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Do All Window Covers Need a Drain?

Do All Window Covers Need a Drain

If you have a home with a basement, you have window wells and window covers, but you might wonder, do all covered windows need a drain?

As you consider the aspects of your home that need attention and maintenance, you may find yourself wondering if your window wells and window covers need a drain. Here’s the thing: you want to take care of your home, and you want it to last. So what’s the bottom line for window wells and covers, and whether or not they need a drain? 

Plain and Simple

The answer is simple: Yes, your window well needs a drain. The drain makes it possible for excess water to leave your window well. The alternative? Water sitting in your window well. Not only is this not the prettiest sight to see when you’re spending time in your basement, but it’s also bound to cause damage, both to your windows and to the window wells. Ensuring that you have a drain is a straightforward solution that will save you time, money, and stress.

Other Window Well Necessities

So yes, drains are a necessity for your window wells. What are some other window well necessities that you should be considering? You want your home to look its very best, and the small details that come with some high-quality window well accessories are just the thing to take things to the next level. Here are some of our must-haves.

Window Well Covers

The first thing you’ll want to consider is window well covers. Not only will this be a great addition to the overall look of the exterior of your home, but it’s an added measure of safety that will provide a great deal of peace of mind.

We recommend that everyone who has window wells get window covers; it’s especially prudent for those who have children. The last thing anyone wants is an injury, and window well covers are a simple way to take that possibility off the table. Providing a window well cover will eliminate any possibility of someone falling into a window well and hurting themselves.

Window Well Liners

Another window well necessity you’ll want to consider is window well liners. If you want to add a personal touch to your window wells, liners are a great way to go. They come in multiple styles and colors, making it easy to dress up your window wells and give yourself a different view, rather than the plain, drab gray that most window wells feature. They’re also easy to switch out, making it an excellent option for you, as a frequent change of scenery.

Windowell Expressions for Your Home 

We know that taking care of your home and making it look its best is a high priority for you. Here at Windowell Expressions, we provide a variety of window well accessories, including window covers and liners for individuals located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact us today to get more information on how we can take your home’s window wells up a notch!

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