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Benefits of Basement Window Wells

A basement can be a tough spot to bring light and fresh air into. The windows to basements are usually located underground level in a sort of well—or a window well. These windows bring much more light and fresh air into your basement, making it a more open and inviting space. Without them, basements would be more confined.

Natural Light
Basements are known for being dark, dingy, and cold. But that can all change with a few well place window wells. With being underground and having no windows, basements feel like less inhabitable living spaces. Window wells give basements natural light and brighten up an otherwise dark space in your house. A source of light will help the space feel bigger and more open.

Added Ventilation
It can be tough getting an enclosed underground space, like a basement, to be properly ventilated. Adding windows and window wells to the stuffiness of a basement can allow you to bring some fresh air inside. With the right window wells, that have been well maintained and regularly cleaned, basement windows can save your basement from feeling enclosed—they are your basements’ opening to outside.

Emergency Exit
Windows can provide an emergency exit in your basement. Because of their location, basements don’t usually have a traditional exit. If for some reason you were trapped in your basement, you could need a quick and easy escape route. Window wells don’t just make your house lighter and better ventilated, but also safer.

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