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How to Choose the Right Window Well Cover

Window well covers can do a lot of good for your home. But when the shopping process begins, it may be hard to decide just what you’re looking for! Your window well cover should accomplish three things; provide added safety, security, and shelter for your home.  In order to achieve these this, consider the size, style, and material of your window well cover.

A window well is going to keep the uncovered “hole” near basement windows covered, preventing family members or pets from falling in and getting injured. At the same time, it will allow occupants to escape in an emergency. That’s not the only way a window well can keep you safe; having a window well can deter burglars or thieves.  Lastly, your window well will provide cover and shelter. You can keep excess rain water, snow, and debris from accumulating in your window well with the proper cover.


Before you begin shopping for your window well cover, you’ll want to know what you’re looking for! First, you should carefully measure your window well to help you determine the size you will need. Measure from the face of the window to the edge of the well. If the well is above ground level, be sure to take those measurements as well.


Window Well Clear Cover

The options for window well covers vary more than one might think; there are bubble covers, flat, mesh, grates, and dome options. These options come in a variety of materials as well. Some of the main styles to choose from are clear window well covers, a standard window well grates, or a custom window well grates.

If your window well is an unusual shape, a custom window well would probably be a great option. A standard window well grate will keep unwanted intruders out, as they are almost impossible to get past if installed and locked properly. Because of the grates, there is no need to worry about snow or ice building up on the cover and the slats are great for letting natural light in.

Clear window well covers are excellent for keeping everything out of a window well; people, pets, debris, and other the elements. At the same time, the clear cover allows for plenty of natural light to enter the basement. They are easy to clean and last for several years.


Both clear and grate window well covers will keep your family safe, secure and give your home added shelter. However, the two are very different in appearance. Neither one is superior. A grate window well cover looks more traditional and can be extra daunting to burglars. A clear window well cover gives complete coverage and access to light with a more unique design. Both clear and grate well covers are strong and durable, giving your home the benefits of a well cover for years to come.

Window Well Grate Cover

For more information about custom, grate, or clear window well covers ask the professionals at Windowell Expressions. With experience since 1995, they can guide you in your decision to choose the right window well cover that will best suit your need and style.


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