Eradicating Common Basement Fire Hazards

Basement fire hazards pose a serious risk to homes across the country. Basements commonly house many gas and electric-powered appliances, and it is the primary place homeowners store flammable materials such as paint or gasoline. Cutting down the risk of a basement fire is important, especially if the space is used as a regular living area. Following are steps to take to fireproof your basement and lower the chance of property damage and bodily harm. Cut Down on Clutter Remove stacks of

When Should You Replace Basement Windows?

Do you know when it’s necessary to replace basement windows in order to keep your lower level warm and dry? This guide offers information on identifying the signs of degrading windows, knowing the difference between the various window types, and preventing early deterioration of new windows. Signs of Aging Windows The first indication that your basement windows need an upgrade is the number of glass panes used in the window’s construction. Do you currently have outdated single-pane

Prevent Rodent Infestations in Your Lower Level

Knowing how to prevent rodent infestations in your basement can save time and extermination expenses in the future. Mice, rats, squirrels and other creatures attempt to find shelter from harsh weather inside the warm, dark lower level of houses. Here’s why you should be concerned about rodent infestations and some suggestions on what you can do to prevent these unwanted, unclean guests. Risks of Rodent Infestations First of all, rodents pose a health risk for humans. Certain types of rat

Different Types of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing can limit moisture seepage, mold growth and serious water damage in your home. Here is a selection of basement waterproofing options that may help limit the chances of a flood on your property. Exterior Foundation Seal Due to the high expense associated with the project, applying a polymer-based seal to your foundation’s exterior is normally only conducted during the construction of a new build or in cases of extreme flooding. The ground around the foundation is ex

How To Save Money By Insulating Your Basement

Insulating your basement can cut down on the heating and cooling costs that cause your utility bill to spike in extreme temperatures. The U.S. Department of Energy says that heating and cooling account for 46 percent of the average homeowner’s electric bill, which equals about $2,200 annually. Here are multiple basement insulation methods you can use to protect against energy loss through walls and windows. Install Spray Foam or Foam Board Wood framing and fiberglass insulation sh