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3 Ways a Window Well Cover Can Transform Your Basement

Your basement can become a space to truly express yourself and create a space that will serve you well. Whether unfinished, in progress, well-used or long forgotten, your basement is an important part of your home that can always use some improvement. What are your top complaints about your basement in its current state? We’re willing to guess at least one of them can be improved by adding the right window well cover for your basement needs.

Windowell Expressions works hard to create functional window wells, home exteriors, and basements for proud homeowners everywhere.

Today we’re sharing three major ways a simple window well cover can transform your basement completely.

1. Safety.

The number one reason people purchase window well covers is for safety purposes. They don’t want their kids or pets to fall into their window wells. But did you know that the right window well covering can make your entire basement safer? The right window well covering can reduce water damage, while also making it easier and safer to exit your home through the basement in the event of an emergency. There are even window well covers that can prevent the introduction of any intruders into your window well space, to keep you more safe and secure.

2. Light.

For almost everyone, basements are a source of dim light. Because they usually rest below the ground’s surface, getting adequate light into your basement can be a challenge. However, you don’t need a full scale to remodel or basement walkout to create more light in your basement. Using a clear or open window well liner will allow the maximum amount of natural light to filter into your basement, as well as keeping the window well clear from obstructions that could block light from coming into your basement space. Think if every window well in your basement was free and clear so you could maximize the bright light to wake up your basement.

3. Airflow.

A lot of homeowners are reluctant to open their basement windows. So much debris ends up in those window wells that the windows always seem to be dirty, and without a window well cover it can also be full of foliage and even animals. But if your window well is clean and free from debris, it can actually be refreshing and healthy to regularly open your basement windows. Adding a functional window well cover can allow you to open your basement windows to maximize fresh air and proper air flow. This will, in turn, reduce any moisture or mold before it can become harmful.

Take a close look at your window wells this week and determine if there are any upgrades or improvements that could make your basement a more pleasant, safe, and bright place to enjoy your time. If you’re in need of any window well supplies or advice, Windowell Expressions has you covered! Call today!


How To Prepare Your Family For A Home Evacuation

Hopefully, you will never need to rapidly leave your home in an emergency. Most homeowners never experience that terror. But in order to be safe and prepared it is vital that your family has an emergency response plan in the event, you need to evacuate your home. Do you have an evacuation plan? Have you discussed it with your family? What would happen in the event of a flood? A fire? A home invasion?

It is critical that you think about these scenarios BEFORE they happen, in case they happen. You don’t want to lose your head under pressure or find that something terrible has happened and you aren’t home with your family to evacuate. Will they know what to do?

Today, Windowell Expressions is sharing some important tips for preparing your family to respond well to an emergency home evacuation.

1. Consider the Possibilities.

Depending on where you live, some emergencies are more likely to occur than others. For example, the Midwest needs to worry more about tornados, while living in a flash flood area would put you on alert to flooding. Talk as a family about the risks you face. Utahns need to face the reality of a potential earthquake. All homes should consider fires or home invasions. What might that look like for your family and your home?E

2. Exit on Every Floor.

If you were trapped on a certain floor, could you safely exit the home? For example, if floodwaters rendered your main floor and basement dangerous, you should be able to exit through your top floor. A fire or home invasion on the above-ground floors could mean you needed to escape through your basement. Can you comfortably do that now? It may be time to consider a window ladder for your upstairs and an accessible window well for your basement that may feature steps or footholds.

3. Emergency Kits.

An emergency preparedness kit for each member of your family is essential. Consider keeping these in a high, dry, accessible location in your garage or some outside storage. An emergency preparedness kit could include water, food, first aid, clothing, batteries, flares, radios, and anything else you may need.

4. Practice.

It may seem morbid, but the best way to ensure your family’s safety in the event of an emergency home evacuation is to practice. Take some time to make sure your basement windows and basement window wells are functioning and accessible. Practice lowering your upstairs rope ladder. Make sure each member of your family knows how to safely exit the home and determine a rendezvous point for separated family members in the event of an emergency.

At Windowell Expressions, we hope for your greatest safety and comfort. We can be part of your family’s safe emergency evacuation plan by offering functional and safe window wells and access points that give your family an exit and peace of mind.


