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Window Well Liners and Foundation Installation

Window Well Liners Installation

We provide high quality professional installation with every one of our liners. Detailed installation instructions are available below for those interested in installing the liner themselves.

Tools needed for installations: Tape measure, chalk line, marker, skill saw, drill with Phillips head and razor knife.

Foundation Installation

Tools needed: tape, caulk line, razor knife, sharpie, skill saw with standard blade, concrete drill, caulk and glue gun, hammer or small sledge.

Supplies needed: short deck screws, caulk (suggested 50 yr. Paintable caulk), glue (standard construction adhesive that is waterproof), concrete anchors (low profile heads are easier to hide). Bolt and Nut Supply carries an 1 ½” by ¼” spike, its head is flat, they work perfectly.

It is recommended that every 5 to 10 years you apply a U.V. sealer to product to help maintain long-term color retention. This can be purchased at most paint stores.