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Window Well Clear Cover VS Grating Covers

Clear Window Well Covers vs. Grating Covers

Have you been considering a Window Well Clear Cover but can’t decide between that and a grated cover? Most home owners who decide to invest in a window well cover are looking for more protection and safety for their home. As the weather continues to warm up, keeping children, pets and even wandering adults save from your window wells is important to prevent potentially serious injury.

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to window well covers, and today we’ll discuss clear window well covers vs a window well grates. Both options will protect people and pets from falling into your window well, but how do you know which option is best for you? Here are a few things to consider that will help you narrow it down.

Window Well Grate

custom window well grate A window well grate has specific advantages to its design that may make it the best option for you and your home. First off, a grate is attractive and affordable. Window Well Grates are a safe option, they are study and made from rust-resistant materials that also makes them durable.

A grate cover provides easy access to your window well with an opening mechanism that allows it to be lifted from the inside. This also makes emergency exits easily available. And while it can be opened from the inside, the latch can also be secured to deter intruders. The heavy duty construction also provides added security.

The slats in your window well grate allow not only natural light into your basement, but also increased ventilation. A nice breeze can be a pleasant perk for basement dwellers! And during the winter months with less snow and ice accumulating on top of the grate, more light will be able to penetrate the basement in the dead of winter too!

With a grate, you won’t have snow or ice building up on top of your grate. However, this means more ice and snow will make its way between the slats opening you up to potential drainage issues. It’s also more difficult to keep debris and small particles out of your window well with a grate cover.

Window Well Clear Cover

Window Well CoverAs with a grate cover, the safety of those in your yard will be secure with a clear cover. This is particularly true with window well clear cover as they will protect tiny feet or paws that may fit through the slats of a grate cover.

Clear covers will also protect your home by deterring intruders with its total coverage. The clear cover also allows for easy emergency exits. With no bars to obstruct window well clear cover also allow a significant amount of sunlight into your basement year round. This means paying less for your utility bills and better moods! And with a complete covering over your window well, you won’t have to worry about any debris, rodents, snow or rain making their way into your window well. They can hold an impressive amount of weight too!

Window well clear covers are very aesthetically pleasing. These covers can transform a seemingly simple hold in the ground to a beautiful and intentional element of your home. The cover, keeping your window wells empty, will also keep your yard and home looking put together. This, along with the cover can add value to your home.

Each window well cover has its benefits, many of which are the same. However, carefully consider the differences and call Windowell Expressions to install the perfect window well covers for you and your home.


Top 3 Benefits to Installing Clear Window Well Covers in Utah

Window Well Cover in Utah If you’ve considered investing in something to cover your window well, you may know that there are a few different options to choose from. There is standard window well grate covers, customer covers and clear window well covers. With frequent weather changes and wildlife, it’s important to have window well covers in Utah. We think a clear window well cover is one of the best choices you can make. To demonstrate why, we’ve come up with the top three benefits of having a clear window well cover.


When you have family, visitors and pets spending time outdoors, it’s important to have a window well cover. What better way to safely enjoy the beautiful spring and summer months! By eliminating a potential fall hazard for guests, particularly small children, you can more fully enjoy your company.

During the winter months when you are stuck inside your home, a clear window well will allow sunshine to make its way inside. This access to sunlight and vitamin D will give you a mental and emotional boost despite the chilly weather. More light also means added savings on your electricity bill, too! Installing a clear window well cover will increase the well-being and happiness of your family year round.


Having  window well covers in Utah means you will be keeping snow and ice from piling up outside of your windows. This in turns means you won’t have large amounts of snow melting against your windows, which can pose a threat of leaking and water damage. With a clear window well, you keep the harsh elements from wreaking havoc on your windows.

Window well covers also protect your home from intruders. Many burglars target lower-level windows. Since basement windows are made to accommodate an emergency exit, it can be easy for intruders to enter. However, a clear window well cover deter intrudes while maintaining an easy escape for occupants in an emergency. Well covers also keep out unwanted pests and rodents.


Adding a window well cover can transform a seemingly simple hole in the ground to a beautiful and intentional element of your home. Window well covers in Utah homes will add to the overall look and increase the value. Not only are clear window well covers attractive, they will help to keep your yard and home looking nice by keeping debris, toys, and clutter out of your window well. Keeping a cover over your well will keep debris and water out, squelching any opportunity for weeds to take root.

As you take the time to consider the many benefits of adding a clear window well cover to your Utah home, you can confidently move forward know the protection, added value and comfort that comes from installing a window well cover.

Windowell Expressions offer window well covers for Utah residents that are simple to clean and last for years. For clear covers and a range of design options, contact Windowell Expressions for a personalized quote today.