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Securing Your Window Wells (and Surrounding Areas) For Winter

Outdoor window well clear cover

The Holidays and Black Friday brings plenty of shopping. Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect gift for their spouse, children, relatives, and friends. With lots of good deals, you may have even snagged yourself a new TV or stereo system.

This is great news for you, because your movie nights just got that much better, but it is also good news for someone else.

Burglars knows the kind of high end electronics and gadgets that enter so many homes around the holidays. If they’ve been waiting for a good time to break-in, chances are pretty high that they’ll score something good during the winter months. What can you do to secure your window wells for winter? Here are four easy tips.

1. Cover Up

One easy way to secure your window wells, as well as your basement and main level, is to cover up your windows. Make sure you are closing your blinds or shades at night to prevent outsiders from peeking in. You don’t need to give them an inventory list of everything you have inside! If a burglar isn’t able to see inside it will help to deter them from trying to break in. During the day, you should be mindful of anyone who may be lurking or taking a particular interest in your home.

2. Use a Camera

Another great way to secure your window wells and the surrounding areas of your home is to install a security camera. Using a security camera is a simple investment that will save you lots of money in the long run. Simply having the camera in place works to keep intruders away, whether it is turned on or not! Being able to have an extra set of eyes on your home will give you peace of mind too.

3. Install a Window Well Cover

If you want to keep your window wells protected, why not secure them with a window well cover! With lower-level windows being the target for many burglars, a window well cover is a great way to keep intruders out. Windowell Expressions offers window well covers that lock from the outside, but work as an easy escape from the inside during emergencies. You can choose from a traditional window well grate to secure your basement and home, or a clear window well cover. A clear cover is a great option that allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your home and provide light to your basement, while also keeping your protected. They’ll also keep your window wells free of debris! With lots of affordable options, don’t hesitate to contact Windowell Expressions to begin securing your window wells for winter.

4. Light it Up

Just by lighting up the areas of your home you want to keep secured you can deter intruders who won’t want to be seen in the limelight. Installing motion activated lights can also keep you on your toes when it comes to unwanted movement around your property.


Evaluate The Risk of a Basement Break-In

Evaluate The Risk of a Basement Break-In

Do your lower-level windows put your home at risk for a break-in?

According to data gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, burglaries are declining. Still, based on the statistics of reported burglaries in 2012, an incident occurs once every 15 seconds in the United States.

It’s important to evaluate whether your home is an attractive target to a potential burglar. If it is, you will want to take proactive steps to reduce the chances of a break-in on your property.

Burglary Versus Robbery

A robbery occurs when a person uses violence or the threat of violence to take an item that belongs to another person. A burglary is defined differently. Burglaries are classified as unlawful entrance of a building or structure with the intent to commit a crime. The crime the burglars intend to commit may not be theft, and they do not have to carry out their plan.

Burglary Prevention Measures

Some burglaries are carried out on a whim, while others are the result of a carefully planned scheme. Burglars will comb neighborhoods looking for homes that display easy-entrance characteristics like an accessible or unlocked window or door.

While basements only accounted for 4 percent of burglary entrance points in 2010, your goal is to cause that percentage to drop to zero for your home.

  • First, make sure you trim all bushes in front of your basement windows. The burglar will have nowhere to hide if a bystander passes while they are in the process of breaking in.
  • Second, remove all indoor furniture from underneath basement windows. Don’t make it easier for the burglar to pass through the window safely to the ground floor of your basement.
  • Third install a window well cover over deep basement windows. Even though covers do not lock, due to fire safety reasons, they may deter a burglar from using the window as an entrance point. The burglar will not be able to see clearly into the basement, and they may hesitate to pick up and move a cover for fear of discovery.Additionally, burglars only spend between eight to 12 minutes in a home, and time spent on window well cover removal will slow them down and increase their chances of getting caught.
  • Fourth, install a security system on your property. Burglaries are 2.7 times more likely to occur at properties with no alarm system. Prominently display system decals on windows and put a sign in your yard.
  • Lastly, make sure your property is adequately lit at night. While almost 50 percent fewer burglaries happen at night, automatic lights in your yard, driveway, front and back of house could keep burglars away.

To find the ideal window well cover to reduce your chances of a basement break-in, contact Windowell Expressions today for an evaluation and estimate.