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What Are Window Wells Made Of?

What Are Window Wells Made Of

Anyone who has a home with a basement knows that window wells are an absolute necessity to keep your property safe.

 These are what make it possible to have windows that let in that beautiful, natural sunlight, and can even provide an easy way in and out of the basement if you find yourself in a pinch. But what are window wells made of? Is there only one window well style that you can choose from, or is there a way to customize? Let’s take a deeper look.

The Bottom Line

Window wells are typically made of a single kind of material. In newer homes, you’ll find that they’re typically made of metal or plastic. While it’s pretty uncommon, you can also find window wells that are made of wood. These materials are used because they are sturdy and long-lasting, and do a great job at protecting the windows in your basement.

Make It Your Own

While it certainly provides peace of mind to know that your window wells are made to last, you may find that the look of plastic or metal doesn’t quite fit your style. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options to personalize your window wells and make them look nice without sacrificing safety. Let’s consider some of your options!

Window Well Liners

Window well liners are an easy and cost effective way to incorporate your personal style into your basement window wells. These liners are designed specifically to cover your window well, adding a beautiful design that doesn’t take away from the function of your window well. Whether you’re wanting gray slate or natural looking granite, these liners are a great way to go. What’s even better is that they’re really easy to apply and switch out, so if you find yourself wanting to change things up every now and then, this is a great option for you!

Window Well Covers

Window well covers are the perfect finishing touch for your window wells. As the name suggests, these are covers specifically designed to fit perfectly over a window well, providing an added measure of safety while adding to your home’s overall curb appeal. Additionally, this is a great thing to look into if you have little ones that are running around and playing near your window wells. They eliminate any possibility of a child (or adult!) accidentally tripping and falling into a window well, something that no one wants to be surprised with!

Let Windowell Expressions Help

We understand that knowing what your window wells are made from can provide some serious peace of mind in helping you know that you’re safe and taken care of in your home. Here at Windowell Expressions, we want to help you take your window wells a step further by adding a touch of beauty. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, we thrive off of helping Salt Lake County residents elevate the style of their window wells. Contact us today to get more details!



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