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How to Make Your Window Well Covers and Liners Last

Window well covers are a great way to add value to your home, protect your basement, and protect people and animals from getting hurt. A window well liner also adds value and beauty to the view from your basement windows. But in order for your window well and window well liners to work properly, they need to be taken care of. And when you invest in a window well cover and window well liners you want to get as much use out of them as possible. Here are three ways to make your window well covers and liners last.

Tip #1: Clear Debris

One of the best ways to improve the longevity of your window well cover and liner is to keep them both clear of debris. This is particularly true when it comes to your well cover. Excessive debris can add weight to your cover, and eventually compromise the integrity of your window well cover and shorten its lifespan. The more you keep your cover clear of debris, the less will find its way into your well – which is another area that is important to keep cleaned out.

Debris can build up in your well and clog the drainage system beneath the surface. When this happens, you may be opening yourself up to drainage problems, excess moisture, and even flooding. This is not only bad news for your basement, but also your well liner, which will not do well with lots of moisture. Help both last longer by clearing away debris.

One more place you need to clear debris is from your roof and gutters. If water isn’t draining properly from your roof and downspouts, your window wells may have to work harder to make up for the extra water. This won’t immediately be a problem, but over time it will take its toll on your window well, cover, and liner.

Tip #2: Repair Damage, Reapply Caulk

Regularly inspecting your window well for damage is a great way to help your cover and liner last as long as possible. If you’re able to catch a crack, missing piece, or any other type of damage early, you have a much better chance at doing a small repair. This will help you avoid having to do much larger repairs.  It may even help you avoid replacing your entire cover or liner! When you do find damage, be sure to repair it immediately.

Along with inspections, check your window well liner to signs of it pulling away from your foundation. You don’t want water or debris to get trapped behind it, so be sure to keep the edges sealed properly with caulk.

Trip #3: Invest Upfront in Quality

If you want your window well cover and liner to last, you’re going to want to invest in a quality cover and liner upfront. Windowell Expressions not only offers high-quality covers and liners that will last for years and years, but they come in many styles to fit your taste. To get covers and liners that stand the test of time, contact Windowell Expressions today.


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