Should Window Wells be Filled with Gravel?

Any homeowner that has a basement is familiar with window wells. But can window wells be filled? Should they be filled? Is gravel the right way to go?

You want to properly maintain your home, but window wells can be a little tricky, and they’re definitely something that you want to do the right way. No one wants to find themselves face to face with a hefty water damage bill, and properly filling and maintaining your window wells are an effective way to avoid that.

So should window wells be filled with gravel? Let’s take a deeper look and find our answer.

The Quick Answer

The fast answer to this question is yes, window wells should be filled with gravel. Now when we say filled with gravel, we don’t mean filled to the rim. There is a certain amount of  gravel that you will want to put in, and there’s a certain way to do it to ensure that your window wells are maintained and to help them serve their purpose for your home.

What purpose does this serve? Putting gravel at the bottom of your window well will keep any water that comes down into your window well from seeping into the foundation.

How to Fill Your Window Well

So how do you fill your window well with gravel? Start with the right kind of gravel. Pea gravel is a great way to go. It’s just small enough to serve this purpose. You’ll want to put in one foot, or 12 inches, of gravel at the bottom of your window well. Make sure you’re evenly distributing the gravel as you go.

Other Window Well Necessities

Once you’ve taken care of ensuring your window wells be filled with gravel, make sure you have the other necessary items to make your window wells safe and beautiful. First, get some window well liners. These allow you to add some personal touches to your window well, giving the appearance of rock or brick to the inside of your window wells.

You’ll also want to get some window well covers. Especially if you have young children running around, putting covers on your window wells is going to be a must to ensure that everyone is safe during their outside play. A fall into a window well can be abrupt and frightening, and getting a window well cover is a simple way to avoid any injuries.

Windowell Expressions Is Here For You

At the end of the day, we understand that you value safety, both for yourself and for your home. Should window wells be filled with gravel? Yes. And the process is incredibly simple and incredibly effective. In terms of those additional window well essentials, Windowell Expressions is here for you. We have everything you need to make your window wells beautiful. Servicing individuals in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley, we are happy to lend a hand! Contact us today for more details.



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