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Everything You Need to Know About Foundation Liners

Everything You Need to Know About Foundation Liners

Your foundation is an essential part of your home, and foundation liners play a role in making it look and function better. 

Foundation liners are useful for:

  • Keeping water and ice away from your home.
  • Adding an extra barrier against bugs, plants, and pests.
  • Protecting wooden foundations from the elements.
  • Increasing your home’s curb appeal.
  • Increasing your home’s value.

Foundation liners can play an important role in improving the value and function of your home. Foundation trim can also be used for trailer skirts.

What Is Foundation Finishing and Foundation Trim?

Foundation liners are also known as foundation finishing or foundation trim. Generally, it refers to anything post-foundation construction made to alter the appearance or function of your foundation. 

It is typical to see foundation liners on homes, especially more expensive developments. They can take the appearance of siding, stone, brick, or any number of possible design choices for the exterior of your home. 

All homes need to have a foundation that extends at least eight inches above the grade to prevent the exterior finish from absorbing groundwater and moisture from the earth. This leaves an unsightly gap between the decorative siding of your home and the ground. 

If you want to get rid of that unpleasant break around the rim of your home, you can fix that with a bit of foundation trim to make it flow.

Finishing a foundation with foundation lining is a great way to make your home look better and add value to your place as well.

What Are They Made From?

The foundation liners and trim from Windowell Expressions are made from a combination of a rubber-like polyurethane material mixed with an absorbent and hardy coloring system. These foundation trim pieces are a marriage of rigid durability and hardy flexibility. 

Other liners may be made from a number of synthetic or natural materials, such as vinyl, rock veneers, or wood. Most foundation trim is made with aesthetic purposes in mind and so may not have the same durability and toughness as our polyurethane panels.

How Do They Protect the Foundation?

Foundation liners add an additional layer of protection to your home’s foundation. While foundation trim isn’t quite like adding a hard new layer of protection to your home, it can work with other features to keep your foundation from early deterioration.

Preventing Water Damage

Grading your home and adding a foundation liner can make your foundation effectually waterproof. A foundation liner can help direct water from pooling directly next to your foundation. Adding a grade to the soil around your home gives water a path to dissipate away from your home. 

While moisture will still permeate the soil around your home, it won’t be pooling in as harmful quantities as it might without grading and foundation trim. This can help you prevent water from freezing next to the foundation, something that is liable for causing cracks.

Protecting Wood Foundations

Some houses are built on wood foundations. Instead of having a solid cement pad whereon the home can rest, the home is built on wooden stilts. Homes like this can be great in areas with high water levels in the soil, but exposed wood beams, even pressure-treated ones, can wear down when exposed to the elements. 

Adding a foundation liner can help protect wooden foundations from elements like wind, rain, and snow that can deprive them of their longevity.

Added Pest Protection

When a foundation liner is properly installed, it can add a new layer of protection that can keep bugs and other pests out of your home. There is no guarantee anything can prevent bugs and small pests from getting into your home, but adding foundation trim may make a small difference.

Use for Trailers

If you live in a mobile home, you can easily make your home more appealing by using foundation liners as skirting. Foundation liners are often more decorative than simple aluminum or vinyl skirting. 

Greater Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value is by making it look better. Cosmetic improvements have little to do with the function of the home. Contrarily, they only affect the aesthetics of the home. Yet, they still increase a home’s value.

So much of how we establish value is through visuals. If something looks more extravagant, we may be more inclined to treat it as such. The same goes for your home. Ensuring your home looks beautiful is a great way to get a higher return when selling your home. 

External alterations to your home increase value by:

  • Making your home more unique.
  • Helping your home look well-maintained.
  • Helping your home look cleaner. 
  • Keeping your home from looking run-down.

These are all factors that can help a home look more appealing. In the same way one may not be proud to own a car with extensive external damage, someone looking for a home may not be willing to pay as much for a home that looks run-down on the exterior.

Foundation Liners Make Your Home Look Unique

Despite their availability, foundation liners aren’t used often. Adding a finish to a home’s foundation is not something that will often cross a homeowner’s mind. 

Adding a foundation liner can give your home a cozier and more unique look. You can choose from a variety of options, from a natural stone look to more artificial designs.

Foundation Trim Looks Well-maintained

Adding a foundation liner can help your home look in better shape. Foundation trim is like your bedroom’s molding, only around the base of your home’s exterior. Bedroom molding hides the unsightly transition between floor and wall.

Foundation liners do the same thing for the exterior of your home. They help hide the transition from siding to landscaping. 

Foundation Finishing Looks Clean

If your foundation is made from cinder blocks or uncovered cement, you can upgrade how it looks with some foundation finishing. 

You can make your home look more stellar by hiding the natural concrete wrapping around the base of your home.

Keeping Your Home Modern

Even old homes can look modern with good maintenance and exterior care. You can help your home to look more modern by adding a bit of trim around the base.

Windowell Expressions Supplies High-quality Foundation Trim

Are you feeling like it’s time to upgrade your home’s exterior? Add a foundation liner to your home to improve its look.
Contact us today to see about getting your home outfitted with stylish foundation liners.

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