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What To Do about a Flooding Window Well

What To Do about a Flooding Window Well

A flooding window well can spell disaster for a homeowner. Basement water damage can ruin appliances, major home systems and wreck finishing work, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. What should homeowners do when they find water leaking through their lower level window well?

Remove Water

The first step to repairing the leak is to empty all water from the basement. Depending on the severity of the damage, homeowners may be able to use a wet/dry vacuum. If the water level is high, consider calling a professional water damage repair company. They can use heavy-duty equipment to quickly remove and restore the interior before mold sets in.

Drain Window Well

Once all water is removed on the inside, move to the exterior of the home. Empty the pooled water inside the well. Underneath the water, a sludge of gravel and dirt may have formed, blocking the draining system. Dig this out until the drain cover is exposed so you can begin diagnosing how the flood originated.

Find the Source of the Leak

Besides mud, it’s possible that leaves, sticks and other debris may have clogged the window well’s drainage system and contributed to the backup. Perhaps the installation was completed incorrectly and you have no drainpipe to carry away the water.

Whatever the cause, homeowners must ensure their window wells have the following features and receive the intended proper care to prevent future basement floods:

1. Working Drain

When window wells are installed correctly, a hole is dug and a drainpipe placed at the base of the well. The pipe leads away from the home’s foundation, exiting out of a landscape slope or connecting to a gutter drain. The drain can also lead inside the basement, connecting to a sump pump system for proper water drainage.

2. Window Well Covers

The primary way to prevent a drain clog is to keep the inside of the window well clear. Covers prevent leaves and dirt from clogging the drain pathway and keep small animals from nesting within. While covers also contribute to the aesthetics of the home, they are an important protective feature.

3. Regular Window Well Cleaning

Even with a proper drainage system installed and a cover in place, window wells require routine maintenance to ensure no further water damage affects the window and the basement interior. Every three to four months, check the drainpipe for blockages and make sure the cover fits snugly and securely on the liner.

Contact Windowell Expressions for more information on the proper installation of window wells and what repairs are necessary for homeowners facing a flooding window well.



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