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What Causes Window Well Drainage Problems?

Proper window well drainage is necessary to avoid expensive water damage to your home. Window Well Drainage Problems cause your home to be subject to water leaking into your basement, unnecessary pressure from the water against windows, rot and mold. Once these problems are present, repairs to your home, foundation or windows can be very expensive.

That’s why it is so important to catch these problems early to avoid repair costs from adding up. But even better than catching problems early, is to understand what causes window well drainage problems so you can avoid repairs and damage all together. But what causes these window well drainage problems in the first place?

Lack of Proper Drainage System

Below the bottom of the window well, about six to 12 inches, is a drain. Your drainage system should enter the foundation and connect to a sump pump or drain away from the foundation. Then, excess water can easily be moved away from your home. Layers of gravel in the bottom of the window well help water or melting snow make its way to the drain. Without a properly installed drainage system, you will most likely experience window well drainage problems. When heavy rains fall or snow melts quickly, it can fill up a window well. Without a drainage system to move that water away from the window, it will have increased pressure against the glass.

Window Well Drainage Problems Due to Poorly Installed Liner

Your window well liner not only looks good, but it also serves to avoid drainage problems when installed correctly. During installation, if the liner is not attached securely to the foundation of the home, it leaves the gap between the liner and the foundation that is vulnerable. Dirt, debris, and especially water, can seep into the well through the gap. In time, the buildup of dirt, debris and water could cause the liner to collapse. Do avoid this, watch for gaps between the liner and your home’s foundation. If you are installing a new window well or liner, be sure to hire someone you trust for proper installation. Why not call Windowell Expressions? With years of experience in liner installation, you’ll get a gorgeous new backdrop for your window well as well as added protection from window well drainage problems. The professionals with Windowell Expressions can also check the condition of your existing liner for any signs of damage that may be hard for homeowners to catch.

No Cover

There are many benefits to having a window well cover. They keep family members, visitors and pets from falling into your window well, and deter burglars from breaking in. But did you know a cover can also prevent window well drainage problems? The cover won’t necessarily keep all of the water out, especially if it is a well grate cover. But a well grate or clear cover will keep leaves, sticks and other debris from clogging the drainpipe. The cover helps to keeps the elements out of your window well, thus delaying the degradation process or avoidable problems.

By being more aware of how drainage should work in your window well, you can more successfully avoid window well drainage problems. For any other questions about your window well, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at Windowell Expressions a call today.

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