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Hide Your Ugly Window Wells!


Window Well Cover & Liner Experts In Salt Lake County Utah

At Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City Utah, we manufacture Window Well LinersClear Window Well Covers and Standard Window Well Grates for your window well. We also make Foundation Liners that looks like real rock that isn’t as expensive as real rock. Our window well and foundation liner installation process is so efficient it only takes about 1 hour per well.

Windowell Expressions Product Lineup

Clear Covers

  • Maximum Light
  • Keep Window Wells Clean
  • Safety With Style

Windowell Liners

  • Open Your Blinds
  • Add Ambiance to Your Basement
  • Remove the Industrial Look

Standard Grates

  • Protective
  • Durable Material
  • Affordable

Foundation Liners

  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Protected Foundation
  • Simple & Stylish

Custom Grates

  • Custom-Made
  • Protective
  • Durable

Our Reviews

Donnetta Mitchell
Donnetta Mitchell
I had Windowell Expressions install window well covers at my home over 9 years ago. Last week, I needed some repairs due to the chains coming loose. Jaren arrived and fixed each window well. He told me that the service was covered under their warrantee! I couldn’t believe it and certainly didn’t expect this! Jaren was professional, and made sure that I could easily release the cotter pins inside of the window wells in case emergency exit was required. The covers and insides of the wells are still in great shape and protect my dogs from accidently falling in and also keep out roving rats! The workmanship holds up. I highly recommend Windowell Expressions and Jaren for your window covering needs.
Jason Ryser
Jason Ryser
So grateful for my new covers! They look amazing and the quality is unmatched from my diligence. Most importantly, my son won’t be falling in them again!
Aaron Maravilla
Aaron Maravilla
Definable the best value in town. Installation was great and the team was easy to work with.
Buford Justice
Buford Justice
They did a very professional job on our 5 window wells. One of our window wells was difficult to get it to look right. Jaren came back twice and spent a lot time and effort to make it exactly the way we wanted. We are glad we used this company and highly recommend them.
Jeff Tucker
Jeff Tucker
Fantastic looking covers and liners! Work was done in a single day and looks great
Jeremy Gatherum
Jeremy Gatherum
We just had 2 clear window well covers installed by this company, they look great and give us much needed protection to our basement windows now. Nice job! Good communication! It’s nice to have the peace of mind that my young kids won’t accidentally fall down the wells now. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional company with great customer service and great products. Thank you, Jeremy G.
Sandy Ferderber
Sandy Ferderber
Our ugly windowells now look great!! Windowell Expressions has been great to work with—Jarin was here to give us a bid when he said he’d be, and the installers were here on time and did a fantastic job in a very timely manner. We had a neighbor who was interested in getting liners for their windowells and the installers took the time after finishing our project to go measure their windows. We would highly recommend this company if you’re looking to beautify those ugly windowells!
Tracie Nielson
Tracie Nielson
These guys did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them to someone who needed new winowwells and/or covers.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our paneling/liner products provide excellent abrasion resistance and excellent weather resistance. Our panels have high tensile strength, elongation and tear strength properties. The panels will not crack, tear, or warp in any climate.

Windowell Expressions Lifetime Guarantee

We Hide Ugly!

Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City, Utah has been in business since 1995 manufacturing custom window well liners for window wells and foundations. Our window well liners are made from polyurethane to ensure that they will last a lifetime. The window well liners are designed to withstand any weather conditions and will not crack, harden or chip. The coloring is blended into the material so you never have to worry about scratches or fading.

Below see a quick time lapse of an installation and see how much of a difference the liner makes to the overall appearance of the window.

At Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City Utah we are adamant about customer satisfaction and we will work with you to ensure that your finished job is beautiful.

We are working hard every day to HIDE UGLY.

Customers of Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City Utah have also used our products to cover the base of their homes where the siding, brick or rock meets the concrete. It has also been used for interior applications. The possibilities are endless with our product.

We are also pros at making window well covers for any size and shape of well. We specialize in our Clear Window Well Covers and have a system to build them right at your house. This ensures a perfect fit of each cover. We haven’t met a window well yet we couldn’t cover! These are our biggest sellers because they offer safety, cleanliness and keeps the majority of water out.

We are the leading provider of window well liner in Salt Lake City Utah. Window well liner is like having your floors finished or walls painted. It is the finishing touch that pulls the entire look of a home together. Window wells often face directly into a room that experiences high traffic, such as the kitchen. The window well liner serves a more utilitarian purpose because it can make it easier to clean due to the surface materials and it can reflect light into a home thus lowering utility bills. Salt Lake City homeowners interested in selling their property can also instantly increase the value of their home with a new window well liner.

We also offer Standard and Custom Window Well Grates to fit all your window well needs.