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How Do You Keep Water Out of Window Wells?

Basement windows are ideal for many reasons. They let natural light into an otherwise dark area. They allow an alternate escape route in case of an emergency, and, if done right, they can add to the look of your home (see our stylish window liners here). However, basement windows, if done wrong, can cause a handful of issues. The biggest of which is damage from a leak or flood. Keeping your window wells free of water will help protect your home and your wallet.

Learn how to keep water out of your window wells by reading on.

Proper Grading

The ground must slope away from the foundation of your home and its window wells. This allows for proper drainage and ensures that water flows away from your house. Proper grading protects against issues like damage to your foundation and window wells filling with water. If there is not enough of an outward slope surrounding your home, you will need to have your yard regraded. 

Effective Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are responsible for carrying water from rain and melted snow away from the foundation of your home. If they are not doing their job, you may run into issues such as water in your wells. Make sure your downspouts end away from the base of your home and not right at the foundation.

Drains in Window Wells

Make sure your window wells are equipped with drains, especially if you live in a particularly wet and rainy area. Window well drains are installed below the window and whisk away any water that poses a threat. The drain is connected to a sump pump or an underground French drain. These drains will move water away from the window well and the foundation of your home.

Clear Out Window Wells

Window wells that are full of leaves, trash, and other debris will have a hard time draining efficiently. Make sure you check your window wells often and clear them out regularly to keep any water from pooling. In addition to keeping the water out, when your window wells are clean, you’re less likely to attract critters like insects, spiders, and rodents. Learn how to clean your window wells in four easy steps here.

Window Well Covers and Grates

In addition to offering your home added protection, window well covers can keep out unwanted water from wells. Rain and snow can easily find themselves at the bottom of your window wells and can potentially cause a flood or water damage to your home. A cover or grate on your window well will protect against all of that while still allowing natural light into your basement.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Protect your window wells against pooling water with the help of Windowell Expressions. In addition to window well covers and grates, we offer well and foundation liners and replacement window wells. We even offer installation! When you choose Windowell Expressions, you choose quality work and products and professional experience. Contact the team of experts at Windowell Expressions for a free estimate today.


What is the Point of a Window Well?

Many people may not give window wells and their purpose tons of thought. But we have! Window wells are actually an essential part of a basement and offer many benefits to your house and loved ones. Window wells play a significant role in the aesthetic, protection, and safety of your family and home.

Learn more about the purpose of window wells and the benefits they provide by continuing to read below.

Window Wells Protect Your Family

For a room to be considered a bedroom, it must have a window according to building codes everywhere. This requirement is no different for basement bedrooms. Basement bedrooms must have a secondary escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency. Ideally, all basement windows will have an egress window for easy evacuation. Ladders can easily be attached to the window well to provide a quick and safe escape.

Window well covers and grates also offer protection to your family. Covers can save people, animals, and other items from falling into the hazardous pit surrounding your basement windows. Moreover, window well covers and grates can deter unwanted intruders from breaking into your home via your basement windows. 

Window Wells Protect Your Home

Your home is exposed to all the elements, making it vulnerable to damage. Uncovered window wells are even more susceptible to this damage. Rain, snow, and ice (that will eventually melt) can gather in an uncovered well, increasing the chances of a flood or water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation. 

In as little as one wind storm, uncovered wells can fill with leaves, garbage, and other debris. If the well is not cleaned out regularly, all that has built up in the well can hinder proper draining. On top of that, it can become the perfect living space for rodents, spiders and insects, and other creatures. Perfect for those critters, not so perfect for you.

Window Wells Improve Aesthetic

Basements are infamous for being dark. However, with window wells that allow for large, full-sized windows, your basement will be flooded with natural light. You will also likely enjoy saving money on your energy bill each month because of the extra daylight allowed in. Window well liners are improving the reputation of basements everywhere by reflecting even more light into your home.

