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Window Well Covers Utah

Clear window well covers complement any architecture, style or design for homes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Durable enough to withstand blustery winters and blistering summers, protecting your window well with this transparent option is both cost effective and attractive. The materials used can withstand an impressive amount of weight, which means any accidental steps over the covers—whether from people or animals—will not end in an accident. There are some regions in Utah that are particularly prone to having deer, rabbit and other wild animals running around. Avoid finding wildlife trapped in your window well with the addition of this simple cover.

Clear covers also prevent debris from getting trapped in the window well. Flash floods, quick spring thaws and hailstorms can also pose a problem on these parts of a home. Unlike grates, clear covers offer 100 percent protection from the weather. Salt Lake City homeowners never have to worry about leaks from excess water in window wells, clearing out debris when the leaves fall in the autumn or a particularly heavy snowstorm that may cause foundational damage if snow gets packed into window wells.

The Clear Choice

Clear covers are simple to clean and last for several years. They are the popular choice for homeowners who want a simple solution to a common problem: How can you keep your window wells clean, clear and safe? Additionally, clear covers are sturdy enough to prevent potential burglaries. Window wells that are unprotected offer a prime hiding spot for vandals and burglars. Most burglars access a home through a door or window, but are opportunists and find the best way to enter in which they won’t get caught. A clear cover prevents access to a “hidden” window in the home, instantly improving your home’s security.

Many homeowners choose clear covers because it is an option that maximizes light. There are no bars to obstruct the natural light that brightens your home. Maximizing natural light means an extra dose of vitamin D, lower electricity bills, and the best ambient lighting for relaxation and entertaining. Window wells are a common feature in Utahn kitchens, finished basements and other high traffic areas. You can keep the beauty of the room and the functionality of a window well by selecting the right cover.

Clear covers are the “clear” choice for an easy to care window well.