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The Best Window Well Designs and Styles for 2021

Finding window well designs and styles that meet your personal aesthetic can be tricky, which is why our pros are here to help.

Thankfully, the window well experts at Windowell Expressions gives you what you are looking for. With more than ten choices, you can customize the window wells in your home with one or more of our various options. Whether your style is a clean, sleek, and modern look or you prefer a more natural, imperfect, and rustic look, we can find the right basement window wells for you!

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Window Well Designs and Styles

Here is a quick description of each of the window well designs and styles we offer:

ASPEN CREEK — This option features a combination of red, tan, gray, and brown colored rocks, complete with a tan mortar. It really brightens up a space with its various colors.

CASCADE RIVER — The various shades of tan and brown rocks paired with a light tan mortar give a very nice and earthy feel.

GRAY SLATE — This style has a combination of light and dark gray and white colors. It is a neutral, test stylish option for any style or taste.

GRAYSTONE GRANITE — Speckled black and white, these rocks are made to look like real granite and are finished with a greenish-gray mortar. This style is beautiful, light, and neutral.

ITALIAN SLATE — With various tones of light and dark tans and touches of brown, this color combination is the perfect, understated option that blends well with any decor.

MEDITERRANEAN RIVER — This option features a tan mortar background and a combination of red, dark tan, light gray, and brown colored rocks. An ideal choice to match various aesthetics and brighten up a space.

RUSTIC MOUNTAIN — With red and tan rocks and a light tan mortar, this style adds brightness to any room by bringing in the most light and pairing with most styles. This is a customer favorite.

RUSTIC RIVER — This option showcases brown, red, and light and dark tan colored rocks with a light tan mortar. These beautiful, rich colors make it a very classy option. 

SILVER QUARRY — The greenish-gray and white rocks and light gray mortar make for a very popular choice among homeowners wanting to add additional light but want an understated window well design.

STACKED GRAY — This option features a neural combination of various gray tones.

STACKED ITALIAN — With light and dark tans and touches of browns, this color combination offers an understated yet nice-looking window well that blends well with any style or aesthetic.

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As you can see, Windowell Expressions has many window well designs and styles to meet your wants and needs for your basement window wells. Complete your look with clear, metal, or custom window well covers and a foundation liner by reaching out to our knowledgeable and helpful staff. Contact us today for a quote on liners, covers, replacements, and more. We serve Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding cities of Murray, West Jordan, and Taylorsville. 


Window Wells and Emergency Escapes

In an emergency, exiting through your basement door isn’t always possible. In these situations, having another alternate escape route through window wells is essential.

An emergency exit via your window well could be the difference between life and death. It is important to make sure the windows and window wells in your basement offer an alternate escape in the event of a fire or other emergency where a quick exit is necessary. These escape routes are known as egress window wells.

Learn more about window wells and emergency escapes below.

What are Egress Window Wells?

An egress window well is a window installed in basements used for alternate escape routes in the event of an emergency. In section R310 of the International Residential Code, you’ll learn that each sleeping room needs to have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening that opens into a public road, alley, or a yard or court. A “sleeping room” is defined as a room with a closet and privacy door, also known as a bedroom. There are many more requirements, including minimum sizes for windows and wells, sill height, and ladders. 

Egress windows are not limited to basement window wells. Each sleeping room in your home must have at least one emergency escape and rescue opening (in addition to your bedroom door). In addition to basements, this includes habitable/finished attics, upper floors, and main floors.

Why Install Egress Window Wells?

Safety is the number one reason for installing basement egress windows wells. During an emergency, an egress window well allows any occupants a safe exit from the basement and a way for emergency crews to enter the home.

What are the Benefits of Egress Window Wells?

Safety — We realize we’ve already touched on this, but we cannot stress this enough. Installing egress window wells in your basement will protect you and the ones you love. Egress windows offer you a fast and easy alternative way to escape in the event of an emergency.

