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How a Window Well Liner Can Transform Your Basement

The first step to transforming your basement is adding window wells and lining those wells. With the pairing of a window well and a polished liner, basements are given a lighter and more polished feel. Bring in some natural lighting and create a beautiful scene with a personalized window well. Avoid the dark and damp feeling that often accompanies basements and transform your space into a welcoming space.

Brighten Up a Room

Basements have a reputation for being dark and dreary places. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Turn a dark and drab basement into a bright space with some window well liners. Window wells allow natural light to stream into an otherwise dark space. With the right window well liner, light can be reflected into your basement and create a brightening effect. Make your basement a sunny and light place with a window well liner! An unlined window is a dull addition to your room. Your window well can be a brighten space when it’s paired with the right liner.

Personalize a Space

Your window well doesn’t have to be so generic. With a liner and a little personalization, you can create a unique space that will add to your basement’s décor. We have many different options for colors, textures, and styles when it comes to liners. You can go with a faux rock wall look or a faux lined stone look. There are many different liners and styles to choose from that will tie together your basement décor to your window well.

Aside from adding a backdrop to the scene of your window well, you can also customize that space in other ways. For example, adding some flowers or decorative rocks can add an element of design. Your window well doesn’t just have to be a generic scene. When you add a beautiful liner and create a scene, you’ll want to keep those curtains open and enjoy the light and décor that can come from a well designed window well with a window well liner.

Curb Appeal

Creating a window well that is curated and polished will boost your curb appeal. As it makes your house looks beautiful from the inside and the out. Your basement can look appealing to passers by as you make a great looking window well. Up the value of your home with some window well liners.

Protect Your Foundation

As side from the aesthetic appeal of liners, they also have the ability to add another layer of protection for your foundation. When water gets into you window well, it has the potential to damage your foundation if it is pooled up for too long. With a window well liner your foundation is armed with one more layer of protection from potential damage. Damage to your foundation is a very costly replace and well worth avoiding if possible. Take the precautions to protect your foundation, it’ll pay off in the long run.


How to Personalize Your Window Well

Looking to spice up some dull window wells? We’ve got a few tips for you to turn the drab into the delightful. Window wells can easily be personalized and add value to your home and curb appeal when they are well decorated. Adding things like window well liners and covers to your basement will brighten up your home both inside and out.

Window Well Liners

The first step to personalizing and decorating your window wells is a window well liner. From faux rock walls to faux wood paneling, there is a wide variety of color, style, and texture to choose from when it comes to liners. These liners look good from the inside out. From the outside, they will make your window well put together and complete. While from the inside, peering through a window that is decorated with a window well cover provides a more polished look.

Give your basement a certain aesthetic appeal with window well liners. Instead of opening your shades to find a plain old window well, you can open to find a beautiful, textured liner. Basements tend to need all of the brightening up they can get, a liner in your window well will certainly do that job for you. Open up your windows with a variety of scenes that are easily installed when you get a window well liner.

Window Well Covers

Window well covers will help to keep your window wells free from any pests, water damage, or other debris. With a solid covering, your window wells can stay in pristine condition for longer. Once you take the time to personalize your window well, keep it safe from the elements and anything else that could potentially cause damage to your window well or even to the foundation of your house with a window well cover.

Depending on the cover that you choose, it can also add a unique touch from the outside perspective. Covering your window wells with a classic glass cover adds an element of elegance to the appeal of your home. Window well covers also add an extra level of security to your house as it puts another layer between you and any unwanted intruders.

Personalize the Inside

Once you have your liners and covers in place, you can also personalize your window well with a little extra décor. Try planting some flowers or plants in your window well. You can have a small garden growing that will brighten up your space every time you open up those curtains.

Make a dull window well a place of beauty with some of your favorite flowers. Or for a more low maintenance filler, you can also choose rocks or pebbles to cover the floor of your window well. This will be an easy way to add a little something extra to your display. You could also try some low maintenance plants, such as cacti or succulents to fill your window well floor with. These plants need sunlight but very little watering or other grooming.

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Window Well Cover

Covering your window wells can have many benefits. These covers are aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of options. Lower level windows are given a more polished look and added protection with an added window well cover. Window well covers will not only make your window wells look great, but they will also add a level of protection and security to your house. They will keep your windows in top notch condition as they are protected from the elements, pests, intruders, debris, and other potential dangers. Learn just a few of the benefits of investing in window well covers below.

