Preparing Your Window Wells For The Holidays

Areas often overlooked when it comes to festive decorations are window wells, which are integral part of your home.

However, window wells are the perfect place to include some holiday flare, especially when your wells are located in common areas like your kitchen or family room.

With the holidays quickly approaching, homeowners everywhere are beginning to deck their halls with all of their favorite holiday decor.

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Safety First

It is important to keep in mind that as you are decorating for the approaching holidays, your wells are not a storage place. These wells need to be kept clear so they can allow for a quick escape in an emergency. Instead of putting garlands or lights in the wells, which can be a safety hazard, consider holiday window stickers, clings, or decals. Whatever decor you choose to add, make sure it does not interfere with a quick getaway if necessary.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your wells clean, especially during the wet winter months, is important. Heavy snow and rainfall can fill up your wells, causing problems, such as floods, water damage, and mold growth. This may mean removing snow from the wells as often as necessary. If this is an issue, now may be an excellent time to install sealed clear covers versus metal grate covers. Keeping your wells snow-free will also allow more light to shine in, which is especially needed with winter in full force and the days shorter and darker than ever.

Holiday Decor for Your Wells

Windows are a great place to include holiday decor. Some people choose to outline them in colored lights or garlands, hang ornaments from them, or add extra stockings. These wells offer a unique opportunity to include additional decorations, especially if your window well is already donning a liner with a holiday feel, like homey stones or red bricks.

Furthermore, if you have kids in your house excited to have Santa and his reindeer visit but don’t have a chimney for traditional Christmas entries, window wells are a great way to let in jolly old Saint Nick. After all, a windowsill is the perfect place to leave cookies and milk.

Travel Preparations During the Holidays

Many people all across America will travel during the holidays. Unfortunately, burglars take advantage of empty houses and use wells as a way to break into your home. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from occurring. Here’s what you can do to keep your home safe this holiday season:

  • Make sure to lock up all of your doors and windows before you leave.
  • Add secured covers to your wells that easily unlock from inside but will keep out anyone looking to break into your home.
  • Install a security system complete with window sensors in each of your windows, including basement windows. Add motion-sensor lights and signs warning intruders of a security system throughout the exterior of your house.
  • Trim any bushes or other vegetation near your wells.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Windowell Expressions is here to help you get your window wells holiday-ready. Whether you need a clear, metal grate, or custom covers, liners, or a complete replacement, Windowell Expressions has you covered. Protect your Salt Lake County, Utah, home this holiday season, and contact us today!