Frequently Asked Questions

Window well liners and foundations frequently asked questions:Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What sizes do window well liners come in?
A: 2 ft. X 5 ft. is the smallest size we make and 7 ft. X 12 ft. is the longest. We also make every size in between.

2. Q: Do you stock window well liners?
A: No. We custom manufacture for each customer depending on the size and style right for their home.

3. Q: Are all window wells the same?
A: No. Window wells vary depending on the age of your home and the size of window and well you have in your home.

4. Q: Are the window well liners difficult to install?
A: No. We will teach you.

5. Q: Are the window well liners expensive?
A: Well, they are not cheap. Polyurethane is not a cheap product, but it is known for its weather resistance and durability. It will outlast most of us!

6. Q: Do I install the window well liners?
A: Yes. In areas where you are the dealer. It really isn’t that hard to do it. You can have someone else do installs for you if that is how you wish to operate your business.

7. Q: How do I properly measure a window well? 
A: For liners, you need to take a perimeter measurement and a depth measurement. You can measure from either the inside or the outside of the well. Be very careful when measuring, it hurts to fall in and you could be seriously injured. With your tape, wrap it around the inside perimeter concrete to concrete or into the the window depending on your style of well. Next, measure the depth. We suggest adding 2” to the depth so you can bury it below ground, but if you want to add some rock to dress up the bottom don’t add anything.

8. Q: How do I measure a foundation? 
A: The best thing is to map out the area you want to cover. Measure the lengths and heights in numerous locations and then fax it to us.

Lexan window well covers frequently asked questions:

1. Q: Will the Lexan window well covers yellow?
A: We use a U.V. treated Lexan that has a 10 year guarantee.

2. Q: Are the Lexan window well covers strong?
A: Yes. As long as you don’t plan on using it as a trampoline. They have a 250 lb. weight capacity. Everything you will need if someone were to fall.

3. Q: What kind of metal are the Lexan window well covers made of?
A: Our support system is all Aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and it will never rust.

4. Q: Are the Lexan window well covers sloped?
A: Yes. Side-to-side and well as back to front.

5. Q: Will the Lexan window well covers crack?
A: No. Not for a long time at least. Lexan is used in many areas where sheer impact is an issue. Airplane and race cars windshields are made from Lexan. You can literally hit it with a hammer (not recommended) and it will bounce back in place with no memory (meaning it won’t leave a dent).

6. Q: Will Lexan covers fit all window wells?
A: Yes. However, we only have certain sizes available. If you send us a template, we will make them to your size at no additional cost.

7. Q: How do I measure window wells for covers?
A: Measure the widest part of the well where it meets the house and go outside edge to outside edge. Come around to the center of the well and measure from the house, not the window, to the outside edge of the well. Make sure to measure all your wells individually. They may look the same size, don’t trust it, just measure.