More Natural Light and Ventilation — Egress window wells are a great source of natural light and improve ventilation and air circulation. Natural light pouring into your basement will immediately make your space feel bigger and appear brighter. Most homeowners think that egress window wells instantly improve the interior design and aesthetic of their basements.

Increase the Value of Your Home — Making improvements to your home, such as installing egress window wells, can increase the value of your home. An investment well worth making! As you make these improvements and renovations, make sure your egress window well meets all current requirements found in the link above.

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For all of your window well needs, including covers, replacements, and liners, contact the experts at Windowell Expressions. People all across the Wasatch Front, including Salt Lake City, West Jordan, and Murray, homeowners, and contractors alike rely on our team of professionals for their window well needs. Let our knowledgeable and experienced team help hide your ugly with high-quality wells, covers, liners, and more. Contact our team today!

How to Keep Your Pets and Other Animals Safe from Window Wells

Window wells are an essential part of your basement, but learning how to stay safe from window wells is a must.

They let in natural light into otherwise dark areas in your home, help lower utility bills, and act as an additional escape route in the event of an emergency. However, window wells left uncovered can pose a serious threat to the safety of your loved ones and animals, especially your beloved family pet. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure your pet is safe from window wells.

Scroll on for more information about how to keep your pets and other animals safe from the dangers of window wells.

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Window Wells

As previously mentioned, window wells provide a lot of benefits and functionality to your home. But if they are left ignored, they can be quite dangerous. Many animals, including pets, find themselves stuck in window wells with no way to escape because they are not properly maintained. Here’s what you can do to keep your pets and other snails safe:

ADD COVERS TO YOUR WINDOW WELLS — Window well covers are good for more than keeping snow and debris out of your wells. They are also the exact thing you need to keep animals out of your window wells. Pet owners seek out homes with yards so their animals can roam freely on their own land. However, if the window wells are not covered, the yard isn’t exactly the safest place for pets to run around in.

Thankfully, most animals have a keen sense of their surroundings and won’t accidentally fall in. But, accidents happen that can lead to injuries or worse! Moreover, if your dog finds a bird or squirrel hanging out at the bottom of your window wells, chances are they jump down to their little friend (or snack!). If you have larger animals, like sheep or goats, that roam your yard, covers on your window wells are even more imperative. 

Metal grate covers will do a good job keeping larger animals out of your wells; however, the slots will allow smaller animals, such as frogs and rodents, in them. While clear, solid covers will keep out animals, large or small. To ensure animals don’t make their way into your wells, make sure the covers are installed securely and snuggly around the base of your house.

TRAIN YOUR PETS — For animals and pets that can be trained, such as your dog, make sure to include window well safety in your training. Ideally, they will be trained not to enter window wells, but it is also important to teach them what to do if they find themselves in your wells. For additional family protection, teach your pup to alert you when something is in your window wells, such as children or other animals.

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Protect the animals in your family from dangerous window wells in your yard with window well covers from Windowell Expressions. We proudly offer complimentary in-home consultations and measurements throughout Salt Lake County in Utah as well as Colorado. Whether you want clear or metal grate covers, we have what you need! For all of your window well and cover needs, contact our pros, and schedule your consultation today!

Why Your House Can’t Go Without Window Well Covers this Winter

Take care of your home this winter season with window well covers, which are a must for homeowners with window wells.

The cold, wet weather that comes with the winter months can wreak havoc on your house. Between heavy rain and snowstorms, bone-chilling wind, and ice making itself right at home, your house can take a serious beating that can eventually cause significant damage.

So what can you do this wintery season to protect your house from the harsh weather? Well, a few obvious ways you can protect your house is to stay up-to-date on your gas and electric bills to ensure your home stays warm, make sure your yard is properly graded to avoid water damage, and confirm that your roof is in decent shape and has no leaks. You can also ensure your home is safe throughout the next few months that may not be so obvious, by installing window well covers on your window wells. By protecting your window wells, you protect your house, and by investing time in protecting your home, you actually are caring for you and your loved ones.

