project, but with regular maintenance, your wells should be up to the task of keeping you safe through the winter. Depend on Windowell Expressions to keep your window well safe and your design impeccable.