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Why Your House Can’t Go Without Window Well Covers this Winter

Take care of your home this winter season with window well covers, which are a must for homeowners with window wells.

The cold, wet weather that comes with the winter months can wreak havoc on your house. Between heavy rain and snowstorms, bone-chilling wind, and ice making itself right at home, your house can take a serious beating that can eventually cause significant damage.

So what can you do this wintery season to protect your house from the harsh weather? Well, a few obvious ways you can protect your house is to stay up-to-date on your gas and electric bills to ensure your home stays warm, make sure your yard is properly graded to avoid water damage, and confirm that your roof is in decent shape and has no leaks. You can also ensure your home is safe throughout the next few months that may not be so obvious, by installing window well covers on your window wells. By protecting your window wells, you protect your house, and by investing time in protecting your home, you actually are caring for you and your loved ones.

Continue reading to find out why your house can’t go without these important covers this winter season.

Additional Light

Thanks to the winter solstice, the winter months are much darker and colder than any other time of year. That, in addition to snow piling up in your window wells, can make for very dark basements. However, by adding well covers to your home that stop snow from settling into your wells, you can provide your basement rooms with some much welcomed warm and natural light.

Emergency Exit Accessibility

In addition to letting in extra light into your basement, window wells serve as another exit in the event of an emergency. For a quick and easy escape, window wells must be clear of debris, weeds, and, you guessed it, snow. If your window well is full of snow and ice, a fast and safe getaway is not exactly possible. Keeping your wells snow-free can be the difference between being able to escape or not in an emergency.

Avoid Flooding

You can expect major storms that bring rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice the entire winter season. All this wetness and moisture can quickly find its way into window wells and your basement through a crack in your foundation or windows. This can cause extensive (and expensive!) damage to your home. You can easily combat this issue by adequately protecting your window wells with window well covers!

Contact Windowell Expressions

There is no doubt that protecting your window wells really protects you and your loved ones. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, your house should be equipped with window well covers, and the experts at Windowell Expressions are here to help. Whether you want to outfit your wells with clear covers or metal grate or a require custom cover, we have you covered (pun intended!). Get your home and window wells protected this winter by contacting Windowell Expressions today. We proudly serve Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Well Liners

We’re passionate about all-things window wells. Between covers and grates, window well liners, and window wells themselves, we can’t pick a favorite.

However, today, we’re focusing on one of our personal favorites, the window well liner, and the frequently asked questions we receive about them.

Before we dive into the commonly asked questions about these liners, it’s important to make sure your home is up to code regarding window wells. Depending on your city, county, or state code, your house may require one well per basement bedroom or only one well for the entire basement floor. If your home is already equipped with the necessary window wells, now is the perfect time to inspect them. Damaged areas or wells that need to be replaced should be addressed as soon as possible. Don’t wait until there’s a major problem, such as water damage or flooding!

Q: What is a Window Well Liner?

A: A window well liner is a sheet of material or coating applied to the inside of your window well. Depending on the look you choose, they are either sprayed on or require an adhesive to apply. They give a space a finished look that every basement needs. Because they come in many styles and colors, these chic liners can complement any decor style or design.

Q: Why Should I Get Window Well Liners?

A: Homeowners everywhere choose to add liners to their basement window wells for several reasons. The first, and most common reason our clients choose liners is to increase the aesthetic of basement rooms. However, these liners bring more to the table than just aesthetics! They also give wells an added layer of protection and, because of the material, make cleaning your wells quick and easy! Additionally, they can reflect light into your basement rooms, helping cut costs on utility bills. If you want an easy and low-cost upgrade that packs a punch, add these liners to your basement!

Q: Do I Need to Use a Window Well Cover, Too?

A: Window well covers are not required. However, liners work best when paired with a cover. Covers will help keep liners in place and keep them from becoming damaged or pulled down by debris or animals.

Q: Can Anyone Use Window Well Liners?

A: Anyone with a window well can take advantage of these fabulous liners. All you’ll need is a window well that you can climb into! Adhesive liners can be removed, so even renters can benefit from them!

Q: Where Can I Get Window Well Liners?

A: It’s important to note that not all liners are created equally. They can be found online and at most home-improvement stores. However, the quality and life-span of those liners cannot compete with the wide range and quality of options found at Windowell Expressions.

Contact Windowell Expressions

If you want to add window well liners to your home, contact the experts at Windowell Expressions! We offer the highest quality liners and offer installation, too! Hide the ugly in your house by contacting Windowell Expressions today! We serve Salt Lake County.

Plastic vs. Steel Grate Window Well Covers

Window wells offer several benefits to your home. They allow extra natural light into your home’s basement, and they provide an alternate exit in the event of an emergency. Your basement is a more enjoyable place to live; it is also a safer place for your loved ones to dwell. On the other hand, window wells require regular upkeep, frequent cleaning, and, if uncovered, hazardous to people and animals and the perfect place for trespassers to hide. Thankfully, window well covers easily address most of these downsides.

