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Five Types of Basements in Utah Homes

You may be surprised to learn that there are multiple different types of basements, which are popular across the Beehive State. 

If you want to learn more about the five different kinds of basements and be able to identify which type you may have, keep reading. 

What Are the five Different Types of Basements?

The five different types of basements are English, walk-out, crawl space, subbasement, and cellar. Each of these different types has a unique building style and a different location above or below ground. 

English Basement

In an English or daylight basement, at least part of the basement is above-ground which allows for large or even full-size windows. English basements can increase home values because the amount of light that can come into the basement makes it a more pleasant living environment than other basement types. 

Walk-out Basement

A walk-out basement is one that is at least partially underground but eventually leads to an outdoor exit. Basements with only an emergency exit do not typically count as walk-out basements, as walk-out basements often lead to a yard or patio. Walk-out basements typically cost more to build because their foundation reaches below the frost line, however, they are also worth a lot more in re-sell value. 

Crawl Space

A crawl space is a basement that is typically not tall enough for a person to stand upright in, and often has a dirt floor. Crawl spaces are usually used as storage spaces and can provide easy access to pipes and the structure of the house. This type of basement is pre-disposed to moisture, so extra care has to be taken to prevent mold or mildew. 


A subbasement is typically below another walk-out or English basement. A subbasement is well below ground, and as such has no outside access or windows. This type of basement is most commonly found in commercial or apartment buildings, rather than family homes. Subbasements are more prone to flooding and water damage, so they are more commonly found in dryer climates. 


According to the international Oxford Dictionary of English, a finished fully underground cellar is a room below ground level in a house that is often used for the storage of wine or coal. This type of basement is usually kept quite cool in order to keep things from spoiling and has a small vent or window to keep air circulating. Cellars are most commonly found in older houses in the United Kingdom. 

Finished and Unfinished Basements

Regardless of your basement type, your basement could be classified as either finished or unfinished. An unfinished basement is just made up of bare-bones like concrete floors and wooden framing and has suspended electrical wires and equipment. In order to finish a basement, you would add flooring, insulation, drywall, and paint, in order to make it a more desirable and comfortable space, as well as increase home value.

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