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Securing Your Window Wells (and Surrounding Areas) For Winter

Outdoor window well clear cover

The Holidays and Black Friday brings plenty of shopping. Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect gift for their spouse, children, relatives, and friends. With lots of good deals, you may have even snagged yourself a new TV or stereo system.

This is great news for you, because your movie nights just got that much better, but it is also good news for someone else.

Burglars knows the kind of high end electronics and gadgets that enter so many homes around the holidays. If they’ve been waiting for a good time to break-in, chances are pretty high that they’ll score something good during the winter months. What can you do to secure your window wells for winter? Here are four easy tips.

1. Cover Up

One easy way to secure your window wells, as well as your basement and main level, is to cover up your windows. Make sure you are closing your blinds or shades at night to prevent outsiders from peeking in. You don’t need to give them an inventory list of everything you have inside! If a burglar isn’t able to see inside it will help to deter them from trying to break in. During the day, you should be mindful of anyone who may be lurking or taking a particular interest in your home.

2. Use a Camera

Another great way to secure your window wells and the surrounding areas of your home is to install a security camera. Using a security camera is a simple investment that will save you lots of money in the long run. Simply having the camera in place works to keep intruders away, whether it is turned on or not! Being able to have an extra set of eyes on your home will give you peace of mind too.

3. Install a Window Well Cover

If you want to keep your window wells protected, why not secure them with a window well cover! With lower-level windows being the target for many burglars, a window well cover is a great way to keep intruders out. Windowell Expressions offers window well covers that lock from the outside, but work as an easy escape from the inside during emergencies. You can choose from a traditional window well grate to secure your basement and home, or a clear window well cover. A clear cover is a great option that allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your home and provide light to your basement, while also keeping your protected. They’ll also keep your window wells free of debris! With lots of affordable options, don’t hesitate to contact Windowell Expressions to begin securing your window wells for winter.

4. Light it Up

Just by lighting up the areas of your home you want to keep secured you can deter intruders who won’t want to be seen in the limelight. Installing motion activated lights can also keep you on your toes when it comes to unwanted movement around your property.


Can You Reduce The Risk of Window Well Injuries?

Can You Reduce The Risk of Window Well Injuries?

Homeowners should always strive to reduce the risk of window well injuries on their property, as such incidents could cause serious harm to others and expose the homeowner to potential lawsuits. Various circumstances can help determine your level of risk and your options for mitigating it.

How Deep Are Your Window Wells?

The allowed depth of the window well is determined by the municipality’s building code. If the basement is finished and habitable, local laws will require egress windows to be deep enough for a person to evacuate in the event of a fire. A window this size usually must be installed in every bedroom. If the lower level has a walkout doorway, installed windows may not have to be constructed as deep, but some homeowners choose to insert larger windows anyway for better lighting. When windows are large enough to meet evacuation code standards, the window well’s depth can reach 3 feet. If a young child fell 3 feet or more into the hole, he or she could suffer head trauma, broken bones or worse. Even if an adult mistakenly slipped into a deep well, he or she might have to visit the emergency room for a cut, sprain or more serious injury.

Liability of Homeowners

As a homeowner, when are you liable for accidental injuries on your property? First of all, it’s important to categorize the people on your property susceptible to injury. If you invite someone to come to your house, he or she is considered a licensee. For people you permit on your property, you bear the burden of warning them of potential injuries, or removing any injury threat.

The second category of people allowed on your property is called business invitees. An example of a business invitee is a remodeling contractor or plumber. You have a stricter responsibility to business invitees on your property. You cannot just warn them of potential injurious hazards, you have a duty to repair the issue first.

The third category of people is trespassers. Since they enter your property of their own volition and do not have your permission, you have zero liability if they experience an injury at your home. Of course, each state and local town may have its own restrictions on the definition of a trespasser. In some cases, once homeowners are aware a trespasser is present, they are required by law to inform him or her of any danger.

How Can Homeowners Prevent Injuries?

To err on the side of caution, homeowners should always take care to prevent window well injuries in all categories. The primary method of protection against falls is window well covers. Installing a custom-fit cover that adheres to fire safety regulations will ensure the safety of people outside and inside the window.

Consult with Windowell Expressions on how to craft a customized window well cover for your basement windows. Homeowners can reduce the risk of window well injuries on their property when a fitted, secure cover is properly installed.