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Residential Foundation Liner

A home’s foundation is one of the most important building blocks to consider. Along with the roof, it is also one of the costliest to repair or replace—it deserves added protection.

Foundation liners offer an added layer of security against wear and tear, routine damage and water damage.

Depending on where a home is located in Utah (or anywhere else in the world), snow and sleet buildup, quick thaws, heavy rainfall, storms and poor drainage can all lead to serious foundational damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize their foundation has been damaged until it is quite extensive.

Foundation liners can protect against the elements, and they look fantastic while doing it.

Some homeowners choose to add foundation liners mostly for aesthetic purposes. Similar to crown molding along the baseboards inside a home, foundation liners can provide a beautiful “frame” to a home. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to customize their look.

Foundation liners are also relatively simple and cost effective to replace (particularly compared to replacing an actual foundation), so homeowners can change up the curb appeal of their home without spending a fortune.

A Solid Foundation

Ideally, for homeowners who want a foundation liner mostly for increased protection, these liners are added to a new construction or massive remodel. However, it is never too late to add a foundation liner as long as the foundation itself is in good shape. Salt Lake City has four distinct seasons, and each one presents different challenges to a home.

Excessive gardening, a poor soil grade from a foundation, the unfortunate placement of a home at the bottom of a hill, spring floods, heavy winter snow and a number of other factors can cause foundational damage suddenly or over time.

The addition of a foundation liner is a smart and relatively affordable means of safeguarding your home. The fact that these liners add an aesthetic value is an added bonus. Some homeowners choose to match the foundation liners to existing looks and colors of a home, while others choose to dabble in contrast.

Peruse the wide selection of colors, shapes, “textures” and patterns today to find the perfect accessory for your home. No matter what time of year, expert installation will add an instant boost of security and good looks to any home.