In addition to being a great source of natural light, window well liners can improve the aesthetic of your basement. Standard metal window well liners are dull, ugly, and look unfinished. They offer no design, personality, or style. Window well liners are the perfect finishing touch to your basement that will not break the bank.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Customize your window wells and protect your loved ones and home with Windowell Expressions. With a wide variety of designs and styles, you are sure to find a window well liner that fits your home’s aesthetic. For all of your foundation liner and well cover and grate needs, contact the knowledgeable window well experts at Windowell Expressions today.

What Are The Best Window Well Covers?

There are many things you need to consider when selecting a window well cover for your window wells around your home. Not only do you need to make sure the cover fits correctly, but you also need to take into account which type of window well cover you would like. Window well covers come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different kinds of materials, allowing you to find the best window well cover for your house, personal style, and needs.

If you want to learn more about which window well cover will suit you best, continue reading the information below.

Sloped and Bubble Window Well Covers

Sloped and bubble window well covers are trendy and boast quite a few “pros.” Because of the shape of sloped and bubble covers, any water, snow, or ice will be directed away from the foundation of your home. These types of covers are easy to keep clean, look good, and are typically UV treated to avoid yellowing. They will keep debris and other unwanted items out of your wells; additionally, they will help keep children and pets safe.

Flat Window Well Covers

Flat window well covers are a common choice among homeowners. They are flat to the ground, keeping sightlines clear and unobstructed. They successfully keep leaves and other debris, water, people, and animals out of the well (therefore away from your basement!). Because they are flat, they will not redirect water away from your home. These covers are easy to keep clean and allow plenty of light to shine through your window. Flat covers are also typically UV treated to avoid yellowing.

Grates For Your Window Wells

Window well grates are quite a bit different than dome, sloped, or flat covers. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain, as they are rust-resistant. They come in many different sizes and patterns. Because they are grates (slotted), water and some types of debris can make their way into your window well. They let in most of the light, but block some of it due to the opaque nature of the grate. Similarly to flat, sloped, and domed covers, they protect animals and people.

Quality Matters

Regardless of the style, you select for your covers, purchasing a cover that is high in quality is important. Cheap and low-quality covers are likely to crack or break, leak, or become rusted or discolored. Purchase a good quality window well cover, and you’ll only need to purchase it once. The best window well covers are high-quality covers.

Contact Windowell Expressions

For high-quality window well covers that come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, look no further than Windowell Expressions. Windowell Expressions is your one-stop-shop for all things window wells. We offer custom and standard window well covers to fit your exact needs, window well, and foundation liners to hide the ugly, and even window well replacements. Contact Windowell Expressions today for all of your window well needs.

What Are Some Ideas of Window Well Liners for Kids?

If your child or children have downstairs bedrooms with a window well, it may be worth considering purchasing a liner that brightens up the window well and reflects their personality.

Today, we’ll talk about some ideas for window well liner for kids.

Ideas to Spruce up Kids Bedroom Window Wells

Window wells serve a beneficial service for homes with basements, but they don’t have to be gray and dreary looking or scary for kids. There are a variety of liners you can consider that are fun and enjoyable for kids, with some matching a bedroom’s theme such as:

  • Nautical
  • Princess
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Fairy garden
  • And more

Read about basement uses and benefits of window well liners for kids.

Basement Uses

Your basement may have been neglected and only used to store items, or it’s the only place where the washer and dryer would fit. However, now your family’s growing or changing, and it’s time to wipe off the dust and turn some of that space into bedrooms. Your older kids may be tired of sharing a room with their little brother or sister and want to move downstairs for more privacy, or you need to make room for an additional family member. Whatever the case, it’s time to use your basement for extra room.

If you already have unfinished rooms that have dirty and gray window wells, you may worry younger kids may not like them, especially in the dark; they may even be afraid of them and refuse to move downstairs.

This creates a dilemma, but one that is easily amended when you involve your children in the decorating and designing of the rooms and add a window well liner.