Home Security

Windows are often an entry point for unwanted intruders. Burglars target lower level windows, as they are easier to reach. A window well cover provides another layer of protection to your home. Intruders will have twice as many barriers to go through. Create a more secure home with your window well covers.

Energy Savings

The added layer of a window well covers also safeguards against extreme heat and cold. A durable cover that is customized to fit your window well will effectively keep the heated or cool air in your home as it seals in your wanted airflow and protects against outside temperatures. This will benefit your energy bill as you are better able to regulate the temperature of your house.

Protection from Elements and Pests

Lower level windows are left exposed to snow build up, water damage, and pests. As winter approaches, the built-up ice and snow melt threatened to cause water damage to your home and your home’s foundation. With a window well cover, you can have another layer of protection against the elements that can be so harsh. Built up leaves, sticks, and dirt can gather in uncovered window wells. If not cleared out, this debris can clog the window well drain and cause flooding or potential water or drain damage.

A window well can be a very welcoming place to certain critters. You may find squirrels, rats, bugs, or other pests in your well. It can be a costly task to remove them. Keep unwanted rodents from taking up residence in your well with a sturdy covering.

Your windows, window wells, and window well liners will also have an added measure of protection with a covering. It could save you from needing to repair them as they are shielded from general outside ware.

Extra Safety

Window wells without coverings can be a danger to children and pets. Some basement wells are considerably deep. If you live in a neighborhood with children playing and pets running around, they can easily fall in, or climb in. They are much easier to get into than to get out of. Window wells can be dangerous and should not be played in. Avoid having your own child or pet harmed and dealing with the insurance liability of anyone else being harmed when you cover your window well. Don’t risk it, keep it covered.


When Do You Need to Replace Your Window Well Liner?

What a Window Well Liner Does

Window wells are naturally a dark place as they are located underground. The retaining well placed around a basement window to push back the surrounding ground—known as the window well—is prone to dirt and damage because of its location. Window wells are often made of steel but can also be made of concrete or stones. Adding a liner to your window well can have many benefits. Firstly, this adds another layer of protection. The liner can help to extend the life of your window well, and potentially stop damage from reaching the foundation of your house. A liner can also add value to your house as it boosts your curb appeal. Window wells can be dark and dinky places, but adding a beautiful liner brightens up a dark place and makes it much more appealing.

Signs of Wear and Tear

Checking your liner regularly is very important—spotting damage early on could save you from more damage. Inspect your liner to ensure that is it functioning properly, especially look for any signs of water damage. Window wells have a built-in draining system to keep any water damage from reaching your house’s foundation, but a defective draining style or damaged well could mean harm to your foundation.

If you notice a mildew smell near your basement windows, check your liners. There could be potential water damage and mold growth. Liner and draining systems could be faulty or damaged and need repair or replacement, or they could just need a good clean. It’s possible your pipes are just clocked, leading to water build up and fungal growth. If cleaning out the drain and your well doesn’t do the trick, contact a specialist for assistance.

General cracks and wear down could allow water, bugs, or other unwanted things to enter into your well. Because of the location of the window well, it is often forgotten. But regular maintenance for your liners could save you the hassle of needing to replace your wells, drain system, or even your foundation. Just a quick inspection once in a while will greatly benefit you.

An indication of a Falling Liner

Sometimes a liner can begin to separate from the home structure—this is a good indication that it’s time for a new one. Periodically check the stability of your liners. Unstable or separating liners could lead to collapse—liner collapse can shatter basement windows. Replacing liners is a cheaper and easier repair than basement windows. Keep an eye on liners that are directly attached to the window frame, if incorrectly installed, they will put extra pressure on your windows, which could be problematic.

Any sort of damage in your liners is an indication it’s time for new liners! You can ensure the protection of your windows and window wells and update the look of your wells when you replace your liners regularly. Contact Windowell Expressions today to choose from the variety of liners available and have them installed by a pro.

Benefits of Basement Window Wells

A basement can be a tough spot to bring light and fresh air into. The windows to basements are usually located underground level in a sort of well—or a window well. These windows bring much more light and fresh air into your basement, making it a more open and inviting space. Without them, basements would be more confined.

Natural Light
Basements are known for being dark, dingy, and cold. But that can all change with a few well place window wells. With being underground and having no windows, basements feel like less inhabitable living spaces. Window wells give basements natural light and brighten up an otherwise dark space in your house. A source of light will help the space feel bigger and more open.

