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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Window Well Grates

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Window Well Grates

Metal window well grates are a great option to ensure your window wells are secure, protected, and look lovely for years to come. 

As a homeowner, the safety of your home and family are the most important things for you to consider, and installing grates to cover your window wells can go a long way to secure that safety while providing a functional and attractive addition to the exterior of your home. 

We know many products and services are available to help maintain your window wells, but here is everything you need to know about metal window well grates and why you should consider adding them to your home. They’re worth considering, even if they aren’t the option you end up choosing for your home. 

What Is a Window Well Grate? 

Window wells are semicircle holes that are dug around basement windows and allow for proper water drainage away from the foundation of a building. Most window wells are lined with metal, usually galvanized steel, and have a drain at the bottom with a layer of gravel to help disperse collected water. However, not all window wells are covered.

There are many reasons to invest in covers for your window wells. Covers can help prevent excess snow or water, debris, and leaves from landing in your window well. They can even discourage criminals from making their way into your window wells. But it’s important to pick the correct type of cover to match your needs and budget. 

Metal window well grates are designed to fit precisely over the top of a window well. They are usually made of rust-resistant metal bars connected to form a barrier between the window well and the above space. The spaces between the bars still allow light through the window, which can be important for basement spaces without a lot of natural light.

How Are Metal Grates Different From Other Window Well Covers?

Grates are different from other covers in a few specific ways. First, window well grates still provide some access to the window well, while clear covers fully enclose the window well. There are pros and cons to both options. 

For instance, metal grates can cast lines of shadow through the window and into the basement, while covers can collect snow and debris that can obscure the entire window if not kept clear. 

Additionally, covers can usually withstand a sizeable amount of weight and allow someone to stand directly on the surface above the window well. Grates, however, are a bit trickier to navigate and balance on top of if someone needs to stand there and may not hold as much weight. 

Finally, metal grates don’t require any cleaning, while covers can get dirty and need attention to keep looking nice. 

Why Should Homeowners Install Metal Window Well Grates?

Both metal window well grates and other covers are legitimate options, so there isn’t really a wrong choice. For the sake of this particular article, we will focus more on metal grates.


The number of burglaries in the U.S. has decreased by 37 percent since 2008, but that doesn’t mean the risk of your house being robbed isn’t a real threat. 

The FBI estimates that a home burglary occurs every 26 seconds. This national average will vary for specific areas, but extra security measures can dissuade a burglar from targeting your home.

Installing metal window well grates is one such measure that can make your home more secure. Window wells may seem like a possible way for criminals to gain access to your home without notice, but having metal grates can deter someone from even approaching the window well. 

When metal grates are appropriately installed to cover window wells, they are nearly impossible to get past. Additional safety features like quick-release locking mechanisms keep anyone from getting in but allow for quick exits through the grate in case of emergencies. 


As with any large hole in the ground, there are some dangers of window wells. With large amounts of rain or snow, window wells can flood if they cannot drain the excess water quickly enough or if the window and window well are not functioning as they should. Covering window wells can help prevent this kind of flooding. 

Window wells also present a danger of falling. Most window wells are three to five feet deep. This may not seem very deep, but if you were to fall into a window well unexpectedly, you could be badly injured. Since children or animals may not be aware of window wells, it is important to keep them covered to prevent any person or animal from falling into the window well and getting stuck or hurt. 


There are many different styles and sizes from which to choose when installing metal window well grates. You are sure to find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic. Good quality metal grates will provide the security and protection you require to keep your home and family safe with an added decorative touch that will enhance your home’s exterior. 

With regular window well maintenance, metal grates can offer a lifetime of protection with little effort. Because they are made from rust-resistant materials, these metal grates don’t require specific cleaning and still allow window wells to function effectively. 

No matter what time of year or weather, metal window well grates are a “grate” addition to the outside of your home. 

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