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Different Types of Window Well Covers

When it’s time to get a window well cover for your home’s window wells, there are many factors to consider. Thankfully, your options today are much wider than the window well options of the past. Today you can find a window well cover that will suit your needs, match your home, fit perfectly, and align with your budget. All it takes is a little research and shopping.

Windowell Expressions knows everything there is to know about window wells, and we can help you find the exact right option for your home’s window wells at an affordable, trustworthy price.

Today we’ll walk you through a few different and common types of windowwell covers so you can begin considering your needs and finding what works for you.


The most affordable and most common type of window well cover is a metal grate. Metal grates are popular because they keep large objects and living things from getting into your window well. These are a popular, quick choice for homeowners with children, pets, or lots of local wildlife. Depending on the size of the grate holes, you can prevent some debris from entering the window well. The grate window well cover can also be beneficial if you need airflow into your basement, or if you anticipate lots of walking/standing near the window well. Unfortunately, metal grates can rust, be too heavy for lifting to exit, and cannot prevent water damage or lots of dirt from entering your window well.

Bubble or Slope Covers

These window well covers are becoming increasingly popular, as they more effectively prevent water damage and debris. The bubble or slope covers do take up space and are visible above ground, but if they are made from clear materials they will let in a lot of light to your basement windows. They resist all water and make it impossible for kids or critters to get into your window well.

Dome or Atrium

Many older homes have split level basements, meaning the windows are partially above ground, but still feature a window well. These types of basement window wells, as well as any that have casement-style windows that open outward, need dome or atrium window well covers. These covers allow in all the natural light, while protecting the windows from flooding, intruders, and debris. The dome window well cover is designed to function like an exterior window, resisting UV damage and even withstanding hundreds of pounds of force.

Which type of window well cover is right for you? It all depends on what you need. If you are particularly concerned about water damage and flooding, you may consider a bubble cover for your window well.

If you mostly need to be sure your small children don’t fall into the open window wells, then maybe you just need a window well grate cover. Above ground windows in a window well need dome or atrium covers.

Talk to the experts at Windowell Expressions to help you determine which window well coverings will work best for your family and your home.


How To Increase The Life of Your Window Well Covers

Window well covers are an excellent investment for your property. They keep things from falling into your window well, whether it’s branches and leaves, small animals, or even children. Window well covers can also make your home and yard look more aesthetically pleasing. Window well covers are a no-brainer for your property, but they can also be an important purchase that lasts the lifetime of your home.

If you are thinking about purchasing window well covers, or if you already have some window well covers for your home, you should know the best ways to protect and increase the life of your window well covers.

Windowell Expressions knows a thing or two about preserving window well covers that will protect your home. Let us help your window wells.


The reason window wells are required by law is for safety. In the event of a natural disaster, accident, or another dangerous event it is critical that you be able to exit the home. You need to regularly inspect the safety of your window well covers by exiting through the window and up through the window well. The window well should fit snugly but remove easily from the inside of the window well. If you realize your window well is not up to these safety standards or is improperly installed it could mean your window well covers are compromised and unable to serve their purpose.

No Storage

Many homeowners place things on their window well covers. Even if you’re just setting something there temporarily, it’s unsafe and decreases the life of your window well covers. Never place anything on your window well covers and carefully instruct your family members to avoid the window well covers. Additionally, the only thing that should be inside your window well is a small hanging ladder for exiting the window. Anything stored or fallen down there should be removed immediately.


Do you know where your home’s drains lead? Many homes have a drain system that leads precipitation just a few feet from the base of the house. If you end up with a large amount of precipitation, especially in winter and spring months, you may want to consider extending your drain with a few feet of an inexpensive drain pipe. Leading the precipitation further away from your home’s foundation and window wells will decrease the likelihood of flooding and damage to your window wells.

How are your window wells? When was the last time you inspected them? Window well covers need to be checked at least once a year to ensure proper fit, protection, and safety.

Purchasing quality window well covers is a worthy investment, and as long as they are installed properly and regularly maintained they should last the life of your home and keep your window wells safe and functional.

Call Windowell Expressions today for window well repair, purchase, or simply a consultation about the needs of your home.