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We Stand Behind You and Our Products

The more you know about our product, the more you will sell and the better your customers will feel about their investment. As you will see, we continually expand our product line to keep us on the cutting edge of polyurethane paneling/liner systems and Lexan covers. We are committed to producing a superior quality product to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

Our Paneling/Liner Systems

Our paneling/liner systems are made of two key components. The first component is a two part, 100% solid, fast curing, electrometric (rubber like) polyurethane material. The second key component is the factory mixed, coloring system that is used along with the polyurethane to create the look of real rock. We use the highest grade of U.V. protection available. For added service to your customers, any colors and sizes desired that are outside of our standard rock colors and sizes may be ordered factory direct, at an additional cost, with the same satisfaction guarantee.

Abrasion and Weather Resistant

All of our paneling/liner products provide excellent abrasion resistance and excellent weather resistance. Our panels have high tensile strength, elongation and tear strength properties. The panels will not crack, tear, or warp in any climate. The panels are virtually maintenance free. Adding these panels will increase the value and beauty of any surface you apply them to.

Unlimited Uses

With proper planning and preparation, the uses of our panels are bound only by your imagination. Our panels can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Our panels are an affordable alternative to other methods of beautifying and covering unsightly objects and also save on installation costs and time.

A Few of The Uses of Our Panels are:

  • Covering metal, concrete or wood window wells
  • Covering bare foundations
  • Mobile home skirting
  • Hot tub paneling
  • Covering exteriors of yard sheds
  • Interior applications include a Wayne’s Coat on walls
  • And many other surfaces you’re wanting to have a rock looking appearance

Paneling Styles and Description:

Paneling Styles and Description:

Mediterranean River

Tan mortar background with a combination of rocks colored red, dark tan, light gray and browns. This style matches many different decors and brightens up the window wells.

Cascade River

Light tan mortar background with a combination of rocks colored brown, light and dark tan. This has a very nice earthy feel.

Graystone Granite

Greenish grey mortar background and the rocks are black and white spectacled just like real granite. This style is beautiful and very neutral and light.

Rustic River

Light tan mortar with red and tan rocks. This style adds brightness to a room. According to our customers, this style brings in the most light and fit with almost any décor.

Silver Quarry

Light gray mortar with a greenish gray and white rock. This style is very popular with people that want to bring in extra light yet don’t want the window wells too bold or stand out.

Rustic Mountain

Light tan mortar background with a combination of rocks colored brown, red, light and dark tan. This has the nice rich deep colors, which makes it very classy.

Aspen River

Tan mortar background with a combination of rocks colored red, dark tan, light gray and browns. Really brightens up a room with all its colors.

Malibu Slate / Stack Stone

A combination of colors – red, brown and tan tones. This style has a very modern look to it and looks beautiful in homes with tiled floors.

Italian Slate / Stack Stone

A combination of light tan, dark tan and a hint of brown. This is a nice light color and is very understated in a window well. This blends with any style and/or décor.

Gray Slate / Stack Stone

A combination of light gray, dark gray and white. A very stylish and neutral style for any décor.

Our Lexan Windowell Covers

We use a U.V. treated Lexan that carries a 10 year guarantee, has a 250 lb weight capacity, (every thing you will need if someone were to fall). Our support system is all aluminum. The two major bonuses of aluminum are: it is lightweight and it will never rust. When we install the Lexan covers, they are sloped side-to-side as well as back to front. The Lexan material will not crack, for a long time at least. Lexan is used in many applications when sheer impact is an issue. Airplane and race cars windshields are made from Lexan. You can literally hit it with a hammer (not recommended) and it will bounce back in place with no memory (meaning it won’t leave a dent).

Our Limited Warranty

Lexan Covers – if the cover turns yellow or rusts within 10 years, Customer may have the cover replaced for the cost of labor.

Grates – grates have no warranties

Foundation Cover and Window Well Liner – Five (5) year warranty on defective materials. If materials are found to be defective within the first year of installation, Seller shall replace the materials. If materials are found to be defective after one year and before the end of the fifth year then Seller has option to replace or repair the materials.

To receive benefits of any warranty, the Customer must notify Seller in writing, of the covered defect. Customer must allow Seller the opportunity to inspect prior to receiving any benefit under any warranty. Seller makes no further implied or expressed warranties.

Windowell Expressions has made every effort to eliminate color fading. We use the highest grade of U.V. protection available. Over the years, in foundation applications, color fading may occur in a minimal amount. For this reason, we inform our clients that they may need to have the product recolored and sealed on the home. The cost is minimal and we will teach all dealers how to do this. We have not found this to be a problem with our customers. It is a good residual business for us in 7 to 10 year periods. In addition, we use this as a selling advantage because the customer can choose to have the colors altered to fit their current style if they wish.