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Having a window well liner in Salt Lake City is like having your floors finished or walls painted. It is the finishing touch that pulls the entire look of a home together. Window wells often face directly into a room that experiences high traffic, such as the kitchen.

While window wells themselves serve a fantastic purpose, the unfinished “look” of this area can be boring, clash with your décor or simply appear overlooked.

There are nearly limitless options when it comes to window well liners, whether homeowners want a complementary design, a pop of color or an aesthetic piece that blends in effortlessly with surrounding textures and colors.

Window well liners are also simple, fast and very cost effective to replace, so homeowners can change the look at their discretion. Choose a more winter festive look for the holidays, then brighten things up with a liner swap come spring. Window well liners are highly durable and built to last for years, but that doesn’t mean homeowners should feel “stuck” with a previously selected pattern or color. This is one of the simplest ways to change up the look of a home without investing much time, money or work.

Lining Things Up

The window well liner also serves a more utilitarian purpose: It can make it easier to clean due to the surface materials and it can reflect light into a home thus lowering utility bills. Salt Lake City homeowners interested in selling their property can also instantly increase the value of their home with a new window well liner. Window wells are not common in many newer properties in Utah, and in many instances this may be the first time buyers are seeing such a feature. Choosing the right window well liner can provide a unique feature to a home that makes it stand out.

You may consider a window well liner the crowning jewel of your window well. Select from a variety of styles and materials to ensure the perfect fit for your home. Customize as you see fit, and know that there are always new options being added to the inventory. It is a much easier personalization than new floors, wallpaper or paint, and it can be installed by a professional in less than a day.

Start shopping for your window well standout feature today.

Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City, Utah manufactures window well liner, window well covers & custom grates for your window well or foundation that looks like real rock that isn’t as expensive as real rock. As well, our installation process is so efficient it only takes about 1 hour per well.

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