Added Ventilation
It can be tough getting an enclosed underground space, like a basement, to be properly ventilated. Adding windows and window wells to the stuffiness of a basement can allow you to bring some fresh air inside. With the right window wells, that have been well maintained and regularly cleaned, basement windows can save your basement from feeling enclosed—they are your basements’ opening to outside.

Emergency Exit
Windows can provide an emergency exit in your basement. Because of their location, basements don’t usually have a traditional exit. If for some reason you were trapped in your basement, you could need a quick and easy escape route. Window wells don’t just make your house lighter and better ventilated, but also safer.

How to Prevent Insects of All Kinds from Getting in Your Basement

Have a pest problem? There are a few easy solutions to help you keep those creepy crawlers out of your basement and out of your home. Follow these tips to keep your basement bug free!

Check for and Seal Cracks

Sealing any possible entry ways for pests is the best way to prevent them from entering your home. Because they are microscopic, they can enter through some of the smallest entry ways. Try turning off all of the lights and covering all the windows in your basement, see any crack of light getting through? There may be some cracks and crevasses that you aren’t aware of. Seal those cracks with caulk. Pay special attention to areas where plumbing and wires enter.
Examine the outside of your home and windows for any damaged or missing sections of siding. Any sort of crumbling or damaged could lead to gaps. Seal off your doors and windows with screens.

Yard Maintenance Makes a Difference

The condition of your yard will impact how many insects and pests are around your house. Remove any debris from the 2 ft perimeter around your foundation and spray for bugs monthly. Like humans, bugs need water to survive. Avoid any water from pooling up in your yard. Aerate your lawn so that moisture can absorb into your soil instead of collecting on top of your lawn.

Use a Dehumidifier

A warm and moist environment is a breeding grown for bugs, mold, and mildew. Basements tend to be damp because of their proximity to the ground. Try using a dehumidifier in your basement to avoid any stuffiness or dampness and keep the pests away.

The Perks of Having Foundation Liners

A foundation liner covers the outside, ground-level of your home. This liner can be added to your home’s foundation at any time. Lining your foundation can have many perks, including adding curb appeal to your property and a level of protection to your foundation.

Protecting Your Foundation
There are many different threats that can damage your foundation over time. These damages will vary based on the location of your home. Whether it’s from the elements, poor drainage, insects or natural wear and tear, your foundation could already be damaged. Investing in a foundation liner can save you from having a bigger foundation problem down the road.
Whether you live in an area with extreme temperatures or more moderate temperatures, natural elements such as rain, snow buildup, ice melt, or any extensive moisture will wear down your foundation over time. A foundation liner can also provide as another layer to protect your home from intruding insects. In addition, this extra layer can act as insulation, helping to trap heat or cool air in your home.

Adding Curb Appeal
Besides making your foundation last longer, a foundation liner can also make your foundation look better! Your curb appeal will be boosted when you add a decorative foundation liner. The liner can act as an accent as you match it to the exterior of your house.
Increase the value of your home by protecting it and adding a little décor to the outside of your home. A foundation liner is an investment for your property. Plus! Replacing your foundation liner is much easier and cheaper than dealing with foundation repairs.

How to Prevent Spiders and Other Insects From Getting in Your Basement

Basements are notorious for being dark, damp, and creepy. One of the biggest factors driving up the creepiness factor are spiders, spider webs, and other insects in general. Even if you have a well-lit basement, no one is going to feel comfortable when there are pests present. To make your basement as comfortable and cozy as possible, here’s what you need to know about how to prevent spiders and other insects from getting in your basement.

First, you want to make sure you seal all cracks and other small openings to your basement. This means taking a good hard look at your home to see where these critters may be getting in. As you walk around your home, thoroughly inspect windows, doors, and any other areas where there is a break in your exterior. Not only will sealing up these cracks and holes help keep insects and spiders out, but it’ll help you save on your energy bill as well. Use caulk to fill in the cracks and fix your doors and windows so there are no gaps or openings.

Once you’ve addressed the outside of your basement, it’s time to take a look at the inside. Spiders are attracted to clutter, so if you can keep the clutter to a minimum you’ll be able to help keep them out of your home. This includes realistically going through your things to determine what you should and shouldn’t keep. Have a yard sale to free up some space and make some extra cash. Once you’ve downsized, store things away from the walls so the spiders won’t be tempted to build nests on your things. Plastic totes are a great way to store your things as cardboard boxes are an attraction for pests, which can attract spiders for their next meal.

