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Why Your House Can’t Go Without Window Well Covers this Winter

Take care of your home this winter season with window well covers, which are a must for homeowners with window wells.

The cold, wet weather that comes with the winter months can wreak havoc on your house. Between heavy rain and snowstorms, bone-chilling wind, and ice making itself right at home, your house can take a serious beating that can eventually cause significant damage.

So what can you do this wintery season to protect your house from the harsh weather? Well, a few obvious ways you can protect your house is to stay up-to-date on your gas and electric bills to ensure your home stays warm, make sure your yard is properly graded to avoid water damage, and confirm that your roof is in decent shape and has no leaks. You can also ensure your home is safe throughout the next few months that may not be so obvious, by installing window well covers on your window wells. By protecting your window wells, you protect your house, and by investing time in protecting your home, you actually are caring for you and your loved ones.

Continue reading to find out why your house can’t go without these important covers this winter season.

Additional Light

Thanks to the winter solstice, the winter months are much darker and colder than any other time of year. That, in addition to snow piling up in your window wells, can make for very dark basements. However, by adding well covers to your home that stop snow from settling into your wells, you can provide your basement rooms with some much welcomed warm and natural light.

Emergency Exit Accessibility

In addition to letting in extra light into your basement, window wells serve as another exit in the event of an emergency. For a quick and easy escape, window wells must be clear of debris, weeds, and, you guessed it, snow. If your window well is full of snow and ice, a fast and safe getaway is not exactly possible. Keeping your wells snow-free can be the difference between being able to escape or not in an emergency.

Avoid Flooding

You can expect major storms that bring rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice the entire winter season. All this wetness and moisture can quickly find its way into window wells and your basement through a crack in your foundation or windows. This can cause extensive (and expensive!) damage to your home. You can easily combat this issue by adequately protecting your window wells with window well covers!

Contact Windowell Expressions

There is no doubt that protecting your window wells really protects you and your loved ones. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, your house should be equipped with window well covers, and the experts at Windowell Expressions are here to help. Whether you want to outfit your wells with clear covers or metal grate or a require custom cover, we have you covered (pun intended!). Get your home and window wells protected this winter by contacting Windowell Expressions today. We proudly serve Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding cities.