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The Lion in the Window Well

Mountain Lion in the Window Well

Kids are kids.  Imagine one day the kids come up from the basement and tell you they just saw a mountain lion downstairs.  What would you do?

This story is all but reality for a family in Washington Utah when a home owner reported that their girls had come up from the basement claiming to have seen a mountain lion taking up residence in the window well.

The lion was roughly 15 months old and most likely recently left the care of his mother.  It was fully capable of leaping out of the window well.  Authorities are guessing the lion came from the pine valley area.  The DWR expert reported that at this age they’re looking for a place to call home and often simply find themselves in the wrong area.

Regarding why the lion was in this particular window well, “I don’t know why – if it’s warm down in there or they just feel secure.”


After a quick tranquilizer and taking some initial measurements and tests to determine the animal was healthy, the authorities loaded the animal in a transport unit to be take back to it’s natural habitat.

Having a good window well cover is a simple measure most home owners can take to ensure the safety of not only surrounding wildlife but will also keep your children and your home safe from intruders.

A clear Window Well Cover will help your basement stay protected from weather and water.  It is stylish and allows for the maximum amount of light while maintaining all of the listed benefits we just outlined.

If you have windows in the basement of your home Be sure to Contact Windowell Expressions to find the best Window Well Cover options.  Or if you’re looking to spruce up the look of your basement we have customer window wells in many styles.  Whatever your need we can provide a satisfactory solution!

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3 Signs I Need To Replace My Window Well?

When Should I Replace My Window Well?

Your window well and liner do a lot for you. But do you know just how much? Your window well creates a barrier around the exterior of your home. The barrier, or retaining wall, pushes back the earth leaving a hole in the ground. The hole is your window well, and the retaining wall is your window well liner.  If you’ve ever looked at it and thought “When Should I Replace My Window Well?” This is the Blog post for you!

So you have a big hole in the ground, what’s the big deal? This hole, your window well, allows you to have windows below ground level. That in turn gives you much more sunlight and better air circulation. Your window well, liner, and built in drainage system, work to keep debris and moisture away from your windows. Obviously, your window well is very important. While your window well will last for years, it’s not going to last forever.

So how do you know if you need a window well replacement? Here are the signs to look for so you know when it’s time to get your well replaced.

1. Unexpected Flooding

If you’ve had unexpected flooding in your basement, you may need a window well replacement. This goes for any moisture you may be getting in your basement; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a major flood. Moisture could mean there is a problem with the drainage system in your well, or a problem with the well itself. If you notice evidence of water in your basement, like mold growth, it’s time to call a professional and consider a window well replacement.

2. Signs of Aging

Ideally you will notice the signs of aging on your well, and you can take preventative action to avoid flooding. Look at your window well form the outside. Rust, scrapes or bumps are signs that you may need a window well replacement.

3. Annual Inspection

As a home owner you’ve probably heard by now how important your annual, semi-annual and even monthly routine maintenance is. Don’t neglect your window wells when you’re checking your other appliances and equipment. Each year, thoroughly inspect your window wells for any signs of trouble. It would also be prudent to schedule an expert to come take a look too. Unless you are a trained professional, sometimes a window well can look fine when there are actually underlying issues causing damage to your home.

Whether you have flooding, notice signs of aging or a professional tells you it’s time for a window well replacement, take action immediately. Doing so will help you avoid more damage to the foundation or interior. You’ll also keep moisture, debris or even pests out of your home.

It may seem like a big feat, but window well replacements are actually fast and affordable when done professionally. Do not try to replace it on your own; the smallest mistake could mean flooding in your basement. Windowell Expressions has been replacing window wells along the Wasatch Front for years and years. They specialize in hand diffing out all wells to minimize damage to your yard. Windowell Expressions can help you get an incredibly durable window well with stylish liners too. Now you have the answer to “When Should I replace my Window Well.” Get a free quote today!


Top 3 Benefits In Installing a Clear Window Well Cover

Clear Window Well Cover

If you’ve considered investing in something to cover your window well, you may know that there are a few different options to choose from.

There is standard window well grate covers, customer covers and clear window well covers. With frequent weather changes and wildlife, it’s important to have a window well cover in Utah.

We think a clear window well cover is one of the best choices you can make. To demonstrate why, we’ve come up with the top three benefits of having a clear window well cover.

Clear Window Well Benefit 1:Well-being

When you have family, visitors and pets spending time outdoors, it’s important to have a window well cover. What better way to safely enjoy the beautiful spring and summer months! By eliminating a potential fall hazard for guests, particularly small children, you can more fully enjoy your company.
During the winter months when you are stuck inside your home, a clear window well cover will allow sunshine to make its way inside. This access to sunlight and vitamin D will give you a mental and emotional boost despite the chilly weather. More light also means added savings on your electricity bill, too! Installing a clear window well cover will increase the well-being and happiness of your family year round.

Clear Window Well Benefit 2: Protection

Having a window well cover in Utah means you will be keeping snow and ice from piling up outside of your windows. This in turns means you won’t have large amounts of snow melting against your windows, which can pose a threat of leaking and water damage. With a clear window well cover, you keep the harsh elements from wreaking havoc on your windows.

Window well covers also protect your home from intruders. Many burglars target lower-level windows. Since basement windows are made to accommodate an emergency exit, it can be easy for intruders to enter. However, a clear window well cover deter intrudes while maintaining an easy escape for occupants in an emergency. Well covers also keep out unwanted pests and rodents.

Clear Window Well Benefit 3: Aesthetics

Adding a clear window well cover can transform a seemingly simple hole in the ground to a beautiful and intentional element of your home. Window well covers outside Utah homes will add to the overall look and increase the value. Not only are clear window well covers attractive, they will help to keep your yard and home looking nice by keeping debris, toys, and clutter out of your window well. Keeping a cover over your well will keep debris and water out, squelching any opportunity for weeds to take root.
As you take the time to consider the many benefits of adding a clear window well cover to your Utah home, you can confidently move forward know the protection, added value and comfort that comes from installing a window well cover. Windowell Expressions offer window well covers for Utahns that are simple to clean and last for years. For clear covers and a range of design options, contact Windowell Expressions for a personalized quote today.

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