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Evaluate The Risk of a Basement Break-In

Evaluate The Risk of a Basement Break-In

Do your lower-level windows put your home at risk for a break-in? While there has been a downward trend in home burglaries for well over a decade, those numbers are still higher than they should be.

Because of this, it’s essential to evaluate whether your home is an attractive target to a potential burglar. If it is, you will want to take proactive steps to reduce the chances of a break-in on your property.

Today’s blog is about protecting yourself and your family from a burglary. Keep reading to learn more about this critical topic. 

Degrees of Burglary

Burglary is classified as the unlawful entry of a building or structure with the intent to commit a crime. The crime the burglars intend to commit may not be theft, and they do not have to carry out their plan. 

Before we talk about preventing burglaries, let’s look at the degrees of burglary. There’s an important distinction to make between the degrees: violence. A first-degree burglary or robbery occurs when a person uses violence or the threat of violence to take an item that belongs to another person. 

Second-degree burglary doesn’t happen in houses. A second-degree burglary occurs when a burglar breaks into a business or a detached building, like an in-law apartment or a shed. 

Third-degree and fourth-degree burglaries are the least dangerous kinds. A third-degree burglary happens when the burglar enters your home, but they don’t use force and may not take anything. 

Fourth-degree burglary is where the burglar steals things surrounding your home (like a shovel or broom you left out) instead of entering your home.

Any type of burglary is a horrible, traumatic experience that you’ll want to avoid. No one wants an unwelcomed stranger in their home without their permission.

Burglary Prevention Measures

Some burglaries are carried out on a whim, while others result from a carefully planned scheme. Burglars will comb neighborhoods looking for homes that display easy-entrance characteristics like an accessible or unlocked window or door. 

Unless it’s worth enough, they’re unlikely to break into a home with a high-security system, as this is much more difficult. It takes a lot more time and planning, and many amateur burglars won’t want to get involved. 

But burglaries happen in all different kinds of homes. We’re simply discussing risk factors and what makes it worth it for a burglar to get into your home. 

We recommend taking the following steps to further reduce your risk of getting burglarized.

Trim Your Bushes

Burglars like breaking into places where they can easily hide and stay hidden. The less work they have to do, the better. For this reason, and of course for aesthetics, we recommend trimming the bushes in front of your basement windows. This eliminates a hiding place for a burglar, making it more difficult for them to break in.

Move Indoor Furniture Away from Windows

You might enjoy having a reading chair beneath the window well where the sun shines through, but this isn’t a good idea. You’re creating a step for the burglar to get into your basement through your window well. You want to make it as difficult as possible for burglars to get in.

If you have a favorite reading spot by a window, move your chair there when you want to read it. Then, move it away from the window when you’re done. That way, you can enjoy yourself in your home while not enabling a burglar. 

Install A Window Well Cover

Entering your basement through a window is common for a burglar to break in. Deep basement windows are especially prone to this since the burglar can climb down. For this reason, we recommend installing a window well cover

Window well covers don’t have locks since they’re an evacuation route if there’s a fire. But it’s an extra step for a burglar that takes up valuable time. The window well will block the burglar’s view of your home through your window. They’re less likely to come in if they can’t see and risk being caught.

Install A Security System

As mentioned earlier, burglars prefer homes that are easy to break into. Fewer steps mean there’s less risk of getting caught. Disabling an alarm is yet another step for them to take. 

If you don’t already have a security system installed, you might look into one. And if you get one, you’ll want to display a sign in your yard and decals on your windows, letting burglars know you’re protected against them. 

Install Outdoor Lighting

Most burglaries happen in the late morning to mid-afternoon because it’s less likely that people will be home. But burglars also like breaking into dark places because there’s less risk of being seen or getting caught, making nighttime ideal for many burglars. 

Light your yard, driveway, and the front and back of your house. Anywhere that’s easier for a burglar to access should be well-lit. They’ll avoid breaking in where they can be seen. 

Turn On Automatic Lights

Vacation is a burglar’s prime time. To protect your home while you’re gone, turn on automatic lights that make it look like you’re home. Even if a burglar suspects that your lights are on a timer, they won’t be able to tell for sure and are less likely to break in.

Guarding Your Home With Windowell Expressions

Burglaries and break-ins are scary events that can leave you traumatized and scared to be in your own home. It’s not uncommon to move after being burglarized.

Taking the precautionary steps listed in this blog will help protect your home from being broken into. We recommend installing a window well cover to make it harder for the burglar to get in.

To find the ideal window well cover to reduce your chances of a basement break-in, contact Windowell Expressions today for an evaluation and estimate. We serve the Salt Lake City area. You can call us at 801.270.9355 or contact us using the form on our website. 

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