Continue reading to find out why your house can’t go without these important covers this winter season.

Additional Light

Thanks to the winter solstice, the winter months are much darker and colder than any other time of year. That, in addition to snow piling up in your window wells, can make for very dark basements. However, by adding well covers to your home that stop snow from settling into your wells, you can provide your basement rooms with some much welcomed warm and natural light.

Emergency Exit Accessibility

In addition to letting in extra light into your basement, window wells serve as another exit in the event of an emergency. For a quick and easy escape, window wells must be clear of debris, weeds, and, you guessed it, snow. If your window well is full of snow and ice, a fast and safe getaway is not exactly possible. Keeping your wells snow-free can be the difference between being able to escape or not in an emergency.

Avoid Flooding

You can expect major storms that bring rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice the entire winter season. All this wetness and moisture can quickly find its way into window wells and your basement through a crack in your foundation or windows. This can cause extensive (and expensive!) damage to your home. You can easily combat this issue by adequately protecting your window wells with window well covers!

Contact Windowell Expressions

There is no doubt that protecting your window wells really protects you and your loved ones. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, your house should be equipped with window well covers, and the experts at Windowell Expressions are here to help. Whether you want to outfit your wells with clear covers or metal grate or a require custom cover, we have you covered (pun intended!). Get your home and window wells protected this winter by contacting Windowell Expressions today. We proudly serve Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding cities.

Preparing Your Window Wells For The Holidays

Areas often overlooked when it comes to festive decorations are window wells, which are integral part of your home.

However, window wells are the perfect place to include some holiday flare, especially when your wells are located in common areas like your kitchen or family room.

With the holidays quickly approaching, homeowners everywhere are beginning to deck their halls with all of their favorite holiday decor.

Continue scrolling to learn more about getting your window wells ready for the holidays.

Safety First

It is important to keep in mind that as you are decorating for the approaching holidays, your wells are not a storage place. These wells need to be kept clear so they can allow for a quick escape in an emergency. Instead of putting garlands or lights in the wells, which can be a safety hazard, consider holiday window stickers, clings, or decals. Whatever decor you choose to add, make sure it does not interfere with a quick getaway if necessary.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your wells clean, especially during the wet winter months, is important. Heavy snow and rainfall can fill up your wells, causing problems, such as floods, water damage, and mold growth. This may mean removing snow from the wells as often as necessary. If this is an issue, now may be an excellent time to install sealed clear covers versus metal grate covers. Keeping your wells snow-free will also allow more light to shine in, which is especially needed with winter in full force and the days shorter and darker than ever.

Holiday Decor for Your Wells

Windows are a great place to include holiday decor. Some people choose to outline them in colored lights or garlands, hang ornaments from them, or add extra stockings. These wells offer a unique opportunity to include additional decorations, especially if your window well is already donning a liner with a holiday feel, like homey stones or red bricks.

Furthermore, if you have kids in your house excited to have Santa and his reindeer visit but don’t have a chimney for traditional Christmas entries, window wells are a great way to let in jolly old Saint Nick. After all, a windowsill is the perfect place to leave cookies and milk.

Travel Preparations During the Holidays

Many people all across America will travel during the holidays. Unfortunately, burglars take advantage of empty houses and use wells as a way to break into your home. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from occurring. Here’s what you can do to keep your home safe this holiday season:

  • Make sure to lock up all of your doors and windows before you leave.
  • Add secured covers to your wells that easily unlock from inside but will keep out anyone looking to break into your home.
  • Install a security system complete with window sensors in each of your windows, including basement windows. Add motion-sensor lights and signs warning intruders of a security system throughout the exterior of your house.
  • Trim any bushes or other vegetation near your wells.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Windowell Expressions is here to help you get your window wells holiday-ready. Whether you need a clear, metal grate, or custom covers, liners, or a complete replacement, Windowell Expressions has you covered. Protect your Salt Lake County, Utah, home this holiday season, and contact us today!

