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6 Benefits of Natural Light in The Home

6 Benefits of Natural Light in The Home

Nowadays with easy access to artificial light in our homes, many of us have forgotten the importance and benefits of being exposed to natural sunlight, especially in the basement. Lucky for you, here at Windowell Expressions, we decided it was time to get this vital information back into the world. So here are our top 6 benefits of natural light in the Home.


6: Helps You Sleep

As humans, we have a natural sleep schedule programmed in us. In which we rise in the morning with the sun and sleep at night after it sets, this is called the circadian system. However, with the invention of artificial light we no longer use the Sun to dictate our sleep schedules. This doesn’t mean we should sleep during the day and arise at night. For natural light still has to ability to tap into our natural sleep schedule and if we get enough natural light during the day, it will be easier for our minds and bodies to rest at night.

5: Vitamin D

This vitamin is vital to all humans. However, it is said that up to 50% of adults and children are Vitamin D deficient. Having natural sunlight in your basement can easily remind people of how beautiful of a day it is outside which will ultimately lead you to go outside and enjoy a solid 5-10 minutes in the sun.

4: Reduces Eye Strain

Eyes contain a chemical known as Dopamine, which controls and regulates healthy growth and eye development. Dopamine is also stimulated by natural light, so it is especially important that children are exposed to natural light while they are still in the development process to keep them from developing nearsightedness in the future. This doesn’t only matter during the summer months when everyone is inclined and happy to go outside, but also during the winter months when you are more inclined to stay indoors. With our professional clear window wells you are still able to receive ample amounts of natural light while still indoors.

3: Combats Winter Blues

With the winter season nipping at our heels; the thought of shorter amounts of sunlight sending us all in this downward spiral of negative winter thoughts. It can be easy to fall into the trap of the winter blues. Do not lose hope! Science has shown that being exposed to natural light for short periods of time can combat depression in adults and children. Natural light can even boost one’s spirits. This doesn’t mean you have to go outside in sub zero temperatures to combat your winter blues; just embracing the light coming in from your windows and window wells can work wonders for you.

2: Boost Your Immune System

Sunlight influences the growth of white blood cells in your body. The more sunlight you are exposed to, the more little warriors you have in your body. Ultimately fighting for your health and well being.

1: Energy Efficient

The more natural light you use equals less artificial light you will be using. Studies have show that with the correct usage of natural light, homeowners were able to decrease energy cost by 75%. That is 75% of your energy cost you could be putting towards your next beach vacation!! Next time instead of flicking that switch on, open up your blinds instead.


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