Window Well Design for Maximum Light

Window Well Design for Maximum Light

The right window well design for your home can maximize light, leading to a more hospitable home and lower electricity bills.

Depending on the placement of your window wells, as well as their design, you can either usher in more light or waste a perfectly good opportunity. Commonly, window wells lead into basement windows — an area of the home that’s in desperate need of more natural light.

Home buyers are actively looking for finished basements that can serve as guest quarters, rec rooms, man caves and more. It can take up to $40,000 to finish a basement, according to HGTV experts, so one complete with ample window wells is a hot commodity.

A window well design is partly dictated by the location and shape of the area. For example, east-facing basement windows can be flooded with morning light if the design allows for maximum exposure. That’s a great thing for morning people or someone who’s cold blooded. If you prefer romantic sunset views from your basement office, choosing a more expansive window well design on a west-facing window is ideal.

“Grate” Ideas

Window well coverings come in two basic types: grates and clear covers. Both have pros and cons, depending on what you’re looking for. Clear covers are, of course, clear, but also need to have debris kept off of them to optimize light. Grates don’t have that issue, but debris can gather in the window well itself, and grates with thicker bars can block the sunlight — or allow for a striped pattern indoors. Both coverings require routine maintenance, at the very least cleaning out debris, so there’s no maintenance-free solution (just like every other part of your home).

If it’s light you’re after, going with a clear cover is a fantastic option as long as you consider your landscape. If the window well is close to a tree with falling leaves or another debris creator, you’ll have your work cut out for you. On the other hand, a gorgeous kaleidoscope of a pattern created by sunlight and leaves might be exactly what you’re after. Check out the room at various points during the day to see what kind of light you’re getting and how a window well covering might change it.

Lined to Perfection

Window well liners can also play a big role in natural light. Dark colors will darken a room while lighter colors will brighten it. Many homeowners choose a window well liner that complements their home, but the reality is that a window well liner isn’t going to be seen from outside the house. It will be seen only from indoors, which means nobody is going to be comparing how well it matches the property’s exterior. Choose a liner you find beautiful, and that offers the right color to reflect the light you want.

Natural light isn’t just a money saver: It’s also full of Vitamin D that can give you energy. It’s gentler on the eyes, especially when filtered via a window well liner and not shining directly in your face. For all your window well design needs, contact Windowell Expressions for expert guidance and competitive prices.




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