Different Types of Window Well Covers

When it’s time to get a window well cover for your home’s window wells, there are many factors to consider. Thankfully, your options today are much wider than the window well options of the past. Today you can find a window well cover that will suit your needs, match your home, fit perfectly, and align with your budget. All it takes is a little research and shopping.

Windowell Expressions knows everything there is to know about window wells, and we can help you find the exact right option for your home’s window wells at an affordable, trustworthy price.

Today we’ll walk you through a few different and common types of windowwell covers so you can begin considering your needs and finding what works for you.


The most affordable and most common type of window well cover is a metal grate. Metal grates are popular because they keep large objects and living things from getting into your window well. These are a popular, quick choice for homeowners with children, pets, or lots of local wildlife. Depending on the size of the grate holes, you can prevent some debris from entering the window well. The grate window well cover can also be beneficial if you need airflow into your basement, or if you anticipate lots of walking/standing near the window well. Unfortunately, metal grates can rust, be too heavy for lifting to exit, and cannot prevent water damage or lots of dirt from entering your window well.

Bubble or Slope Covers

These window well covers are becoming increasingly popular, as they more effectively prevent water damage and debris. The bubble or slope covers do take up space and are visible above ground, but if they are made from clear materials they will let in a lot of light to your basement windows. They resist all water and make it impossible for kids or critters to get into your window well.

Dome or Atrium

Many older homes have split level basements, meaning the windows are partially above ground, but still feature a window well. These types of basement window wells, as well as any that have casement-style windows that open outward, need dome or atrium window well covers. These covers allow in all the natural light, while protecting the windows from flooding, intruders, and debris. The dome window well cover is designed to function like an exterior window, resisting UV damage and even withstanding hundreds of pounds of force.

Which type of window well cover is right for you? It all depends on what you need. If you are particularly concerned about water damage and flooding, you may consider a bubble cover for your window well.

If you mostly need to be sure your small children don’t fall into the open window wells, then maybe you just need a window well grate cover. Above ground windows in a window well need dome or atrium covers.

Talk to the experts at Windowell Expressions to help you determine which window well coverings will work best for your family and your home.


How To Increase The Life of Your Window Well Covers

Window well covers are an excellent investment for your property. They keep things from falling into your window well, whether it’s branches and leaves, small animals, or even children. Window well covers can also make your home and yard look more aesthetically pleasing. Window well covers are a no-brainer for your property, but they can also be an important purchase that lasts the lifetime of your home.

If you are thinking about purchasing window well covers, or if you already have some window well covers for your home, you should know the best ways to protect and increase the life of your window well covers.

Windowell Expressions knows a thing or two about preserving window well covers that will protect your home. Let us help your window wells.


The reason window wells are required by law is for safety. In the event of a natural disaster, accident, or another dangerous event it is critical that you be able to exit the home. You need to regularly inspect the safety of your window well covers by exiting through the window and up through the window well. The window well should fit snugly but remove easily from the inside of the window well. If you realize your window well is not up to these safety standards or is improperly installed it could mean your window well covers are compromised and unable to serve their purpose.

No Storage

Many homeowners place things on their window well covers. Even if you’re just setting something there temporarily, it’s unsafe and decreases the life of your window well covers. Never place anything on your window well covers and carefully instruct your family members to avoid the window well covers. Additionally, the only thing that should be inside your window well is a small hanging ladder for exiting the window. Anything stored or fallen down there should be removed immediately.


Do you know where your home’s drains lead? Many homes have a drain system that leads precipitation just a few feet from the base of the house. If you end up with a large amount of precipitation, especially in winter and spring months, you may want to consider extending your drain with a few feet of an inexpensive drain pipe. Leading the precipitation further away from your home’s foundation and window wells will decrease the likelihood of flooding and damage to your window wells.

How are your window wells? When was the last time you inspected them? Window well covers need to be checked at least once a year to ensure proper fit, protection, and safety.

Purchasing quality window well covers is a worthy investment, and as long as they are installed properly and regularly maintained they should last the life of your home and keep your window wells safe and functional.

Call Windowell Expressions today for window well repair, purchase, or simply a consultation about the needs of your home.


Window Well Liners Q&A

At Windowell Expressions we are both knowledgeable and passionate about making your windows work for you. A well-made window well can enhance the structure, safety, and beauty of your home. For now, maybe you just see your window well as a code requirement at best and a tumbleweed trap at worst. We have so many great ideas to improve your use of your window well so that it is safe, useful, and dare we say, beautiful?

