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How to Personalize Your Window Well

Looking to spice up some dull window wells? We’ve got a few tips for you to turn the drab into the delightful. Window wells can easily be personalized and add value to your home and curb appeal when they are well decorated. Adding things like window well liners and covers to your basement will brighten up your home both inside and out.

Window Well Liners

The first step to personalizing and decorating your window wells is a window well liner. From faux rock walls to faux wood paneling, there is a wide variety of color, style, and texture to choose from when it comes to liners. These liners look good from the inside out. From the outside, they will make your window well put together and complete. While from the inside, peering through a window that is decorated with a window well cover provides a more polished look.

Give your basement a certain aesthetic appeal with window well liners. Instead of opening your shades to find a plain old window well, you can open to find a beautiful, textured liner. Basements tend to need all of the brightening up they can get, a liner in your window well will certainly do that job for you. Open up your windows with a variety of scenes that are easily installed when you get a window well liner.

Window Well Covers

Window well covers will help to keep your window wells free from any pests, water damage, or other debris. With a solid covering, your window wells can stay in pristine condition for longer. Once you take the time to personalize your window well, keep it safe from the elements and anything else that could potentially cause damage to your window well or even to the foundation of your house with a window well cover.

Depending on the cover that you choose, it can also add a unique touch from the outside perspective. Covering your window wells with a classic glass cover adds an element of elegance to the appeal of your home. Window well covers also add an extra level of security to your house as it puts another layer between you and any unwanted intruders.

Personalize the Inside

Once you have your liners and covers in place, you can also personalize your window well with a little extra décor. Try planting some flowers or plants in your window well. You can have a small garden growing that will brighten up your space every time you open up those curtains.

Make a dull window well a place of beauty with some of your favorite flowers. Or for a more low maintenance filler, you can also choose rocks or pebbles to cover the floor of your window well. This will be an easy way to add a little something extra to your display. You could also try some low maintenance plants, such as cacti or succulents to fill your window well floor with. These plants need sunlight but very little watering or other grooming.

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Window Well Cover

Covering your window wells can have many benefits. These covers are aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of options. Lower level windows are given a more polished look and added protection with an added window well cover. Window well covers will not only make your window wells look great, but they will also add a level of protection and security to your house. They will keep your windows in top notch condition as they are protected from the elements, pests, intruders, debris, and other potential dangers. Learn just a few of the benefits of investing in window well covers below.

Home Security

Windows are often an entry point for unwanted intruders. Burglars target lower level windows, as they are easier to reach. A window well cover provides another layer of protection to your home. Intruders will have twice as many barriers to go through. Create a more secure home with your window well covers.

Energy Savings

The added layer of a window well covers also safeguards against extreme heat and cold. A durable cover that is customized to fit your window well will effectively keep the heated or cool air in your home as it seals in your wanted airflow and protects against outside temperatures. This will benefit your energy bill as you are better able to regulate the temperature of your house.

Protection from Elements and Pests

Lower level windows are left exposed to snow build up, water damage, and pests. As winter approaches, the built-up ice and snow melt threatened to cause water damage to your home and your home’s foundation. With a window well cover, you can have another layer of protection against the elements that can be so harsh. Built up leaves, sticks, and dirt can gather in uncovered window wells. If not cleared out, this debris can clog the window well drain and cause flooding or potential water or drain damage.

A window well can be a very welcoming place to certain critters. You may find squirrels, rats, bugs, or other pests in your well. It can be a costly task to remove them. Keep unwanted rodents from taking up residence in your well with a sturdy covering.

Your windows, window wells, and window well liners will also have an added measure of protection with a covering. It could save you from needing to repair them as they are shielded from general outside ware.

Extra Safety

Window wells without coverings can be a danger to children and pets. Some basement wells are considerably deep. If you live in a neighborhood with children playing and pets running around, they can easily fall in, or climb in. They are much easier to get into than to get out of. Window wells can be dangerous and should not be played in. Avoid having your own child or pet harmed and dealing with the insurance liability of anyone else being harmed when you cover your window well. Don’t risk it, keep it covered.