Benefits of Window Well Liners

Once the room(s) have been finished and your child is happy with it, take them to a window well store that sells liners and have them pick out their liner to match their decor. If a little girl loves the ocean, a bright, colorful liner with fish and accessories can pull together a bedroom, resulting in a cozy space, your child will want to be in. If your son loves all things space, a liner incorporating the solar system is a great idea or a constellation of stars that light up his room.

Some benefits of window well liners include:

  • Allows for a child’s privacy
  • Can match with the bedroom decor
  • Eases children’s fear and anxiety
  • An inexpensive way to spruce up dull window wells
  • Still allows for light to pour into the room
  • Is customizable from various colors, textures, sizes, themes, and patterns
  • Is interchangeable to change with holidays or seasons

If your daughter loves Christmas and decorates her bedroom every year, she can change out the window well liner for a Christmas winter wonderland. If Spring is her season, a liner with colorful plants or even a liner that allows for real plants would be ideal for her. If your son loves sports and especially football season, why not implement some football accessories to include in the window well. The choices are endless and can make for a fun conversation starter.

Windowell Expressions Can Help

If you want more information about our liners or window covers, please get in touch with us. We can offer you options that work best for your home and your family. Contact us today.

What is the Best Flooring for a Basement Cement Floor?

On top of having a window well for light in your basement, consider putting in new flooring, if your basement is just concrete. Both will provide warmth and give your home character.

Not sure what’s best? Stay tuned. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the best types of flooring to install.

What is the Best Flooring for Basements?

When it comes to padding your cold basement, the best flooring carries with it several options with which to choose and is entirely dependent on your desires. The only flooring not recommended would be solid hardwood and laminate flooring made with a fiberboard core that’s not treated for moisture resistance. Both types absorb moisture and will warp and buckle. Some options to consider include:

  • Engineered wood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Rubber
  • Laminate (made with moisture-resistant plywood core)
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Vinyl tile

Let’s delve more into the types of flooring, so you can decide what’s best for your home.

Different Types of Basement Flooring

1. Engineered Wood

You can have the best of both worlds with engineered wood flooring. You get the warmth and beauty of real wood, but with a stable, moisture-resistant benefit. All you need to do is click together the tiles and planks, once the ground is prepped. Note: ensure the type you choose is for below-grade basements.

2. Ceramic Tile

Designers love this type of flooring due to its versatility. You choose from many different colors and styles and eliminate the worry of moisture. You apply ceramic tile directly onto concrete that’s smooth and best of all, free of cracks.

3. Rubber Flooring

This flooring is popular with DIYs since it comes in sheets with interlocking edges you can easily install. You have many colors to choose that you can use to create some fun designs. Rubber floors are the perfect choice for families with children.

4. Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you want hard surface flooring, epoxy is a good choice. And, because it comes in many colors, it won’t be hard to find the perfect match. It’s also waterproof and easy to apply.

Vinyl Tile

This tile goes directly over prepared concrete and can withstand minor flooding with no adverse effects. It provides some cushioning underfoot and is less expensive than ceramic. If you want a vinyl that mimics ceramic, real stone, or even wood, spend a little extra on the vinyl tile; people won’t even know the difference.

Things to Consider

A concrete basement is porous and prone to moisture or water vapor coming up through the slab. Although the flooring is typically unaffected, you still need to ensure mold and mildew can’t grow underneath your basement flooring. Or in cases of flooding, ensure you have a sealed window well, preferably with a cover.

Try installing a vapor barrier, such as sheet plastic, or seal the slab with paint or epoxy coating made for damp concrete floors and walls. You can also raise the floor with a waterproof subfloor. It works by using interlocking plastic tiles elevated on grids, thus creating an air space below the floor.

Contact Windowell Expressions

In addition to new basement flooring, consider replacing your window wells or installing foundation liners. We can help you choose the best ones for your home, so call us today.


How Long Do Foundation Liners Last?