First, you need to make sure you have the required amount of window wells according to your city, county, or state code. Some require one window well per basement room, others just one for the entire basement. If you have the required window wells, it’s time to ensure that they are properly fitted. Check for cracks or wear, and clean out any debris that may have accumulated in your window well. If you identify any damage or need for replacement, Windowell Expressions can start there.

Who can use Window Well Liners?

Anyone with a boring or ugly window well can benefit from a window well liner. All you need is a window well that you can climb into. Adhesive liners can be removed, so they can even be used by renters.

What is a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners are sheets or coatings for the inside of your window well. They can be spray-in, or adhesive in construction. They shield the inside of your window well, for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners are looking for a more protective layer in their window well, perhaps one that is more pest-resistant or more difficult for animals to scale. Other window well liners can be simply for aesthetic purposes. Window well liners work best in conjunction with a window well cover to keep it from being pulled down, scratched, or otherwise damaged by debris or animals trying to get into your window well.

Where Can I Get a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners of all kinds can be found online or in certain home improvement stores. Windowell Expressions can also offer a wide range of options for your window well, personally tailored to your needs and desires.

When Can You Install a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners can be installed anytime but can be most effectively installed when you can avoid precipitation. Clean out your window well of all debris, then you’re free to install without complications. Windowell Expressions can install window well liners easily and affordably so you don’t have to worry about climbing in and out of your window well.

Why Do I Need a Window Well Liner?

The primary reason our clients opt for window well liners is to enhance the aesthetic of their basement rooms. You can select a window well liner that looks like brick, stone, or even a forest scene. Suddenly your window well is a beautiful focal point and can be opened for increased air and light in your basement. It’s an upgrade that costs very little and makes a huge impact.

If you’re ready for a change that will enhance your basement rooms without structural or expensive changes, window well liners can do it in a flash. Call Windowell Expressions for options today!


4 Ways Window Wells Enhance Your Basement

Window wells can feel like more of a hassle than they’re worth sometimes. You have to worry about little kids or critters falling in, flooding, regular maintenance, and often they’re just plain ugly. At best, you can just forget about them. But at worst they can create quite the headache.

At Windowell Expressions we’re passionate about making your window wells the very best they can be to bring you all of the benefits of a light, bright, safe, and functional basement. Today we’re sharing four ways your window wells can work for you.

1. Safety

There’s a reason most cities require a basement to have at least one window well. In the event of a fire, flood, criminal act, or any natural disaster, your basement windows may be the only way out (or in). Having functional basement window wells will ensure that you are never trapped in your basement. For this reason, it’s also crucial that your window wells are in good condition and free from any blockage so that you could easily climb in or out. In addition, window well coverings can prevent children, animals, or even adults from falling in and injuring themselves.

2. Light

Basements are notoriously dark because of course, they don’t have that direct access to daylight like your other floors. Thanks to functional window wells you can enjoy great amounts of natural light even in a basement. If you invest in deep and wide window wells with light or reflective materials, and window well covers that let in lots of light and prevent blockage you will find yourself with a basement that doesn’t feel like a dungeon.

3. Structure

Unfortunately, there are many issues that can affect your home through your windows and create structural threats. Water is the most common. You might have a sprinkler line break or find that a neighbor’s rainspout is dumping directly onto the base of your home. If your yard has poor drainage, heavy rains, or other water threats, you run the risk of basement flooding. Properly constructed window wells with clear window well coverings can keep water, debris, animals, and anything else from seeping into your basement or damaging your windows. This will decrease the likelihood of a basement flood or other events that could compromise your basement.

4. Air

it’s incredibly difficult to air out a basement if you don’t have the full use of your basement windows. If your window well is full of tumbleweeds, grass clippings, bark, or other debris then you are unlikely to open your window for ventilation or temperature purposes. But a clean and protected window well can easily be opened for ventilation and temperature control. This can save on utilities and provide a fresh, airy element to what is normally a musty, stale basement.


If you’re worried about all this snow falling and melting, or your spring cleaning reveals giant piles of debris in your window wells–it’s time to give Windowell Expressions a call. We can help you find a solution that makes your window wells effective and enhancing.