Tips for Keeping Leaves out of Your Window Wells

One of the more time-consuming and tedious tasks many homeowners face is maintaining their window wells clean. 

Keeping leaves out of your window wells is an integral part of keeping your yard and house orderly and clean. Additionally, clean wells improve your home’s safety and function in the event of an emergency.

Thankfully, there are several ways to minimize the number of leaves, trash, kids’ toys, grass clippings, and other debris from finding their way into your wells.

Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks about how to keep leaves out of your wells.


Irregular maintenance leads to overgrown grass, bushes, and trees. Once you finally get around to maintaining these items, you’ll have a large accumulation of grass cuttings, branches, and other debris that can quickly make their way into your wells in as little as a small breeze. Keeping up on your landscaping and yard work will help keep your these wells clear. When the leaves fall, quick and immediate action on raking up your leaves and properly disposing of them will make a big difference in keeping your wells leaf-free.

If possible, set aside time each week to clear away leaves, mow the grass, and trim trees and bushes to keep managing your landscaping reasonable and doable. Also, commit yourself to a deep cleaning of your window wells once or twice a year.


It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the edges of your wells. As time passes, with normal settling and precipitation, you may find your once-above-ground wells are now flush or below ground level. If your well’s edges are at or below the surface, leaves and other debris can easily blow or flow right into your window well. A bit of a lip or edge will help prevent things from going right into your wells.


If your landscaping is too much to manage, consider a landscaping overhaul. A deciduous tree, whose leaves fall off every autumn, placed right next to a window well is basically asking for work! Move those shedding trees and bushy plants away from your wells! With careful planning and a few adjustments, you can help your landscaping work for you instead of the other way around.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your wells clean is to add window well covers! With several styles and options, you can find a window well cover that matches your unique architecture and design. Window well covers will not only help keep your wells clean, but they will also help keep out intruders and will keep pets and children safe from accidents.

Contact Windowell Expressions

One challenging part of homeownership is that the yard work never seems to be done. Between mowing, planting, weeding, fertilizing, water, and kicking back to admire your work, maintaining your landscaping is a full-time job! Despite the hassle, keeping your window wells clean makes a significant difference in the safety and security of your home. For all of your window well needs, contact the experts at Windowell Expressions today! We serve Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding area.

How To Prepare Your Window Wells For Fall

Taking time to prepare your window wells for fall is something every homeowner should do, especially since we’re spending more time indoors nowadays.

In your list of to-dos this season, make sure getting your window wells autumn-ready is high on your checklist. Preparing for this shift in season will save you time and money in the long run.

Read more about prepping your window wells for fall below.

Clean Window Wells Out

An essential step in autumn prep is to clean out your window wells. With fall comes plenty of rain, and as the seasons shift again, depending on where you live, you can expect snow. Getting your window wells cleared out can protect your home against floods and window leaks. For your wells to properly drain, they must be clear of any debris, especially leaves.

In addition to being a leak and flood culprit, decaying leaves at the base of your well create a displeasing view from your basement. Moreover, as the temps drop outside, rodents, insects, and spiders begin to move inside. Clearing away leaves, trash, and weeds will hinder these critters from making your home theirs.

You can learn more about how to clean your window wells here.

Invest in Window Well Covers

Now that you’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning out your window wells, you’ll want to do what you can to prevent new debris from entering. The best way to keep leaves and other wind-blown debris out of your window wells is to cover them up with window well covers.

Window well covers are a worthwhile investment. Not only do they keep debris, insects, and animals out of your wells, they protect your home against break-ins and unwanted visitors, protect your loved ones from dangerous falls, and also protect against floods that can cause major water damage to your home. Whether you select grates or covers, you can find a window well cover that complements your style and design and meets your needs.