Your foundation is the most important part of your home. It’s the building blocks that support every room, door, and window. Foundation type is based on a variety of factors, such as your home’s design, its geographical location, soil and moisture conditions, and your city’s climate. Unfortunately, it can wear down over time, so it’s essential to invest in foundation liners.

Keep on reading to learn more about foundation liners. 

Understanding Your Home’s Foundation

Chances are, your home has one of the following four types of foundation:

Number One: Basement – These foundations are sought after because they can add value to your home. Cinder blocks are typically used to form walls, which keeps the basement waterproof. 

Number Two: Crawlspace: Homes with a crawlspace foundation are elevated off the floor by two feet, and it’s built with cinder block and brick facing. It’s best to use it in moist climates where water accumulates because its elevation can fight off water damage. This foundation is also less likely to experience a termite infestation. 

Number Three: Pier and Beam: This foundation consists of wood posts or concrete piers rooted deep into the ground to bear the weight of your house. They don’t rest on the ground, and they’re elevated by approximately 18 inches. Many homeowners choose this foundation because it’s easy to build, but it’s best only to use it on small homes. 

Number Four: Slab foundation is a flat, concrete pad that’s poured onto the ground while the house is in construction. Wire mesh and steel reinforcing bars are embedded in it. Homebuilders recommend using it in areas with a warm climate because it can shift in cold temperatures.

Benefits of a Foundation Liner

A foundation liner adds an extra layer of protection to your home. Although the foundation is already durable, nature’s elements can reduce its lifespan. A liner can protect it from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and debris, which can save you thousands in repairs. 

Foundation can last up to 50 years if it’s taken care of. A liner can last just as long, if not longer, which will increase your foundation’s life span. Moreover, they can complement your home’s aesthetics and accentuate your front yard. 

Even though a foundation liner can last several decades, this doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with the same one forever. Perhaps you’re interested in one that will make your home look like it’s made of stone. Who’s to say you’ll still be into this look a decade from now? Your taste will change over time, and your foundation liner can reflect your new style. 

Additionally, you’ll boost your home’s curb appeal with a liner, which will increase its value. Your home will be the center of attention in your neighborhood.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Are you ready to transform your home? A foundation liner will make your home look good as new. Windowell Expressions boasts a wide selection of foundation liners that come in different patterns, colors, and textures. Contact us today. 


Teaching Children To Stay Safe Around Window Wells

If your home boasts a basement, then you probably have a window well. Window wells are designed to let natural light into your basement, and although they come with several benefits, they also pose a safety hazard to your children.

Continue reading to learn more about window well safety as it pertains to your kids. 

Explain What Window Wells Are

Although you don’t think much about your window wells, your kids probably do. Children are incredibly observant, and they’ll wonder what the window well is for. Your kids don’t know any better, and they might think going down the well is a fun adventure. A curious child might lean too far and fall in. 

Falling into a window well can result in injuries, and you don’t want your kids to end up with scrapes and bruises that could’ve been prevented. Explain to your kids that window wells aren’t a secret hang out spot to read books or play dollhouse in. Additionally, you can build a fence around it; however, you must remember it also serves as an emergency exit. You may not want to obstruct the path surrounding the window well in case you ever need to run out of your basement. 

Talk About the Dangers of Critters

Chipmunks, sparrows, field mice, rats, and snakes might use your window well for refuge. Although your kids might find these rodents cute, you have to teach them they aren’t friends. Let your kids know about the dangers associated with these critters, such as poisonous bites or rabies. You probably don’t want to scare them, but sometimes it’s the only way to get them to understand a difficult situation. 

If your children insist on playing with the animals hiding inside the well, you should adopt a family pet. Don’t let them become close with the potentially dangerous garden snake living inside your well for warmth. 

Keep Your Kids Away from Debris

Uncovered window wells usually become a bowl of twigs, leaves, and other debris. If your kids are bored, they might make their way into the well in hopes of finding buried treasure. They will come out of the well covered in dirt or mud. Window wells are especially hazardous after heavy rain because they’re full of water; this can become a drowning hazard for your kids. 

