The Best Window Well Designs and Styles for 2021

Finding window well designs and styles that meet your personal aesthetic can be tricky, which is why our pros are here to help.

Thankfully, the window well experts at Windowell Expressions gives you what you are looking for. With more than ten choices, you can customize the window wells in your home with one or more of our various options. Whether your style is a clean, sleek, and modern look or you prefer a more natural, imperfect, and rustic look, we can find the right basement window wells for you!

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Window Well Designs and Styles

Here is a quick description of each of the window well designs and styles we offer:

ASPEN CREEK — This option features a combination of red, tan, gray, and brown colored rocks, complete with a tan mortar. It really brightens up a space with its various colors.

CASCADE RIVER — The various shades of tan and brown rocks paired with a light tan mortar give a very nice and earthy feel.

GRAY SLATE — This style has a combination of light and dark gray and white colors. It is a neutral, test stylish option for any style or taste.

GRAYSTONE GRANITE — Speckled black and white, these rocks are made to look like real granite and are finished with a greenish-gray mortar. This style is beautiful, light, and neutral.

ITALIAN SLATE — With various tones of light and dark tans and touches of brown, this color combination is the perfect, understated option that blends well with any decor.

MEDITERRANEAN RIVER — This option features a tan mortar background and a combination of red, dark tan, light gray, and brown colored rocks. An ideal choice to match various aesthetics and brighten up a space.

RUSTIC MOUNTAIN — With red and tan rocks and a light tan mortar, this style adds brightness to any room by bringing in the most light and pairing with most styles. This is a customer favorite.

RUSTIC RIVER — This option showcases brown, red, and light and dark tan colored rocks with a light tan mortar. These beautiful, rich colors make it a very classy option. 

SILVER QUARRY — The greenish-gray and white rocks and light gray mortar make for a very popular choice among homeowners wanting to add additional light but want an understated window well design.

STACKED GRAY — This option features a neural combination of various gray tones.

STACKED ITALIAN — With light and dark tans and touches of browns, this color combination offers an understated yet nice-looking window well that blends well with any style or aesthetic.

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