Another way to help keep spiders away from your basement is by keeping clutter away from your basement and out of the metal window wells. During your basement window well installation, a drainage system was installed to help keep water away from your home. Your window well also serves as an egress or emergency escape for basement occupants. While your window well serves many purposes, it can also attract clutter by making it an easy trap for leaves, sticks, toys, and other debris to fall in and collect.

Metal grate window well covers can help to keep some of this debris out of your window well, as can bubble window well covers. If you’re in the market for a window well cover, Windowell Expressions of Salt Lake City can help you find the clear, grate, or even custom window well covers to fit your needs

Lastly, you can use peppermint oil spray to help prevent spiders and other insects from getting in your basement. Peppermint oil is a spider repellent and when used as a spray, you can keep the spiders away. Use the spray near light bulbs, inside gaps and holes, and on window sills to keep the critters out.


Benefits of Window Well Liners

There’s no better place to retreat to on a hot summer’s day than your cool basement. As you sit and enjoy the cool, dark atmosphere you may glance out the window into your basement window well.

For most homeowners, the view you’ll get is that of a galvanized window well, in place to keep your yard from falling in and around your window.

For many, the look isn’t exactly appealing. That’s where window well liners come into play. But you may not be ready to pull the trigger on a window well liner.

Here are the benefits of window well liners.

Good Lookin’

A window well liner may not be considered a need in terms of functionality, but in terms of aesthetics it a can really make a big difference in the overall look of your basement. Decorating a basement can be hard work, especially if you’re hoping to achieve a put-together look. Your metal window wells can distract from all of the work you’ve put into the space. When you get window well liners you can create a polished look both inside and outside of your basement.

Brightens a Room

Basements are notorious for being dark, damp, and gloomy. One of the benefits of window well liners is that you can turn a darkened basement into a bright, sunny space. First off, your window well will allow a great deal of natural light to stream in through the window. If you are able to choose the right kind of liner it will help to reflect the light right back into the room. When you have a window well liner you can make the most of the natural light you do have. By investing in window well liners you’ll be able to create a polished look that will help take your ordinary basement to comfortable and attractive retreat.

Customization Options

When you get a window well liner you get to ditch your galvanized window well and become charged with the task of choosing from many different window well liner options. From various textures, colors, sizes, and patterns, you’ll get to customize your window well liner to your exact preferences. This also means that you’ll be able to match any existing decor to really tie in a theme or desired feel. And because window well liners are generally very affordable, you won’t have to worry about design clash should you update your interior — you can simply update your window well liners as well!

As you consider the benefits of window well liners and whether or not they are right for you, be sure you choose to get your window well liner from the best of the best — Windowell Expressions.

Whether you are looking for window well liners, custom window well covers, or standard metal grate window well covers, visit Windowell Expressions!


5 Benefits of Having a Window Well Cover?

Before spending money on a product, you want to make sure it’s going to be worth it. You want it to work, work well, and hold up well over time. If you have window wells, you may have wondered what the benefits of having a window well cover are. Here are just a few…

1. Safety

One huge benefit of having window well covers, whether they be metal grate window well covers or bubble window well covers, you are protecting family members, visitors, and even animals from falling into a window well and getting injured. Your window well cover will be able to hold an impressive amount of weight so that no matter who accidentally steps on it, they’ll be protected.  

2. Emergencies

When you have basement windows, they are required to also serve as egress or escape routes for you and your family members in case of an emergency. When you put in egress window well covers on your window wells, you are ensuring that that escape route stays clear and useable. Window well covers are also easily opened from the inside, so anyone who needs to get out of your home will easily be able to.

3. Security

While your window well cover may be easy to open from the inside for safe and swift escape, it is nearly impossible to open from this outside. This means that your home will have an added measure of security that it wouldn’t otherwise. When properly installed, your window well cover will help to protect from any intruders. Basements are a very easy target for those hoping to break into your home. Just the site of a cover can help keep intruders from trying to get in.

4. Energy Savings

Having a window well cover can also help you save money with energy savings. Sometimes basement windows aren’t as efficient at keeping out cold and hot air as they should be. But with bubble window well covers and custom window well covers, you can help your home at a steady temperature, and save some money on your monthly bills.

5. Protection

Lastly, your window well cover can help protect your home from flooding. Bubble window well covers and other clear window wells achieve this by actually keeping water out in the first place. Your standard grate and metal window well covers work to keep debris out of your window well and clogging up the drainage system. You’ll be grateful for some added protection against flooding when those summer thunderstorms roll in, and the winter snow begins to melt.

If you’re looking for quality window well covers for your home, contact the window well experts at Windowell Expressions.