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4 Ways Window Wells Enhance Your Basement

Window wells can feel like more of a hassle than they’re worth sometimes. You have to worry about little kids or critters falling in, flooding, regular maintenance, and often they’re just plain ugly. At best, you can just forget about them. But at worst they can create quite the headache.

At Windowell Expressions we’re passionate about making your window wells the very best they can be to bring you all of the benefits of a light, bright, safe, and functional basement. Today we’re sharing four ways your window wells can work for you.

1. Safety

There’s a reason most cities require a basement to have at least one window well. In the event of a fire, flood, criminal act, or any natural disaster, your basement windows may be the only way out (or in). Having functional basement window wells will ensure that you are never trapped in your basement. For this reason, it’s also crucial that your window wells are in good condition and free from any blockage so that you could easily climb in or out. In addition, window well coverings can prevent children, animals, or even adults from falling in and injuring themselves.

2. Light

Basements are notoriously dark because of course, they don’t have that direct access to daylight like your other floors. Thanks to functional window wells you can enjoy great amounts of natural light even in a basement. If you invest in deep and wide window wells with light or reflective materials, and window well covers that let in lots of light and prevent blockage you will find yourself with a basement that doesn’t feel like a dungeon.

3. Structure

Unfortunately, there are many issues that can affect your home through your windows and create structural threats. Water is the most common. You might have a sprinkler line break or find that a neighbor’s rainspout is dumping directly onto the base of your home. If your yard has poor drainage, heavy rains, or other water threats, you run the risk of basement flooding. Properly constructed window wells with clear window well coverings can keep water, debris, animals, and anything else from seeping into your basement or damaging your windows. This will decrease the likelihood of a basement flood or other events that could compromise your basement.

4. Air

it’s incredibly difficult to air out a basement if you don’t have the full use of your basement windows. If your window well is full of tumbleweeds, grass clippings, bark, or other debris then you are unlikely to open your window for ventilation or temperature purposes. But a clean and protected window well can easily be opened for ventilation and temperature control. This can save on utilities and provide a fresh, airy element to what is normally a musty, stale basement.


If you’re worried about all this snow falling and melting, or your spring cleaning reveals giant piles of debris in your window wells–it’s time to give Windowell Expressions a call. We can help you find a solution that makes your window wells effective and enhancing.


Waterproofing Your Basement: Try a Window Well Cover

Waterproofing your basement can help to prevent moisture seepage, mold growth, and other potential water damage. It may also help your basement avoid that dark and damp atmosphere that so often happens in basement dwellings.

Interior Solutions

There are a few solutions you can turn to if you want to waterproof from the interior. If you notice minor signs of moisture, you can turn to concrete or silicate-based sealers that can be applied to bare foundation walls. When rising groundwater becomes an issue, the edge of the basement floor is jackhammered, removing the concrete. Gravel is then poured into the gap and a basin is placed inside to collect excess water. This basin is connected to a sump pump that drains the water outside, a safe distance from the foundation. For a simpler solution, you can also try acrylic-based waterproofing paint. This paint helps to prevent mildew and mold growth that is caused by moisture.

Exterior Foundation Seal

Applying a polymer-based seal to the exterior foundation can be expensive, for that reason, it is usually done during the construction of a new structure. It is also sometimes done when there is a danger of extreme flooding. For this seal to be done, the ground around the foundation is excavated down to the footings, then any grime is cleaned off, and lastly, the waterproof membrane is applied. Investing in this process while building an exterior foundation can protect your home for up to twenty years. If you live in an environment with high risks of water damage or you are building a home, look into an exterior foundation seal.

Window Well Drainage System

Your basement can be impacted by groundwater and moisture from adjacent soil and outside precipitation. Homeowners often notice when their gutters or downspouts are clogged, stopping water from flowing off their roof into storm drains, but not many notice the threat of their basement windows facing leaks during a storm.

An uncovered window well with no draining system can quickly become a hazard. The seepage that is bound to occur eventually will leave your basement vulnerable to water damage. Window wells with draining systems are much less risky, but like gutters, they can also be clogged up with leaves and debris that prevent them from draining. When this happens, water build up will usually leak into your basement and possible even your foundation.

Window Well Covers

Investing in window well covers will help you to avoid potential catastrophe when it comes to storms. A durable cover will protect your window well and your basement from outside influences, water collection, and keep the moisture content at an appropriate level to reduce the workload of the drainage pump. Covers don’t only protect window wells, but they also protect window frames from moisture damage. A window well cover is the cheapest and simplest solution to protect your basement and foundation from water damage. They are easy to install, have a nice look to them, and the function will protect your investments.