When it comes to window well covers, you have two main options: steel grate covers and plastic covers. Both options come with many advantages, so below is an overview of each to help you determine which type of cover is best for your home.

Steel Grate Window Well Covers

Homeowners love steel grate window well covers because they are attractive, effective, practical, and economical. They offer additional protection to homes against intruders and help loved ones avoid falls and accidents. Steel grates, however, cannot provide 100% protection against the weather and debris. Leaves, water, insects, and other small animals can easily make their way into your wells between the bars on the covers.

Steel grates are easy to clean, are rust-resistant, and will last for years. Despite the metal bars on these covers, they allow plenty of sunlight into basement windows.

Plastic Window Well Covers

Plastic window well covers are a “clear” choice for many homeowners. They are made from durable polycarbonate. This hard-wearing material helps the covers withstand heavy snow and rainstorms, the heat from the sun’s rays, and carries a surprising amount of weight. This means your pets, children, and any accidental missteps onto the cover will not result in a fall. Not only are you protected against accidents, but your home is also further protected your home from unwelcome visitors (humans and critters alike).

These clear covers are ideal because they complement all types of architecture, style, and design for homes. They are both cost-effective and attractive. Additionally, homeowners love this transparent option because it lets the maximum amount of natural light into their basements. There are no metal bars to obstruct the light shining in, which means an extra dose of vitamin D and less money spent on utility bills.

Unlike steel grate covers, plastic covers will protect your wells entirely from the elements. Flash floods, snowmelt, and wind-blown debris will not find their way into your wells, leaving you worry-free concerning leaks, foundational damage, and clearing out your wells.

Contact Windowell Expressions

It’s up to you to decide which kind of window well cover is best suited for you and your home. Whether you choose plastic or steel grate, Windowell Expressions has you covered (pun intended!). We offer the highest quality window well covers and more to help your home be safer, look better, and hide the ugly on your house. Contact Windowell Expressions today to find out more about the products and services we offer!

What Are The Best Window Well Covers?

There are many things you need to consider when selecting a window well cover for your window wells around your home. Not only do you need to make sure the cover fits correctly, but you also need to take into account which type of window well cover you would like. Window well covers come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different kinds of materials, allowing you to find the best window well cover for your house, personal style, and needs.

If you want to learn more about which window well cover will suit you best, continue reading the information below.

Sloped and Bubble Window Well Covers

Sloped and bubble window well covers are trendy and boast quite a few “pros.” Because of the shape of sloped and bubble covers, any water, snow, or ice will be directed away from the foundation of your home. These types of covers are easy to keep clean, look good, and are typically UV treated to avoid yellowing. They will keep debris and other unwanted items out of your wells; additionally, they will help keep children and pets safe.

Flat Window Well Covers

Flat window well covers are a common choice among homeowners. They are flat to the ground, keeping sightlines clear and unobstructed. They successfully keep leaves and other debris, water, people, and animals out of the well (therefore away from your basement!). Because they are flat, they will not redirect water away from your home. These covers are easy to keep clean and allow plenty of light to shine through your window. Flat covers are also typically UV treated to avoid yellowing.

Grates For Your Window Wells

Window well grates are quite a bit different than dome, sloped, or flat covers. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain, as they are rust-resistant. They come in many different sizes and patterns. Because they are grates (slotted), water and some types of debris can make their way into your window well. They let in most of the light, but block some of it due to the opaque nature of the grate. Similarly to flat, sloped, and domed covers, they protect animals and people.

Quality Matters

Regardless of the style, you select for your covers, purchasing a cover that is high in quality is important. Cheap and low-quality covers are likely to crack or break, leak, or become rusted or discolored. Purchase a good quality window well cover, and you’ll only need to purchase it once. The best window well covers are high-quality covers.

Contact Windowell Expressions

For high-quality window well covers that come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, look no further than Windowell Expressions. Windowell Expressions is your one-stop-shop for all things window wells. We offer custom and standard window well covers to fit your exact needs, window well, and foundation liners to hide the ugly, and even window well replacements. Contact Windowell Expressions today for all of your window well needs.

What Are Some Ideas of Window Well Liners for Kids?

If your child or children have downstairs bedrooms with a window well, it may be worth considering purchasing a liner that brightens up the window well and reflects their personality.

Today, we’ll talk about some ideas for window well liner for kids.

Ideas to Spruce up Kids Bedroom Window Wells

Window wells serve a beneficial service for homes with basements, but they don’t have to be gray and dreary looking or scary for kids. There are a variety of liners you can consider that are fun and enjoyable for kids, with some matching a bedroom’s theme such as:

  • Nautical
  • Princess
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Fairy garden
  • And more

Read about basement uses and benefits of window well liners for kids.

Basement Uses

Your basement may have been neglected and only used to store items, or it’s the only place where the washer and dryer would fit. However, now your family’s growing or changing, and it’s time to wipe off the dust and turn some of that space into bedrooms. Your older kids may be tired of sharing a room with their little brother or sister and want to move downstairs for more privacy, or you need to make room for an additional family member. Whatever the case, it’s time to use your basement for extra room.