Have an oddly-shaped window? Not to worry; a custom window well cover will do the trick.

Add Window Well Liners to Your Window Wells

Dropping temperatures outdoors means spending more time indoors. Make the most of your basement spaces by adding window well liners to your home. Window well liners can be an extension of your style and just might be that finishing touch that ties the entire look of your basement together. Basic metal liners can look unfinished, clash with your style, and be an eyesore, but with a customized window well liner, your space will look intentional and complete.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Prepare your window wells for fall with the experts at Windowell Expressions! Between our high-quality products and professional services, we have your window wells covered (pun intended!) this season. With countless options, we can help you customize your wells, allowing your unique home style and aesthetic to reach out to the exterior of your home.

For all of your window well needs, such as window well covers, grates, liners, replacements, and foundation liners, contact us today! We serve Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding area.


3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Wells

Although certain parts of your home add a lot of value, there may be a time where you will have to replace your window wells.

Between providing additional natural light, an alternate emergency exit, and a way to redirect water away from basement windows, window wells are an integral part of the function and beauty of your basement. However, when window wells stop functioning how they ought to, replacing them might be necessary.

Learn how to tell if you need to replace your wells below.

How to Tell You Need to Replace Your Window Wells

Leaking Windows — Any sign of a leak, big or small, in a basement window with a well is not good news. Inspect the window for other signs of leakage, such as condensation, mold, or cracks. Finding additional signs can help you pinpoint where the problem actually lies. Whether it is an issue with your drainage system or the well itself, the problem needs to be addressed right away. Failing to fix the issue can lead to further, more expensive damage. If your weather report has no rain in its forecast, use your garden hose to test your drainage system. Depending on the root of the problem, a replacement well may be necessary.

Loose Window Wells — Over time, window wells can loosen up and move away from your home’s foundation. This can occur for many reasons, including failure to properly attach the well to your basement walls, extreme weather conditions, or lack of regular care. A loose well can allow dirt and other debris to be pushed into your drainage system and cause basement windows to leak. Now, suddenly you have two big problems! A loose well will need to be replaced with a new one, as well as a new layer of gravel at the bottom.

Aged Window Wells — Unfortunately, things cannot last forever. Not exempt from this list is window wells. The materials that makeup window wells begin to break down and can become brittle as they age. Over time, you will see that your old window well is not able to perform the basic functions it once could. If you live in an older home with older wells, it is essential to include a bi-annual inspection of your home to make sure they are functioning as they should. Check for rust, cracks, breaks, and bumps—these are all indicators that your window well will soon need replacing.

How to Avoid Replacing Window Wells

The best way to avoid replacing your window wells is to ensure you properly care for them, inspect them regularly, and promptly make any necessary repairs. Learn more about cleaning and caring for your window wells here.

Contact Windowell Expressions

Homeowners need to inspect their window wells for signs of damage periodically. If you find that your wells leak, are loose, or are otherwise damaged, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. The experts at Windowell Expressions can replace your window well quickly with a new, updated, and durable window well. If you live in Salt Lake County or the surrounding area, contact our skilled professionals to get your custom quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Well Liners

We’re passionate about all-things window wells. Between covers and grates, window well liners, and window wells themselves, we can’t pick a favorite.

However, today, we’re focusing on one of our personal favorites, the window well liner, and the frequently asked questions we receive about them.

Before we dive into the commonly asked questions about these liners, it’s important to make sure your home is up to code regarding window wells. Depending on your city, county, or state code, your house may require one well per basement bedroom or only one well for the entire basement floor. If your home is already equipped with the necessary window wells, now is the perfect time to inspect them. Damaged areas or wells that need to be replaced should be addressed as soon as possible. Don’t wait until there’s a major problem, such as water damage or flooding!

Q: What is a Window Well Liner?