Waterproofing Your Basement: Try a Window Well Cover

Waterproofing your basement can help to prevent moisture seepage, mold growth, and other potential water damage. It may also help your basement avoid that dark and damp atmosphere that so often happens in basement dwellings.

Interior Solutions

There are a few solutions you can turn to if you want to waterproof from the interior. If you notice minor signs of moisture, you can turn to concrete or silicate-based sealers that can be applied to bare foundation walls. When rising groundwater becomes an issue, the edge of the basement floor is jackhammered, removing the concrete. Gravel is then poured into the gap and a basin is placed inside to collect excess water. This basin is connected to a sump pump that drains the water outside, a safe distance from the foundation. For a simpler solution, you can also try acrylic-based waterproofing paint. This paint helps to prevent mildew and mold growth that is caused by moisture.

Exterior Foundation Seal

Applying a polymer-based seal to the exterior foundation can be expensive, for that reason, it is usually done during the construction of a new structure. It is also sometimes done when there is a danger of extreme flooding. For this seal to be done, the ground around the foundation is excavated down to the footings, then any grime is cleaned off, and lastly, the waterproof membrane is applied. Investing in this process while building an exterior foundation can protect your home for up to twenty years. If you live in an environment with high risks of water damage or you are building a home, look into an exterior foundation seal.

Window Well Drainage System

Your basement can be impacted by groundwater and moisture from adjacent soil and outside precipitation. Homeowners often notice when their gutters or downspouts are clogged, stopping water from flowing off their roof into storm drains, but not many notice the threat of their basement windows facing leaks during a storm.

An uncovered window well with no draining system can quickly become a hazard. The seepage that is bound to occur eventually will leave your basement vulnerable to water damage. Window wells with draining systems are much less risky, but like gutters, they can also be clogged up with leaves and debris that prevent them from draining. When this happens, water build up will usually leak into your basement and possible even your foundation.

Window Well Covers

Investing in window well covers will help you to avoid potential catastrophe when it comes to storms. A durable cover will protect your window well and your basement from outside influences, water collection, and keep the moisture content at an appropriate level to reduce the workload of the drainage pump. Covers don’t only protect window wells, but they also protect window frames from moisture damage. A window well cover is the cheapest and simplest solution to protect your basement and foundation from water damage. They are easy to install, have a nice look to them, and the function will protect your investments.


When To Replace Your Window Well

When was the last time you checked your window wells? Learning to recognize the signs of a well-worn window well that needs replacing could save you from needing to replace more expensive things down the road.

Take care of window well replacement before it has the chance to cause expensive damages to your house. Investing in a watertight draining system is cheaper and easier than dealing with flood damage.

You will likely need to replace your window well if your basement experiences any flooding. Dealing with the damages of a flood and then having to repeat the process because of a damaged window well would be a real headache. Outside from flood damages, your window well can be damaged through time.

Signs of Aging

Examine your window well from the outside. Do you see bumps, scrapes, or rust? Does it look a little beat up after years of use? Even a high-quality window well doesn’t last forever. With constant exposure to the elements, there is bound to be some wear and tear. Window well liners may be pulling away from the wall, allowing water to seep through. Cracks may also allow water to leak and debris to clog up the drain.

Aged window wells can bring down your curb appeal and wreak havoc on your foundation. If moisture is able to leak into your basement, it’s definitely time for a new window well. There may be signs of condensation, moisture, or mold growth. Replacing your window well before these signs start popping up is a great way to avoid potential damage and other needed repairs.

Remove the Old Window Well

Getting a new window well means removing the current window well. Proper removal is important to avoid any potential flooding. Hire a professional to get this job done. Attempting it on your own could easily mean expensive damages well beyond the cost of replacing a window well.

Rework the Drain System

The drainage system you have in place should be inspected by a professional. This system is extremely important as it protects your foundation from flooding. It’s also important to keep this drain clear. Consistently check to drain for clogging. Keeping it clean will prevent debris from backing it up and leading to damage in the system and possible flooding. If the drain isn’t functioning properly, a new drain pipe may be necessary. This drain system enters into the home’s foundation and connects to the sump pump or drains out away from the foundation. Once the drain is functioning properly and in place, gravel is placed over it.

