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Spring Cleaning Your Window Well

The grass is starting to turn from brown to green, trees are beginning to flower, and Utah probably only has one more snowstorm up her sleeve. That means spring is truly here. Spring is a time for fresh beginnings and clearing away the stagnant mess of winter to make room for new life. No matter where you live or how green your thumb, it’s likely that your spring cleaning and spring preparations involve the exterior of your home, your yard, and your window wells.

Winter can be hard on your property. Snow, mud, wind, and dying plants can combine efforts to make your yard a grubby wasteland. As you map out your spring cleaning attack plan for your yard, we encourage you to carefully prepare to clean your window wells – an oft forgotten area of your home and yard – to keep your family safe and your window wells in excellent condition.

Spring Cleaning Your Window Well

  1. Assess. The first step is to assess the current condition of your window well. Is it full of tumbleweeds and trash? Did your window well experience flooding? If you have a window well covering, is it still in good shape? Is your window well covering well-fitting and clean or has it developed rust or damage? Observe your window well from outside as well as inside your home to figure out exactly what you’ll need to do.
  2. Empty. Your window well should remain empty. A Window well is not a storage area for anything. Remove your window well grate or window well covers if you have them, and use a rake or grabber to remove all trash, tumbleweeds, and other debris from the window well. Once the majority of obstacles are removed you may need to climb into the window well to remove smaller pieces of trash and debris.
  3. Get Professional Help. If you find animal life in your window well, call Animal Control for assistance right away. It’s common for feral cats, mice, and even larger rodents to take refuge in a window well and you should not have contact with these hideaways. If you are encountering lots of spiders and insects, consider acquiring some pest control to keep your home and window wells safe. If you notice any damage to your window well it should be repaired immediately. Call Windowell expressions to consult about the damage, quote for a repair, or even quickly and affordably replace your damaged window well.
  4. Clean. You can clean your window well with a small amount of mild dish soap and water, being sure to carefully rinse and check for drainage. You can also use any window cleaning spray on your window well windows to keep them clear and shining. You can clean, rinse, and lubricate your window well covers for best results and a longer life.

Don’t forget your window wells as you accomplish your regular spring cleaning tasks during this refreshing season. Windowell Expressions is ready to help you clean, repair, or upgrade your window wells as soon as you are ready.

How To Prepare Your Family For A Home Evacuation

Hopefully, you will never need to rapidly leave your home in an emergency. Most homeowners never experience that terror. But in order to be safe and prepared it is vital that your family has an emergency response plan in the event, you need to evacuate your home. Do you have an evacuation plan? Have you discussed it with your family? What would happen in the event of a flood? A fire? A home invasion?

It is critical that you think about these scenarios BEFORE they happen, in case they happen. You don’t want to lose your head under pressure or find that something terrible has happened and you aren’t home with your family to evacuate. Will they know what to do?

Today, Windowell Expressions is sharing some important tips for preparing your family to respond well to an emergency home evacuation.

1. Consider the Possibilities.

Depending on where you live, some emergencies are more likely to occur than others. For example, the Midwest needs to worry more about tornados, while living in a flash flood area would put you on alert to flooding. Talk as a family about the risks you face. Utahns need to face the reality of a potential earthquake. All homes should consider fires or home invasions. What might that look like for your family and your home?E

2. Exit on Every Floor.

If you were trapped on a certain floor, could you safely exit the home? For example, if floodwaters rendered your main floor and basement dangerous, you should be able to exit through your top floor. A fire or home invasion on the above-ground floors could mean you needed to escape through your basement. Can you comfortably do that now? It may be time to consider a window ladder for your upstairs and an accessible window well for your basement that may feature steps or footholds.

3. Emergency Kits.

An emergency preparedness kit for each member of your family is essential. Consider keeping these in a high, dry, accessible location in your garage or some outside storage. An emergency preparedness kit could include water, food, first aid, clothing, batteries, flares, radios, and anything else you may need.

4. Practice.

It may seem morbid, but the best way to ensure your family’s safety in the event of an emergency home evacuation is to practice. Take some time to make sure your basement windows and basement window wells are functioning and accessible. Practice lowering your upstairs rope ladder. Make sure each member of your family knows how to safely exit the home and determine a rendezvous point for separated family members in the event of an emergency.

At Windowell Expressions, we hope for your greatest safety and comfort. We can be part of your family’s safe emergency evacuation plan by offering functional and safe window wells and access points that give your family an exit and peace of mind.