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Effectiveness of Window Well Covers

Considering the addition of window well covers to your home will come with a few questions. You’ll want to know the cost, the window well covers to choose from, and how long they will last. One of the first questions you may ask is whether or not window well covers are effective. There are several benefits to having a window well cover, each with its own effectiveness. To make it easier to weigh the options as to whether or not a window well cover is right for your home, here is a breakdown of the benefits of a window well cover and how well the cover will do the job.  

Effectiveness of Window Well Covers

Keeping out Debris

Unlike a grate window well cover, a clear window well cover will keep out more debris. Because of the clear design that covers the entire window well opening, leaves, twigs, and anything else that previously could have found its way into your window well will now be unable to! That means no jumping down into the window well each fall to rake out wayward leaves. After a wind storm there will be no need to worry about picking up twigs or trash that may have blown into the window well; a clear cover will keep out all debris!

Keeping out Pets

A loved pet is one of the last things you want to find trapped in your window well, and is easily avoided with a window well cover. With its ability to hold an impressive amount of weight, a clear window well cover is an effective way to keep pets out. Unfortunately, children can also wander and are susceptible to falling into an uncovered window well. Adding a clear cover will ensure the safety of every family member, whether a toddler or pet.

And if you live in Utah, there are other animals besides pets to worry about potentially falling into your window well. Deer, rabbit, and even recently a mountain lion, have been known to get trapped inside window wells. These animals can go about their business without falling and getting trapped with the addition of a window well cover.

Keeping out the Elements

Utah is home to hot, dry summers and cold, snow-filled winters. Spring and fall bring everything in-between.  Will a window well cover really be effective in such diverse conditions? Clear window well covers from Windowell Expressions are durable enough to withstand any and all elements. Clear covers offer 100 percent protection from all weather. This gives homeowners peace of mind whether there is rain, snow, hail, high-winds, or sunshine. This in turn will ensure that the drainage system in your window well continues to work effectively as well. Keep your basement water-free, eliminate wear of your basement windows, and protect your home with a clear window well cover.  

The only way to know the effectiveness of a window well cover from Windowell Expressions is to give it a try for yourself. Call today for pricing on a clear window well cover for your home!  

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