Install the New Window Well

After all the preparations have been done, the foundation will need to be cleaned and smoothed over. The new well will then be fitted in place and securely fastened to the foundation. Another layer of gravel should be added to the bottom. More support should be added by placing soil around the edges of the new fixture.


Maintenance Tips To Make Your Windows Wells Last Longer

Prolong the life of your window well with a few easy maintenance tips. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to maintain your window wells and their liners than it is to replace them. Keep them around longer when you take care of them.

1. Clear Any Debris From The Drain.

The drain that clears any water build up from your window well is extremely important. If it is clogged, it could lead to damage to your foundation. Routinely check inside your window well for any blockages, back up, or debris from a storm that needs to be cleared away. Drainage is one of the most important functions of a window well. Be sure to check after every storm for any debris.

2. Does Your Cover Meet Safety Standards?

Does your window well have a cover? If so, be sure that no heavy objects are weighing it down. For safety reasons, the cover must be able to be removed from the inside. There should be no locking mechanisms on the outside of the cover. If there is a lock on the side of the cover, make sure that it is easily openable from the inside. Having your window well blocked is a fire safety hazard. You should also check your cover for any cracks or warped parts that will prevent it from doing its job of covering your window well.

3. Reapply Caulk To Well’s Liner Regularly

Window well liners often contract and start to pull apart after an extended amount of time being exposed to harsh elements. If you see this happening in your window wells, water and debris can leak, clogging your drain and damaging your foundation.

Check your window wells for this common occurrence regularly, if you see it happening it can be easily fixed with a little caulk. Wash away all mud caked around the exterior and allow the area to dry. Fix the linter back into place, apply a decent amount of caulk along the ledges where the liner meets the foundation. This will keep your liner in place and prevent water from entering your foundation.

4. Be Sure To Maintain Roof Draining System

Another source of unwanted water double up often comes from improper roof drainage. When was the last time you cleaned your gutter or downspouts? Be sure they aren’t clogged up and cause water to overflow into your window wells. This can cause problems in your drainage system problems and soil erosion around the liner. Clean out your gutters to prevent damage to multiple parts of your property.

5. Call In The Pros!

There are many maintenance tasks that you can do completely on your own. But when difficult situations arise, don’t attempt to fix it on your own. If you could potentially make the problem worse or risk damage to your property, reach out to a professional. You may need a liner replaced entirely. We are the team to help you with all of your window well needs!

How a Window Well Liner Can Transform Your Basement

The first step to transforming your basement is adding window wells and lining those wells. With the pairing of a window well and a polished liner, basements are given a lighter and more polished feel. Bring in some natural lighting and create a beautiful scene with a personalized window well. Avoid the dark and damp feeling that often accompanies basements and transform your space into a welcoming space.

Brighten Up a Room

Basements have a reputation for being dark and dreary places. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Turn a dark and drab basement into a bright space with some window well liners. Window wells allow natural light to stream into an otherwise dark space. With the right window well liner, light can be reflected into your basement and create a brightening effect. Make your basement a sunny and light place with a window well liner! An unlined window is a dull addition to your room. Your window well can be a brighten space when it’s paired with the right liner.

Personalize a Space

Your window well doesn’t have to be so generic. With a liner and a little personalization, you can create a unique space that will add to your basement’s décor. We have many different options for colors, textures, and styles when it comes to liners. You can go with a faux rock wall look or a faux lined stone look. There are many different liners and styles to choose from that will tie together your basement décor to your window well.

Aside from adding a backdrop to the scene of your window well, you can also customize that space in other ways. For example, adding some flowers or decorative rocks can add an element of design. Your window well doesn’t just have to be a generic scene. When you add a beautiful liner and create a scene, you’ll want to keep those curtains open and enjoy the light and décor that can come from a well designed window well with a window well liner.

Curb Appeal

Creating a window well that is curated and polished will boost your curb appeal. As it makes your house looks beautiful from the inside and the out. Your basement can look appealing to passers by as you make a great looking window well. Up the value of your home with some window well liners.

Protect Your Foundation

As side from the aesthetic appeal of liners, they also have the ability to add another layer of protection for your foundation. When water gets into you window well, it has the potential to damage your foundation if it is pooled up for too long. With a window well liner your foundation is armed with one more layer of protection from potential damage. Damage to your foundation is a very costly replace and well worth avoiding if possible. Take the precautions to protect your foundation, it’ll pay off in the long run.