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How to Protect My Home from Burglary

It’s a wonder that burglary is still an issue today with all of the high-tech home security gadgets and systems, advanced windows, doors and locks. But unfortunately, taking measures to safeguard your home is something that can’t be ignored. The good news is there are many simple way to protect your home from burglary; keep reading for five you can apply today!

Lock Doors and Windows

This should be a no brainer, but one of the best ways to protect your home from burglary is to keep your doors and windows locked. It’s surprising how often a burglar can simply gain access to a home through the most basic entries. You can also further reinforce your windows by inserting a pin or nail into window frames so burglars aren’t able to slide them out of place.

Stay Private

Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight where someone passing by will be able to see them. This means you should keep bicycles, motorcycles, and other toys in your garage. It’s also a good idea to keep your garage doors closed as much as possible so that your bikes, tools, cars, and anything else you have in your garage isn’t on display for everyone to see. If you haven’t, walk around your home and peek in the windows and doors. Are your valuables in plain view? Think about moving big purchase items or investing in some curtains.

Someone is Home

Another way to protect your home from burglary is to create the illusion that someone is home, which will make your home less of a target. Leave a light or the TV on while you’re away. This goes for vacation as well. When you’re gone have someone pick up your mail to avoid signaling to burglars that your home is currently vacant. Let your neighbors know you’ll be away so they can watch for any suspicious activity.

Be Wary of Spare Keys

Getting locked out of your home is a huge hassle and the idea of a spare key seems like a good one, right? As clever as your hiding place may be, it might not be clever enough to keep a burglar from finding it as well and walking in the front door. Instead of hiding your spare key around your home, give it to a neighbor or close friend. If that’s not an option, use a lockbox with a combination to hide your key.

Window Well Covers

Another great way to protect unwanted entry from your home is with window well covers. Not only will a window well cover keep leaves, twigs, rain water, snow and other debris out of your window wells, but they deter burglars too. Unfortunately, window wells are another easy entry point for some burglars because the entrance to your home through the window is hidden deep in the well. But if a burglar sees that your window wells are covered with either a clear window well cover or a standard window well grate, they know access to your home won’t be easy. Their entry point is no longer hidden, and when properly installed and locked, window well covers are nearly impossible to get past. For more information on window well covers visit Windowell Expressions today!




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