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What Do Foundation Liners Do?

As you drive through your neighborhood and admire the landscaping and the exterior of your neighbor’s homes, you may notice something that seems to set some of the houses apart more than just a well-manicured lawn. At the base of their homes there is an attractive lining that looks like rock or stone. It is usually in a coordinating color and seems to tie their entire house and yard together for a cohesive, and prestigious look. This is a foundation liner. Besides catching your eye, what do foundation liners do?

A foundation liner wraps around the outside of a home at ground-level. They serve to protect your home, add home value, and of course, look good.

Added Protection

Because your foundation is the base of your entire home, it is important that it is in good condition and stays that way. You may not think there is anyway to protect your foundation after the cement has been poured, but that’s where a foundation liner comes in handy. A foundation liner is an extra layer of protection. It helps to keep your foundation safe from the natural wear and tear that happens over time.

Weather, especially extreme temperatures and lots of moisture, can take its toll on your foundation. The soil grade and the placement of your home on your property can also affect the condition of your foundation. If you have an issue with pests or bugs making themselves at home, your extra layer of protection from a foundation liner can help keep them at bay. Avoid or delay one of the most costly repairs a homeowner can face –  a new foundation – by adding a foundation liner to your home.

Added Value

When your foundation is better protected, and thus lasts longer, you immediately increase the value of your home. As you keep water out (that can cause thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage) you are saving yourself lots of money, stress, and adding more value to your home. Your home is also more valuable as you keep pests and bugs out. When you consider the benefits of curb appeal that a foundation liner bring to your home, it is just one more way that a foundation liner adds value to your home.

Added Aesthetics

Last, but certainly not least, your foundation liner makes your home look great. Just as baseboards and crown moulding finish off a room, so will a foundation liner become the finishing touch to your home. Windowell Expressions offers a variety of foundation liner styles to choose from, including many different patterns, colors, and textures. No matter what style your home is, Windowell Expressions can help you find a foundation liner to compliment it.

Besides helping you find a foundation liner, Windowell Expressions also offers egress window well covers. Whether you’re looking for bubble window well covers, metal window well grates, or a customer window well cover, Windowell Expressions can help. And if you are need to have your egress well replaced? Not to worry! With years of experience, Windowell Expressions can help with any window well installation. Don’t wait to contact them for any of your foundation liner or window well needs.


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