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If you’re going to start a business, it is absolutely critical to work with a proven company with a proven product.

At Windowell Expressions we manufacture and install two high quality and innovative products. One product is a beautiful, simulated stone panelling liner system which has an unlimited range of uses, and the other product is our clear Lexan window well covers. All our products are backed by our great service and strong warranty. Our liners are less expensive than real rock, cost less to install, and are also faster to install. Installation only takes about one hour per well. Our Lexan covers are built to last and add safety and protection to any home.

Every home or business represents an opportunity.

People who are remodeling, finishing a basement, wanting added safety, or just wanting to accent their existing home or office, need our products and services. Windowell Expressions’ products are durable enough to last a lifetime while also adding beauty, style, safety and a warmer, more inviting feel.

About Windowell Expressions

Windowell Expressions has been in business since 1995 manufacturing our unlimited use custom liners and clear Lexan covers for window wells. Our liners and covers are made from top quality materials to ensure that they last a lifetime and are designed to withstand any weather condition and will not crack, harden, chip, peel, rust, or discolor. The liner’s coloring blends into the material. At Windowell Expressions we are working hard every day to HIDE UGLY. As a distributor of Windowell Expression products and services you will be seeing lots of smiling faces and hear people say, “wow, that looks so good”, many times over.

Our Limited Warranty

Lexan Covers – if the cover turns yellow or rusts within 10 years, Customer may have the cover replaced for the cost of labor.

Grates have no warranties.

Foundation Cover and Window Well Liner – Five (5) year warranty on defective materials. If materials are found to be defective within the first year of installation, Seller shall replace the materials. If materials are found to be defective after one year and before the end of the fifth year then Seller has option to replace or repair the materials.

To receive benefits of any warranty, the Customer must notify Seller in writing, of the covered. defect. Customer must allow Seller the opportunity to inspect prior to receiving any benefit under any warranty. Seller makes no further implied or expressed warranties.

At Windowell Expressions we are adamant about customer satisfaction and we will carefully work with you to ensure that your customer is satisfied and that the finished job is beautiful.