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What You Should Do if You Find An Animal Stuck in Your Window Well

Observing wildlife can be the highlight of a nice nature walk, but it certainly isn’t something you want to see while looking out of your basement window. Window wells are a great way to get more light into your basement and provide a safe exit for family members during an emergency, but your metal window wells can also be a place where animals can get accidentally trapped. Here’s what you should do if you find an animal stuck in your window well.

In most cases, the animals aren’t looking to set up shop in your window well. If you’re unhappy with an animal in your window well, they’re probably just as unhappy (if not more) being trapped in there! This means that if and when you’re able to get the animal out it’ll quickly be on it’s way back to it’s home.

Some animals may search along the foundation of your home for food. Skunks, in particular, like to search for insects and may not notice the window well in front of them. Other animals like mice or rabbits may be running through your yard and not see the well before it’s too late.

If your window well is shallow, two feet deep or less, get a piece of wood that is about a foot wide and put it in your window well as a ramp so the animal can climb out. You may want to consider covering it with an old towel or carpet so the animal has good traction. Make sure the incline is gradual. Leave the ramp overnight and hopefully check out your animal-free well in the morning!

When a ramp won’t work, place a bucket on its side in your window well with some food inside as bait. When the animal climbs into the bucket, gently tip the bucket upright and slowly bring it out of the well. Make sure you attach some string or have a metal hook you can use to get the bucket out once the animal is inside.

If getting animals out of your window well seem like more hassle than you’d like to deal with, it’s a good idea to try to keep animals from getting stuck in your window well in the first place. A window well cover is a great way to cover up that hole in your yard and keep animals out.

You may be looking for simple rectangular window well covers, or you may need to invest in custom window well covers. If you’re looking for the best of the best to install your window well covers, contact WIndowell Expressions.

Whether you choose a clear window well cover or metal grate window well covers, it is a great way to keep animals safe and avoid the hassle of getting a poor little critter out of your window well. Even a DIY window well cover is better than nothing in order to keep your well clear of animals.

And if you’re looking for some extra protection to go along with your quality window well cover, you can install a fine mesh over your well cover so that even the smallest animal won’t be able to fall in.


What are the Benefits of Having a Window Well Cover?

As you’re out shopping for a few gardening supplies, you may have noticed window well covers at Home Depot or Lowe’s. These window well covers are made to go over your basement window wells.

Maybe they’re something you hadn’t considered before, and now you’re left wondering, “what are the benefits of having a window well cover?” Here are just a few…

Benefit #1: Safety

One of the biggest benefits of adding window well covers to your basement window wells is that you are going to have increased safety.

During the summer months, you and your family members and friends will likely spend a lot of time in your yard. Whether you’re having a BBQ, playing water games, or doing a bit of gardening and yard work, the last thing you want to have to worry about is someone falling into your basement window well.

While a necessity, your window wells are essentially just big holes surrounding your home. This can be very problematic if you have children or small pets nearby! Your window well cover will help to keep people and animals from falling into your window wells and avoiding injury. Window wells can cover plenty of weight so accidentally stepping on one isn’t a problem.

Benefit #2: Security

Besides keeping people outside your home safe from falling in, your window wells will keep those inside safe as well. It is not unheard of for burglars or other intruders to use windows wells as a point of entry.

You want to keep your people from intentionally getting into your window well, and you can do this with a window well cover!

These covers, whether you choose window well grates or a clear cover, come equipped with an inside lock that can’t be reached from the outside. This will give you peace of mind knowing intruders can’t get in, but also provide comfort knowing the lock is easily undone from the inside.

Benefit #3: Egress

You probably have a window well because many homes are required to have an egress, or emergency exit, for basement dwellers. In the case of an emergency you want to be sure that everyone can get out safely and with as much ease as possible.

Your window well cover can help. It is easy for window wells to collect leaves, twigs, snow, and other debris throughout the year. If you’re not continually cleaning it out it can quickly get out of hand.

With a window well cover, you can keep your window well clean and clear of anything that may make it difficult to open the basement window and climb to safety.


There are many different window well options to choose from that will give you these benefits and more. There are bubble window well covers, clear window well covers, standard grate window well covers, as well as custom window well covers. If you’re looking for the window well cover experts of Salt Lake City, look no further than Windowell Expressions.