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When homeowners in Salt Lake City choose to install standard window well grates to ensure their window wells are safeguarded, it’s both an attractive and economical choice.

There are two major ways to “cover” window wells: grates and clear covers. Window wells can be dangerous, literal pitfalls especially for children and animals.

Particularly during the autumn and winters in Utah, it can be difficult to see a window well opening if it is covered with leaves, filled with snow or otherwise blocked with debris. Grates provide a cost effective means of putting a lid on window wells to avoid accidents and falls.

Additionally, standard grates are an excellent guard against burglaries. Many homes in Salt Lake City feature window wells that lead to basement windows.

Burglars are on the lookout for easy access to homes where it’s possible to break a window or door without being seen from the street. Unfortunately, window wells offer great cover if they aren’t covered.

Grates are nearly impossible to get past if they are installed and locked properly. Homeowners who select grates to protect their window wells can enjoy added security and peace of mind knowing their window wells are safe and sound.

The Best of Both Worlds

Unlike clear covers, grates do allow some access to the window wells, however this is seen as a perk by many. For example, there is no worry over heavy snow or ice building up on top of the cover.

Grates are easy to clean, resist rust and look fantastic for several years. By design, they complement any type of architecture.

They are the standard choice for a reason, and with routine window well maintenance homeowners can take advantage of a safeguard that can last a lifetime.

Grates come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and can fit nearly any type of window well. These coverings provide durable protection, but also allow for plenty of natural light to flood into windows that open into the wells.

Some window wells lead into popular rooms in the home, such as kitchens, and homeowners want to take advantage of that extra dose of vitamin D and ambient lighting. When standard grates are installed, homeowners get the classic aesthetics of a grate, maximum natural light and simple cleaning of a window well.

Use Mesh Grates for Added Debris Protection

Along with similar benefits to the standard grates listed above, mesh grates are designed to have smaller openings. 

This helps prevent large debris from falling down into the well and is especially helpful for homes near established, deciduous (broad-leaded) trees.

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