What Are Some Ideas of Window Well Liners for Kids?

What Are Some Ideas of Window Well Liners for Kids Bedrooms?

If your child or children have downstairs bedrooms with a window well, it may be worth considering purchasing window well liners. Not only are these great for letting your kids express themselves, but they can also help make basement bedrooms more inviting. Today, we’ll talk about some ideas for window well liner for kids. Ideas […]

Should a Window Well be Attached to Foundation?

Should Window Wells Be Attached To Foundation?

If you’re undertaking a DIY basement project for your window wells, you may wonder if it needs to be attached to the foundation. Whether you’re just replacing an existing window well or you’re doing a huge basement renovation, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in a way that is structurally sound and up […]

Where is a Window Well Drain Located?

Where is a Window Well Drain Located?

If you have a window well in your home, you have a window well drain. It’s important to note this drain when considering how to maintain your home. There are some parts of having basement window wells that you may not have considered. Where is the window well located? What purpose does it serve? Is […]

Prevent Rodent Infestations in Your Lower Level


Taking action to prevent rodent infestations in your basement can save time and extermination expenses in the future.  Mice, rats, squirrels, and other creatures attempt to find shelter from harsh weather inside the warm, dark lower level of houses. Here’s why you should be concerned about rodent infestations and some suggestions on what you can […]

Do All Window Covers Need a Drain?

Do All Window Covers Need a Drain

If you have a home with a basement, you have window wells and window covers, but you might wonder, do all covered windows need a drain? As you consider the aspects of your home that need attention and maintenance, you may find yourself wondering if your window wells and window covers need a drain. Here’s […]

Eradicating Common Basement Fire Hazards


Basement fire hazards pose a severe risk to homes across the country, and eradicating them should be a priority for any homeowner.  Basements commonly house many gas and electric-powered appliances, and it is the primary place homeowners store flammable materials such as paint or gasoline. Cutting down the risk of a basement fire is essential, […]

How Deep Should a Basement Window Well Be

How Deep Should a Basement Window Well Be?

If you’re planning some renovations and find yourself wondering how deep your basement window well should be, you’re not alone!  We’ve all heard the old adage to measure twice and cut once. When it comes to making sure you’re setting yourself up for success with your window well installation, it’s wise to make sure you’re […]

Window Well Finishing for Your Man Cave

Window Well Finishing for Your Man Cave

  Great window well finishing can complete any space and be the cherry on top of your man cave or diva den decor. Keep reading to find out how something as simple as finishing your window wells can change your favorite space for the better.  Why Window Well Finishing?  More than ever, home buyers are […]

Does a Window Well Liner Increase the Value of Your Home?

Does a Window Well Liner Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you’re looking for some fresh ways to increase the value of your home, you may find yourself considering a window well liner. If your home has a basement, you know that a basic window well, while designed for utility and structure, does not offer much by way of looks. So can a liner really […]

What Are Window Wells Made Of?

What Are Window Wells Made Of

Anyone who has a home with a basement knows that window wells are an absolute necessity to keep your property safe.  These are what make it possible to have windows that let in that beautiful, natural sunlight, and can even provide an easy way in and out of the basement if you find yourself in […]