4 Drainage Solutions for Low Flooding Yards

Heavy Utah rains can often lead to flooded yards. Wet socks and shoes for the unsuspecting victim is annoying, but left unchecked these puddles can cause an even bigger headache. Stagnant water means mosquitoes and other bugs; it can also lead to dead grass or other plants. And if that water is too close to your home you can expect bigger problems like basement leaks or water damage. Even the best well cover from Windowell Expressions can only keep out so much water.

Ideally your yard should slope away from your home, making water drainage easy. But if your yard is flat or has low spots you need other drainage solutions. Re-grading can be expensive so first try out these four drainage solutions for your low flooding yard.

Catch Basin

A catch basin is a great way to promote drainage, especially if you have one low spot but the rest of your yard has good slope. All you have to do is create a way to get that water flowing again. Start by dig a ditch from the area with water toward lower elevation. Insert the catch basin, making sure that it sits just below the top of the ground next to the area where you have water collecting. Next connect a pipe to your catch basin and then bury the pipe! 

Curtain Drain

Putting in a curtain drain will help pull the water from your yard. The catch with a curtain drain is that you must be able to lead the water to an area that is lower in elevation than your yard. Once you’ve established where to send the excess water, bury a perforated pipe in the ground, surround it with stones and cover with filter cloth. Water enters the holes in the pipe and with a little help from gravity the water flows downhill and you’re left with a dry yard.

Dry Well

A dry well can be a great solution if your yard has significant drainage problems because it will hold any excess runoff. First, a well is installed much lower than the level of your home. Then during a storm, the well fills with water instead of your lawn. In the days afterward it will slowly drain into the soil around it. You can also add pipes to move the water out of the well too. If you choose a dry well that is filled with gravel you can cover it with soil or grass, so it won’t detract from your landscape design.

Sump Pump

One of the best, but most expensive solutions for flooding yards is a sump pump. The sump pump sucks all that excess water from your yard and pumps it somewhere else. The pump in installed in a pit in your yard, and when that pit fills with water the pump moves the water away.

While these are great options, if you are unsure about the best solution for your home and yard be sure to talk with a landscaping company for a professional opinion.




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