Window Well Covers Are the Solution

Every window well requires a sturdy, high-quality, window well cover to make it as durable and safe as possible. A window well isn’t useful if it’s always full of debris and snow, but a properly fitted cover will keep it in top shape. Best of all, it will protect your children from falling inside. 

Contact Windowell Expressions

Windowell Expressions specializes in making the window well covers for any size and shape of well. Our experts will build a cover right at your house and install it to ensure a perfect fit for your well. The installation process takes us about one hour so that we won’t take up too much of your time. Contact us today. 


How To Make Your Window Wells Look Beautiful (With or Without Liners)

Window wells have largely been neglected in many homes as just a protective element and something to allow light in; however, cleaning them up and making them look appealing can do wonders for your home’s aesthetics. 

With more families spending time in their basement, cleaning out the cobwebs and installing unique interest makes sense. Discover the ways in which to make your window wells look attractive with or without using liners.

From the Inside

Instead of looking out a dull and lifeless metal window well from your basement, give it life with color and many options in which to choose. First, give them a good cleaning, inspecting them for any water damage, taking caution to ensure no water can penetrate the well. Next, incorporate interest that fits your style and personality. If you have kids in the basement, tailor the window wells to fit their style, so they feel comfortable; it may also help them feel safer in their surroundings–particularly for small children.

From the Outside

An attractive window well that matches an equally beautiful landscape makes for an impressive curb appeal. For safety around little kids, a window well cover is a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look attractive around the area. Building a garden box gives your home a facelift, due to the increased interest and landscape beauty. You can also create a rock bed around the cover, which offers low maintenance. 

Beauty with Liners

Window well liners allow a different view outside. Liners are the most commonly nonstructural and semiflexible plastics molded to reflect a scenery, such as with rock, a rainforest, or landscape paintings. Imagine looking out a serene, blue ocean or a gorgeous fall scene instead of a dull and dirty window well. There’s also faux rock window well that offers garden steps for planting; this invites a warm and inviting feel to a cold basement. 

Best thing is, liners are easy to install and transforms your window well instantly.

Beauty without Liners

You can also create a warm and inviting feel without window well liners. Painting window wells is a trend that offers several different looks, depending on your style. You can also plant ivy or other clinging plants on the egress of the window well. Of course, with small children, install a window well cover for safety and to keep out unwelcome critters. A clear plastic cover still allows light inside and easily removable if needed. A great idea is to add small steps into the window well, to make it easier to escape in case of an emergency.  

Build a beautiful stone wall that captures your attention or fill your window well with holiday decor. Try a Halloween graveyard or small evergreen trees decorated with lights for Christmas, get creative, and watch your basement transform into a fun environment.

Call Windowell Expressions

Whether you opt for window well liners or not, we can help. If you need covers or want to try liners, give us a call. We can answer your questions and offer the best options for your needs, desires, and budget. Contact us today.

How Water Damage Can Impact Your Foundation

Every house needs a strong foundation to shoulder its weight and to separate wooden materials from contact with dirt. Homes with a weak foundation are at risk of experiencing a rotting foundation, and they’re more likely to experience a termite infestation. Concrete is the most popular material for home foundations because it’s resistant, but exposure to water can still weaken your foundation.

Water is hazardous to your home’s foundation because your foundation is entirely or partially buried in wet soil, meaning there are areas of your house that are always wet. Rainwater can ruin your foundation’s structural integrity. Here are the main ways in which water impacts your home’s foundation. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

Rainwater causes more than just basement leaks. If the soil around your home’s foundation is oversaturated with water, the resulting hydrostatic pressure will push your basement’s walls inward. Shifting basement walls will result in cracked walls, which will eventually spread to your roof. All of this can occur suddenly, gradually, or during a period of heavy rain. 


