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Teaching Children To Stay Safe Around Window Wells

If your home boasts a basement, then you probably have a window well. Window wells are designed to let natural light into your basement, and although they come with several benefits, they also pose a safety hazard to your children.

Continue reading to learn more about window well safety as it pertains to your kids. 

Explain What Window Wells Are

Although you don’t think much about your window wells, your kids probably do. Children are incredibly observant, and they’ll wonder what the window well is for. Your kids don’t know any better, and they might think going down the well is a fun adventure. A curious child might lean too far and fall in. 

Falling into a window well can result in injuries, and you don’t want your kids to end up with scrapes and bruises that could’ve been prevented. Explain to your kids that window wells aren’t a secret hang out spot to read books or play dollhouse in. Additionally, you can build a fence around it; however, you must remember it also serves as an emergency exit. You may not want to obstruct the path surrounding the window well in case you ever need to run out of your basement. 

Talk About the Dangers of Critters

Chipmunks, sparrows, field mice, rats, and snakes might use your window well for refuge. Although your kids might find these rodents cute, you have to teach them they aren’t friends. Let your kids know about the dangers associated with these critters, such as poisonous bites or rabies. You probably don’t want to scare them, but sometimes it’s the only way to get them to understand a difficult situation. 

If your children insist on playing with the animals hiding inside the well, you should adopt a family pet. Don’t let them become close with the potentially dangerous garden snake living inside your well for warmth. 

Keep Your Kids Away from Debris

Uncovered window wells usually become a bowl of twigs, leaves, and other debris. If your kids are bored, they might make their way into the well in hopes of finding buried treasure. They will come out of the well covered in dirt or mud. Window wells are especially hazardous after heavy rain because they’re full of water; this can become a drowning hazard for your kids. 

Window Well Covers Are the Solution

Every window well requires a sturdy, high-quality, window well cover to make it as durable and safe as possible. A window well isn’t useful if it’s always full of debris and snow, but a properly fitted cover will keep it in top shape. Best of all, it will protect your children from falling inside. 

Contact Windowell Expressions

Windowell Expressions specializes in making the window well covers for any size and shape of well. Our experts will build a cover right at your house and install it to ensure a perfect fit for your well. The installation process takes us about one hour so that we won’t take up too much of your time. Contact us today. 


How To Make Your Window Wells Look Beautiful (With or Without Liners)

Window wells have largely been neglected in many homes as just a protective element and something to allow light in; however, cleaning them up and making them look appealing can do wonders for your home’s aesthetics. 

With more families spending time in their basement, cleaning out the cobwebs and installing unique interest makes sense. Discover the ways in which to make your window wells look attractive with or without using liners.

From the Inside

Instead of looking out a dull and lifeless metal window well from your basement, give it life with color and many options in which to choose. First, give them a good cleaning, inspecting them for any water damage, taking caution to ensure no water can penetrate the well. Next, incorporate interest that fits your style and personality. If you have kids in the basement, tailor the window wells to fit their style, so they feel comfortable; it may also help them feel safer in their surroundings–particularly for small children.

From the Outside

An attractive window well that matches an equally beautiful landscape makes for an impressive curb appeal. For safety around little kids, a window well cover is a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look attractive around the area. Building a garden box gives your home a facelift, due to the increased interest and landscape beauty. You can also create a rock bed around the cover, which offers low maintenance. 

Beauty with Liners

Window well liners allow a different view outside. Liners are the most commonly nonstructural and semiflexible plastics molded to reflect a scenery, such as with rock, a rainforest, or landscape paintings. Imagine looking out a serene, blue ocean or a gorgeous fall scene instead of a dull and dirty window well. There’s also faux rock window well that offers garden steps for planting; this invites a warm and inviting feel to a cold basement. 

Best thing is, liners are easy to install and transforms your window well instantly.

Beauty without Liners

You can also create a warm and inviting feel without window well liners. Painting window wells is a trend that offers several different looks, depending on your style. You can also plant ivy or other clinging plants on the egress of the window well. Of course, with small children, install a window well cover for safety and to keep out unwelcome critters. A clear plastic cover still allows light inside and easily removable if needed. A great idea is to add small steps into the window well, to make it easier to escape in case of an emergency.  

Build a beautiful stone wall that captures your attention or fill your window well with holiday decor. Try a Halloween graveyard or small evergreen trees decorated with lights for Christmas, get creative, and watch your basement transform into a fun environment.

Call Windowell Expressions

Whether you opt for window well liners or not, we can help. If you need covers or want to try liners, give us a call. We can answer your questions and offer the best options for your needs, desires, and budget. Contact us today.