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What Are The Benefits of A Foundation Liner?

Homeowners are always concerned about maintaining the integrity of their home and finding ways to keep it safe and protected. Not only is it where you live your life, but it’s also a major investment that needs to maintain value over time. What have you done to protect your home? Have you made any improvements to your home to increase its value?

One of our favorite ways to help people upgrade their home is to apply a foundation liner. A foundation liner is an application to the foundation and exterior of your home that has a multitude of benefits. Windowell Expressions has helped countless homeowners to upgrade their homes with foundation liners, and we’ve learned so many benefits of foundation liners for your property.


The primary reason people opt for foundations liners is that they’re looking for better protection for their home’s foundation. Foundation liners add an extra layer of insulation and resistance against water damage and any other affliction that could fall upon your home. Every extra layer helps make your home more resilient and repellent to danger. The foundation liner can prevent pests from damaging your foundation or allowing unwanted guests from crawling into your home through cracks and holes.

Curb Appeal & Home Value

Did you know that foundation liners can look any way you want? Stone, wood, faux elements, and more materials can create a seamless look or add an interesting contrast. Nearly any color is possible for our experts at Windowell Expressions. With a stylish foundation liner, your home will definitely stand out on your block. A foundation liner can significantly increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. If you’re ready to list your home and put it on the market, a foundation liner can be the easy step that sets you apart and allows you to list for that higher, more impressive price.


For any homeowner planning out a home remodel or renovation, we recommend a foundation liner. It can provide additional support for your home at a time when there may be extra strain or damage. We also recommend a foundation liner for brand new homes to prevent any damage from ever occurring to the foundation around the base of the home, and for any home over 30 years old since the standards for construction have greatly improved in the meantime. These older homes can use additional support with foundation liners.

Walk the perimeter of your home, paying close attention to the foundation of your structure. Look for cracks in your foundation, damage from pests and animals, water damage, and even regular wear and tear from shrubbery and lawnmowers. If you discover that your home needs more protection, more support, or a little more curb appeal, it’s time to call Windowell Expressions to ask about the benefits of foundation liners for your home. Our experts can help you find solutions within your budget and to your exact taste to upgrade your home.


Top 4 Window Well Threats

Window wells are a requirement of city and state codes in every single city and state in America. Window wells are an important safety requirement for a structure since they provide safe entry and exit in the event of a disaster or other emergency. Window wells also provide additional lighting and air flow to lower levels of a home or business that can make it more comfortable and enjoyable. But, like any other feature of your home, there can be inconveniences and disadvantages to window wells.

Windowell Expressions deals with the realities and implementations of window wells for all kinds of homes and structures to best meet your needs and satisfy the existing codes. We understand the threats and problems you might encounter with your window wells and we stand ready to help you find effective solutions.

1. Water Damage

One of the most devastating occurrences for a home is flooding and water damage. Whether it’s a bona fide flood, burst pipe, water runoff, improper drainage, or your kids trying to create their own water park, a window well can quickly become a channel directly into your home’s basement. How can you prevent this? A domed window well cover can divert any groundwater away from your window well. Proper seal on your windows and casings can prevent leaks. You should also take care to see that your runoff drains are directed away from the base of your home.

2. Falls

People and pets falling into an uncovered window well can spell serious disaster. All it takes is one ill-placed step and you could find yourself with a broken ankle, concussion, and need for medical care. An uncovered window well can be very dangerous for small children, too. Address this window well threat by getting a firm window well cover or grate that prevents falls.

3. Damage

It may seem that your window wells are indestructible, but that’s not the case. Window wells can sustain damage due to increased debris or animal involvement. Regularly clean out your window well to prevent any buildup of loose foliage, debris, decaying plants, or unwanted critters. Keeping your window wells free and clear will prevent scratching, denting, cracking glass, or other damage that can threaten the integrity of your window well.

4. Intrusion

Window wells can become a point of access for your home, which is the entire purpose. You should be able to exit your window wells with ease. But you also want to be sure your window wells aren’t a point of entry for criminals. Carefully lock your basement windows and consider a stick or block to prevent unwanted entry.

Window wells are an important feature of our homes, but they also come with their own associated risks. By carefully reviewing these listed threats and taking precautions, you can keep your window wells functional and safe to prevent any harm coming to you, your family, or your home. Windowell Expressions can help you create the window wells you need.