Puddles of rainwater or underground springs can slowly wash away the dirt that supports your home’s foundation, which will lead to foundation settlement. Foundation settlement in a structure refers to the distortion of parts of a building, due to uneven compression or shrinkage in the foundation. Early foundation settlement signs are subtle; as a result, homeowners are likely to ignore these signs. As the months go by, the signs of foundation settlement become apparent, and your house will require professional intervention at this point. Signs of late-stage foundation settlement include:

  • Sinking foundation
  • Unlevel floors
  • Stubborn doors and windows that refuse to close properly
  • Drywall cracks
  • Tilting chimneys 

Don’t ignore early foundation settlement because the longer you wait, the more expensive home repairs become. In the worst-case scenario, your home may become inhabitable. 

Expanding Soils

Depending on the region you live in, your soil may be classified as clay-rich. Soils rich in clay are rich in nutrients, making them fertile. Fertile soil is highly absorbent, so this type of soil can absorb large quantities of water; this is terrible news because clay-rich soil will expand when saturated with water. Expanded soil applies an enormous amount of pressure against foundation walls, causing your foundation to crack and shift. 

Preventing Foundation Problems

Small puddles in basement floors or a crack on a basement wall are problems homeowners think they can push to the side. Some homeowners fail to realize, foundation problems, big or small, must be taken seriously before these issues cause structural damage. Although one puddle isn’t enough of a threat to your entire property, sometimes one puddle becomes multiple puddles. Having an uncovered window well puts your basement at significant risk of experiencing water damage. Remember, water damage and foundation problems go hand-in-hand. 

One of the best ways to prevent water damage in your basement is by shielding your window well with a cover. Windowell Expressions manufactures window well covers of all shapes and sizes. Protect your window well and your basement before your foundation suffers. Contact Windowell Expressions today.

Do Window Well Covers Impact Curb Appeal?

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’re probably pulling all the strings to improve your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the first impression that a person has of your home when they’re looking at it from a street curb. Ever since you became a homeowner, you’ve done everything in your power to make sure that your home’s value doesn’t depreciate. Property value and curb appeal go hand in hand, and if your home’s curb appeal is attractive to potential buyers, then you’ll receive an offer in no time. 

While you’ve been paying extra attention to your home’s interior and flower beds that adorn your front lawn, you’ve forgotten one of the essential parts of your home—your window well. How is your window well looking these days? If your window well has been ignored for too long, the chances are that it’s looking rough by now. The last thing you want is your window well to be flooded with leaves from last year’s autumn. After you’ve performed a window well inspection, you should install window well covers. A window well cover is a sheet of material designed to fit over the top of an exposed window well to cover it. 

Window Well Covers Secure Your Home

You probably think that window well covers won’t make much of a difference. After all, who actually hangs out by their window wells? Although window well maintenance sounds like a minor concern, it’s a serious matter. Exposed window wells can lead to a collection of debris stuck in your window well that will make their way into your basement. Moreover, bare window wells pose a safety risk—an uncovered window well can be used as an entrance by burglars. These are hazards that you don’t want to expose your family or a potential buyer too. 

Window Well Covers Boost Your Home’s Value

Installing a cover to your window well shows potential buyers that you are serious about your sale and that you have taken tremendous care of your home throughout the years. A secure cover is a proof that the rest of your home is well-kept, and it’s a small detail that will go a long way with buyers. Buyers will notice anything that seems off about your home; a window well that has become a haven for animals, snow, leaves, and other elements will deter a buyer from making an offer. Even if you’re doing everything else right when it comes to selling your home, it only takes a couple of mistakes for a prospective buyer to turn the other way. 

Additionally, a customized window well cover will compliment your home. Quality window well covers are crafted to bring out the best in your landscaping, and they come in a multitude of heights and shapes. 

Give your home’s curb appeal one last improvement by installing a window well cover. Windowell Expressions makes window well covers for wells of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today.