A: A window well liner is a sheet of material or coating applied to the inside of your window well. Depending on the look you choose, they are either sprayed on or require an adhesive to apply. They give a space a finished look that every basement needs. Because they come in many styles and colors, these chic liners can complement any decor style or design.

Q: Why Should I Get Window Well Liners?

A: Homeowners everywhere choose to add liners to their basement window wells for several reasons. The first, and most common reason our clients choose liners is to increase the aesthetic of basement rooms. However, these liners bring more to the table than just aesthetics! They also give wells an added layer of protection and, because of the material, make cleaning your wells quick and easy! Additionally, they can reflect light into your basement rooms, helping cut costs on utility bills. If you want an easy and low-cost upgrade that packs a punch, add these liners to your basement!

Q: Do I Need to Use a Window Well Cover, Too?

A: Window well covers are not required. However, liners work best when paired with a cover. Covers will help keep liners in place and keep them from becoming damaged or pulled down by debris or animals.

Q: Can Anyone Use Window Well Liners?

A: Anyone with a window well can take advantage of these fabulous liners. All you’ll need is a window well that you can climb into! Adhesive liners can be removed, so even renters can benefit from them!

Q: Where Can I Get Window Well Liners?

A: It’s important to note that not all liners are created equally. They can be found online and at most home-improvement stores. However, the quality and life-span of those liners cannot compete with the wide range and quality of options found at Windowell Expressions.

Contact Windowell Expressions

If you want to add window well liners to your home, contact the experts at Windowell Expressions! We offer the highest quality liners and offer installation, too! Hide the ugly in your house by contacting Windowell Expressions today! We serve Salt Lake County.

Why Foundation Liners Are a Good Idea

Owning a home is a considerable investment. Because of this, most homeowners work exceptionally hard to keep their house safe, protected, and well-maintained. The foundation of your home is arguably the most important part of your house, therefore the most important part to protect and maintain. Surely, your home’s construction team did their best to construct the foundation correctly and up to the highest standards and building codes. Now it is up to you to maintain. Enter: Foundation liners.

Continue reading to learn why foundation liners are a good idea.

Why Are Foundation Liners a Good Idea?

As previously mentioned, your home’s most important part is your foundation because your entire house rests on top of it. Over time, foundations can become damaged due to settling, erosion, or the home’s age. These repairs can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Home Advisor reports that minor repairs, such as small cracks and water damage, can cost as low $500 and major repairs, those that involve hydraulic piers, can cost more than $10,000. 

Any additional protection you can add to your foundation is a good investment and money well spent. Foundation liners are a good idea for many reasons and come with several benefits. Here’s what a foundation liner can do for your home:

Added Protection — The number one reason homeowners choose to put a foundation liner on their house is for additional protection. Foundation liners offer an extra layer of protection and insulation against water damage, animals and pests, and anything else that can cause damage, helping your home be more resistant and repellent to harm. Newer homes and older homes alike can significantly benefit from foundation liners because they prevent damage from occurring near the base of the house.

Increase Home’s Curb Appeal — Because foundation liners come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, you can have them look just about any way you want them. Options include stone, wood, faux elements, and more. Selecting one that will match your home’s aesthetic will set your house apart from the others on the block, by seamlessly blending in or adding a contrasting look. 

Moreover, a foundation liner can increase your home’s valuation, helping you sell it for an added profit! Additional protection and excellent curb appeal increase your home’s value, putting more money in your pocket (should you choose to sell your house).

Extra Support — Foundation liners can provide additional support to your house. Homeowners considering a home renovation or remodel should also consider a foundation liner for their house. They offer your home additional support and reinforcement when your home is experiencing strain and work.

Contact Windowell Expressions

If you want to further protect your investment, increase your home’s curb appeal and value, and reinforce and boost your house’s structural support, you need a foundation liner from Windowell Expressions. Our skilled and knowledgable professionals want to help you find in-budget and upgrading solutions for your home. Find out more about what a foundation liner can do for your house by calling Windowell Expressions today.