If you already have unfinished rooms that have dirty and gray window wells, you may worry younger kids may not like them, especially in the dark; they may even be afraid of them and refuse to move downstairs.

This creates a dilemma, but one that is easily amended when you involve your children in the decorating and designing of the rooms and add a window well liner.

Benefits of Window Well Liners

Once the room(s) have been finished and your child is happy with it, take them to a window well store that sells liners and have them pick out their liner to match their decor. If a little girl loves the ocean, a bright, colorful liner with fish and accessories can pull together a bedroom, resulting in a cozy space, your child will want to be in. If your son loves all things space, a liner incorporating the solar system is a great idea or a constellation of stars that light up his room.

Some benefits of window well liners include:

  • Allows for a child’s privacy
  • Can match with the bedroom decor
  • Eases children’s fear and anxiety
  • An inexpensive way to spruce up dull window wells
  • Still allows for light to pour into the room
  • Is customizable from various colors, textures, sizes, themes, and patterns
  • Is interchangeable to change with holidays or seasons

If your daughter loves Christmas and decorates her bedroom every year, she can change out the window well liner for a Christmas winter wonderland. If Spring is her season, a liner with colorful plants or even a liner that allows for real plants would be ideal for her. If your son loves sports and especially football season, why not implement some football accessories to include in the window well. The choices are endless and can make for a fun conversation starter.

Windowell Expressions Can Help

If you want more information about our liners or window covers, please get in touch with us. We can offer you options that work best for your home and your family. Contact us today.

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Window Well Cover

Covering your window wells can have many benefits. These covers are aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of options. Lower level windows are given a more polished look and added protection with an added window well cover. Window well covers will not only make your window wells look great, but they will also add a level of protection and security to your house. They will keep your windows in top notch condition as they are protected from the elements, pests, intruders, debris, and other potential dangers. Learn just a few of the benefits of investing in window well covers below.

Home Security

Windows are often an entry point for unwanted intruders. Burglars target lower level windows, as they are easier to reach. A window well cover provides another layer of protection to your home. Intruders will have twice as many barriers to go through. Create a more secure home with your window well covers.

Energy Savings

The added layer of a window well covers also safeguards against extreme heat and cold. A durable cover that is customized to fit your window well will effectively keep the heated or cool air in your home as it seals in your wanted airflow and protects against outside temperatures. This will benefit your energy bill as you are better able to regulate the temperature of your house.

Protection from Elements and Pests

Lower level windows are left exposed to snow build up, water damage, and pests. As winter approaches, the built-up ice and snow melt threatened to cause water damage to your home and your home’s foundation. With a window well cover, you can have another layer of protection against the elements that can be so harsh. Built up leaves, sticks, and dirt can gather in uncovered window wells. If not cleared out, this debris can clog the window well drain and cause flooding or potential water or drain damage.

A window well can be a very welcoming place to certain critters. You may find squirrels, rats, bugs, or other pests in your well. It can be a costly task to remove them. Keep unwanted rodents from taking up residence in your well with a sturdy covering.

Your windows, window wells, and window well liners will also have an added measure of protection with a covering. It could save you from needing to repair them as they are shielded from general outside ware.

Extra Safety

Window wells without coverings can be a danger to children and pets. Some basement wells are considerably deep. If you live in a neighborhood with children playing and pets running around, they can easily fall in, or climb in. They are much easier to get into than to get out of. Window wells can be dangerous and should not be played in. Avoid having your own child or pet harmed and dealing with the insurance liability of anyone else being harmed when you cover your window well. Don’t risk it, keep it covered.


How to Prevent Insects of All Kinds from Getting in Your Basement

Have a pest problem? There are a few easy solutions to help you keep those creepy crawlers out of your basement and out of your home. Follow these tips to keep your basement bug free!

Check for and Seal Cracks

Sealing any possible entry ways for pests is the best way to prevent them from entering your home. Because they are microscopic, they can enter through some of the smallest entry ways. Try turning off all of the lights and covering all the windows in your basement, see any crack of light getting through? There may be some cracks and crevasses that you aren’t aware of. Seal those cracks with caulk. Pay special attention to areas where plumbing and wires enter.
Examine the outside of your home and windows for any damaged or missing sections of siding. Any sort of crumbling or damaged could lead to gaps. Seal off your doors and windows with screens.

Yard Maintenance Makes a Difference

The condition of your yard will impact how many insects and pests are around your house. Remove any debris from the 2 ft perimeter around your foundation and spray for bugs monthly. Like humans, bugs need water to survive. Avoid any water from pooling up in your yard. Aerate your lawn so that moisture can absorb into your soil instead of collecting on top of your lawn.

Use a Dehumidifier

A warm and moist environment is a breeding grown for bugs, mold, and mildew. Basements tend to be damp because of their proximity to the ground. Try using a dehumidifier in your basement to avoid any stuffiness or dampness and keep the pests away.