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Is it Time to Fix the Window Well Drain System?

Time to fix the Window Well Drain System?

Your Window Well Drain System is what helps to drain and move water away from your windows, window well and your home. A lack of proper drainage, poor installation and a lack of a window well cover can cause drainage problems. But how do you know when it is time to fix a drainage system?

Your Window Well is Filled with Water

A very obvious sign that it could be time to fix your Window Well Drain System is standing water. If you’ve recently had a heavy rainstorm or heavy snow melt and water has accumulated Window Well drain systemin your window well, you need to take a closer look and what could be the issue.

The first thing you should do is drain the water from your well. In some cases, it may be a simple problem like a layer of gravel or dirt that have blocked the drainage system. Make sure your drain cover is exposed and watch for more water in the well.

If you still have an issue with water in your window well you should have it looked at as quickly as possible because it is likely a problem with your drainage system.

You notice water in general

Water in your window well isn’t the only way your Window Well Drain System may be crying out for a repair. Keep a watchful eye for any sign of water in general; this could be water leaking in through the window, water in the basement or water in or on the wall.

Some homeowners may falsely assume that if water is leaking from the edges of your basement window you need to replace the window. But it could be your window well drainage system to blame. Water that is not draining from your window well can leaking into your basement surprisingly fast through the window frame, top of the wall, or through the window.

Sometimes sticks or other debris may have clogged your drainage system, causing water to leak into your home. Check the drainpipe and window well for potential blockages. If there is nothing to be suspicious of, it is likely a problem with your drainage system. If you find a pool of water in your basement, you need to check out your drainage system to see if it is functioning properly.

Don’t increase the damage

Ideally, you should maintain your window well to ensure the best environment for proper window well drainage. However, many things are out of your control (like the weather and how an existing drainage system was installed). If you are having problems with your window well drainage system, it is best to tackle the problem head-on. Avoiding the issue or doing the bare minimum when you need to fix your drainage system will only delay the inevitable; more water damage.

If you are having issues with your Window Well Drain System, avoid future damage by calling the professionals at Windowell Expressions. They will solve your drainage problem as well as help you find necessary products or tools to avoid drainage problems in the future.


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