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Window Wells and Emergency Escapes

In an emergency, exiting through your basement door isn’t always possible. In these situations, having another alternate escape route through window wells is essential.

An emergency exit via your window well could be the difference between life and death. It is important to make sure the windows and window wells in your basement offer an alternate escape in the event of a fire or other emergency where a quick exit is necessary. These escape routes are known as egress window wells.

Learn more about window wells and emergency escapes below.

What are Egress Window Wells?

An egress window well is a window installed in basements used for alternate escape routes in the event of an emergency. In section R310 of the International Residential Code, you’ll learn that each sleeping room needs to have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening that opens into a public road, alley, or a yard or court. A “sleeping room” is defined as a room with a closet and privacy door, also known as a bedroom. There are many more requirements, including minimum sizes for windows and wells, sill height, and ladders. 

Egress windows are not limited to basement window wells. Each sleeping room in your home must have at least one emergency escape and rescue opening (in addition to your bedroom door). In addition to basements, this includes habitable/finished attics, upper floors, and main floors.

Why Install Egress Window Wells?

Safety is the number one reason for installing basement egress windows wells. During an emergency, an egress window well allows any occupants a safe exit from the basement and a way for emergency crews to enter the home.

What are the Benefits of Egress Window Wells?

Safety — We realize we’ve already touched on this, but we cannot stress this enough. Installing egress window wells in your basement will protect you and the ones you love. Egress windows offer you a fast and easy alternative way to escape in the event of an emergency.

More Natural Light and Ventilation — Egress window wells are a great source of natural light and improve ventilation and air circulation. Natural light pouring into your basement will immediately make your space feel bigger and appear brighter. Most homeowners think that egress window wells instantly improve the interior design and aesthetic of their basements.

Increase the Value of Your Home — Making improvements to your home, such as installing egress window wells, can increase the value of your home. An investment well worth making! As you make these improvements and renovations, make sure your egress window well meets all current requirements found in the link above.

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How to Keep Your Pets and Other Animals Safe from Window Wells

Window wells are an essential part of your basement, but learning how to stay safe from window wells is a must.

They let in natural light into otherwise dark areas in your home, help lower utility bills, and act as an additional escape route in the event of an emergency. However, window wells left uncovered can pose a serious threat to the safety of your loved ones and animals, especially your beloved family pet. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure your pet is safe from window wells.

Scroll on for more information about how to keep your pets and other animals safe from the dangers of window wells.

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Window Wells

As previously mentioned, window wells provide a lot of benefits and functionality to your home. But if they are left ignored, they can be quite dangerous. Many animals, including pets, find themselves stuck in window wells with no way to escape because they are not properly maintained. Here’s what you can do to keep your pets and other snails safe:

ADD COVERS TO YOUR WINDOW WELLS — Window well covers are good for more than keeping snow and debris out of your wells. They are also the exact thing you need to keep animals out of your window wells. Pet owners seek out homes with yards so their animals can roam freely on their own land. However, if the window wells are not covered, the yard isn’t exactly the safest place for pets to run around in.

Thankfully, most animals have a keen sense of their surroundings and won’t accidentally fall in. But, accidents happen that can lead to injuries or worse! Moreover, if your dog finds a bird or squirrel hanging out at the bottom of your window wells, chances are they jump down to their little friend (or snack!). If you have larger animals, like sheep or goats, that roam your yard, covers on your window wells are even more imperative. 

Metal grate covers will do a good job keeping larger animals out of your wells; however, the slots will allow smaller animals, such as frogs and rodents, in them. While clear, solid covers will keep out animals, large or small. To ensure animals don’t make their way into your wells, make sure the covers are installed securely and snuggly around the base of your house.

TRAIN YOUR PETS — For animals and pets that can be trained, such as your dog, make sure to include window well safety in your training. Ideally, they will be trained not to enter window wells, but it is also important to teach them what to do if they find themselves in your wells. For additional family protection, teach your pup to alert you when something is in your window wells, such as children or other animals.

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